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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Firecracker Chase

Back to my catch up of race recaps from last year. I ran the Firecracker Chase 10.2 Miler on June 29, 2013, in Fayetteville, TN. If you don't want to read the recap and want to cut to the chase then here is the short version: I finished in 2:06:34 and took 3rd in my age group. Granted, there were only four people in my age group but seeing as how I've ever placed in my age group before this race I was pretty excited about it!

This was so beautiful that I had to pull over and take a picture on my drive to the race

I didn't hear my name when they announced awards so imagine my surprise when I checked the unofficial results

As you can imagine it was HOT and I mean really HOT for a race in the southern Tennessee in late June. A big part of the race was on a loooong stretch of road with no shade. Before getting to this long stretch of open road we ran through some rural areas and neighborhoods. This is a small race (which we all know are my favorites) so I spent most of the race running alone which was fine with me. At the time my hip had been recently bothering me but it didn't give me any trouble at all for this race.

Part of the loooong stretch of running in the sun along the highway
Never in my life have I been so excited to see a sign for Mile 10!
Despite the fact that I knew it would be a hot race and I would probably be slow since I was taking it easy to see how my hip would do I would still run this race again and I will be this June. This is a race that they are trying to revive and I hope it continues to grow and more people will run it. For the price ($35) you get a good selection of food post-race, a gender specific tech shirt, and a finisher's medal.

Welcome to the big city of Fayetteville!
A long hill that I probably could have lived without but at least there was a little shade!

Ahhh shade trees
My favorite part of the race had to be running through Fayetteville itself. Even though I've driven through the town before it was always on the highway and I missed out on many beautiful houses and neighborhoods. These were a nice distraction from the heat and their big, old trees provided some much needed shade.

One of the many gorgeous homes
I just love this one because of the huge yard
Blue is my favorite color though!

I love the shirt perhaps more than any other tech shirt I have and I am even wearing it in the picture we used for our Christmas card this year! For 2014 they have changed the course and added some swag. Finishers of the 10.2 mile race (there's also a 5K option) will receive a pint glass and hat. The registration fee is a little higher (I paid $40) but I think it's worth it for all that you get.

Love the cut of the shirt!
The medal is pretty simple but I like it a lot
Our Christmas card picture

 Needless to say this was my first 10.2 mile race so it was an automatic PR and placing in my age group made running in the heat completely worth it! Hopefully this will be an annual race for me every summer.
I spotted this on the side of a building downtown and had to take a picture


  1. I am awful running in the heat! Great job one needs to know how many people were in your rocked it!

  2. great job placing and running in that heat!

  3. Love when its an automatic PR :) Great Job & Congrats!

  4. I loved reading about a HOT race when it's -40 wind chills outside today! I think I may have fantastized a little. :)

    Congrats on placing! You earned it in that heat!

  5. Awesome! I love when races give medals :)

  6. yay for AG placing! and i love that pic of yall! you look fabulous!

  7. Awesome job! AG placing in that heat? Whoo hoo!

  8. Always love looking at your pictures of southern home - memories! Great job on the race :).

  9. Lovely place and beautiful race medal. Love the pic of you and Allan... and now I wanna know why the .2 ??

  10. oh yeah, and HURRAY for the age group placement. You are getting to be a race ROCKSTAR!

  11. I am mighty impressed with your running in the heat!!!! And placing is placing, right?! Love it! Way to go!!!!!

  12. Love looking at houses and new scenery when running a race! Glad the trees gave you some shade, I can't imagine how hot it was in June! Congrats on placing third...that's so awesome!!!

  13. I die in the heat and don't run well at all, great job placing in your age group! Sounds like a fun race and I would love to see all those pretty houses!

  14. Those gorgeous old Southern homes are just wonderful. I've always wanted to tour a southern mansion. :)

    Congratulations on this race! I've never got to stand on a winners podium at a race before. Sometimes I'll place in a small one, but they never have the blocks!

  15. I love those homes! That stretch of road must have just been brutal in that heat! Great job, girl!! :) P.S. Will email you soon!

  16. WOO HOO On the age group award!!!
    Love those houses!!
    What kind of tank are you wearing? I love it!!!

  17. That sounds like a great race for the price! I love all of the swag! Congratulations on a great race and the age group award!! Yay!!

  18. I'm registered for a June half this year and I've wondered if I'm crazy for doing it. I'm sure it will be hot! Your race looks great. I love the small races, too. Nice job placing!!

  19. Congrats!! How exciting! I just signed up for Cotton Row 10k--Maybe I will see you there?


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