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Friday, March 6, 2015

Food for Thought Friday #2

I'm going to stop bringing up the weather because we keep getting more winter storms. Yesterday I was iced in. Can you believe that?!

As promised in my first Food for Thought Friday post I'm going to talk about my Weight Watchers (WW) goals today. My first goal is to lose 10 lbs. which I should hit this next Monday. There's just something about losing double digits that makes you really feel like you've accomplished something. After I hit my goal to lose 10 lbs. I am shooting for losing 10%.

I've thought a bit further ahead than that but for now I'm working towards these two goals. I'm continuously trying to drink more water and to add more fruits and vegetables into my diet and it's paying off. As Allan so nicely reminds me I also need to run more, strengthen my core, and do yoga and pilates more often. To start with I'm going to focus on doing at least one yoga sequence a day and I've decided to give planking a try. Wish me luck this week!

Any advice for a novice planker?
Are you a goal setter when it comes to health and fitness?


  1. OH I hate planking just to plank, I don't know why but it really bores me so I would say watch a movie or read a book while doing it to distract you!

  2. I think with planks you have to start out with short times and build up. I get bored doing them too! Good luck to you.

    Are you attending meetings or using the WW online? I am a WW receptionist and 24/7 chat coach. I think it is a great program and I am glad you are doing well on it.

  3. I am not a plank person. However, I too am working on WW. I gained 10 pounds over Christmas so I am trying to lose 10 pounds back, plus the 5 more I needed before that.

  4. love pilates and yoga! and yes, you know me, i'm goal oriented :)

  5. Great goals Suz! I've made a conscious effort to drink more water as well -- it's so important for natural detoxification. I found a great deal on these colorful 20oz glass bottles and I've set a goal to drink a minimum of 3 everyday. And I agree with Christy regarding planking -- it gets boring super fast and staring at the timer does NOT help. haha!! Listen to music or have something on TV to keep you distracted. Also, focus on form opposed to length of time -- planking is fabulous for core strength, but can be harmful if not done properly. xo


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