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Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Musings #3

Is it just me or is anyone else extremely excited for spring?! I drove down to Florida this weekend and the further south I drove the greener everything was and the warmer the temperatures were. When I left on Friday our Bradford pear trees were just starting to bud and today they were full of white blossoms. What a difference the weekend made!

I can't wait for April so I can plant our flower bulbs and transplant my flowers from the farm. We may try our hand at a little gardening this year with a raised bed or at least a few pots of different things on the back deck. I'm excited to expand on the two areas of flowers that I moved to our backyard and get a little more color back there.

Are you planning to plant flowers and/or vegetables this year?


  1. Glad you had a nice little weekend getaway and that you are enjoying some Spring at your house. We had such a mild Winter here that it has been Spring-like for about 6 weeks or so already. Most of our flowering trees are almost done! We didn't plant any veggies on our balcony last year, only herbs, strawberries and flowers, so I really missed our own tomatoes. Hope to do that again this year. I love gardening!

  2. Oh I cannot wait for it to warm up up this way so I can start planning my garden! We've had such a long winter in NE I'm starting to wonder if all this now if ever going to melt :)

  3. i have been terrible in years past killing what i planted (traveling for work makes it hard to water things). BUT, Rich surprised me while I was in Mobile this weekend and re-did all of our planters! now that he is living with me, he can help take care of them and they won't die. Huge plus :) can't wait to see what all you plant!

  4. It has been absolutely GORGEOUS here in Seattle. The cherry blossoms have been out of control and I've been all kinds of inspired to get back into gardening. I absolutely love it and just need to decide what I'm going to grow. I like to grow whatever is expensive :)


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