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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trail Running is Back!

Thank goodness it's been cold here because that means the snakes are gone (please don't correct me if I'm wrong on this!) and we can head back out to the trails with Sasha and Lucky. We have a great spot to run that's only a few miles from the house. There's a small wooded area with a trail that winds through and two ponds with trails that wind around them as well. The big open fields were a little muddy this time and quite difficult to run through. All four of us were sore afterward! Nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning to go run with the dogs and then settle in for a day of college football. That's nearly a perfect day at our house as long as our Auburn Tigers win!



Sasha is doing great after her surgery and although she has a couple of other small fatty tumors I'm certain Allan is going to keep a really close eye on them. At some point she will probably have a second surgery if they get much larger in size. She's lost a few more pounds and weighed 65.5 lbs today! She hasn't been that tiny since she was less than 2 years old. She looks so good!


Lucky wore his tail out running trails last weekend and I do literally mean his tail. He runs with it straight up in the air and it was Tuesday before he was back to wagging it like normal. Normal is defined as swift enough to knock over almost anything at tail level. He had such a good time running and swimming in the ponds though. The arrival of cold temperatures a couple days ago have made Lucky extra cuddly which makes him even cuter in my opinion!


Rusty is having a blast spending his days out in the backyard watching the leaves fall and then pouncing on them. Watching a breeze blow through the leaves is hilarious! Rusty chases the leaves and gets crazy eyes which sends him sprinting around the backyard. He still thinks he's acting like the dogs when he lays down next to them and plays with small sticks. So far he's a fan of the colder temperatures but I haven't been brave enough to leave him out all day if it's going to be too cold. Last night he escaped coming back inside and ran under the guest bed. That's fifteen minutes of my life I'll never get back!


How's your fall going?
Anyone else enjoying running trails right now?


  1. Hey Suz and Allan! The Fall? It's going well so far. My wife had a titanium rod removed from her arm- surgery went much better and faster than we hoped (she broke it into 3 pieces last March). Daughter kicking butt in soccer, son crushing the trumpet and me writing away and trying to get an agent for children's books. I also got rid of my running moose blog- it was a tough decision, but I really can't run anymore. The pain in my knee is just too great, even if I walk a lot. I do have a writing blog, though :) I'm happy to see things are going well with you all!!


  2. Looks like some beautiful trails to be running on!
    I am jealous I wish I was running on trails, I was up until about a week ago, and now that we just got our first snow and it looks like it will be staying, I have to say goodbye to trails here until Aprilish or Spring:(
    Enjoy your trail running!!!

  3. Oh trail running! Looks fun. And snakes. So happy that is something I don't have to worry about so much here. ;) Your pups are looking awesome!!!

  4. Trail running is a lot of fun! It keep your mind busy - looking for things that might make you trip!

  5. I'm glad Sasha is doing good and getting better. I love trail running, but haven't done it in ages. I need do it at least once this year! (Although it's cold and snowy now) It doesn't even feel like we got a Fall! :(

  6. The trails look great. So glad you are able to get back out to them. And I agree with you the snacks should be off hiding somewhere because they prefer warmth.

  7. always good to see you pop up :) i didn’t realize yall were so close to trails! how awesome and pretty!

  8. So fun! Most of the trails here require dogs on leashes which is fine for me, but marcy wishes I could run faster!

  9. I'm so glad Sasha is doing well!! Yay! And trail running, lovely! Now that our major training is done for the year, it's back to the trails we go!


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