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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Writing letters or sending postcards is an art that my generation has slowly begun to neglect. By the time our children are falling in love will they even exchange any type of communication that isn't electronic? This book, Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis (you can read more about him here), takes a step back in time when postcards sent from Gabe to Pearl every Friday are discovered by Adam. He finds himself wanting to learn more about these two so he can discover what made their love last for over sixty years. If you want to read a summary of the book you can go here and to watch a trailer for it you can go here.

Alright, now for my thoughts on the book. I enjoyed it but the end left me wanting more. Perhaps my favorite part of the book was that the love portrayed between Gabe and Pearl was authentic and imperfect. They didn't always make the best decisions and they had their struggles but through it all they had each other. Gabe's tradition of sending Pearl a postcard every Friday made me think of my grandparents. My grandmother didn't let my grandfather in the kitchen for lunch or dinner but when it came to breakfast he was in his element. I can still remember the two of them sharing a moment in the kitchen in the mornings as my sister and I raced down the hall and through the kitchen to the den. When it comes to love it's the little things like cooking breakfast or sending a postcard that make for the sweetest memories.

If you think this sounds like a book you'd enjoy you can get a head start and read the first chapter here!

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for my review.

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