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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Biggest Loser & MyFitspiration

If you've been reading our blog for awhile then you know I'm a Biggest Loser fan and have been for years. As much as I've enjoyed the show since it started I didn't fall in love until Season 11. Hannah and Olivia, a sister duo with roots in Alabama and Texas, really touched my heart. Hannah had played volleyball for years until an injury ended her career in college. Volleyball is my first love and I played 7th-12th grade as a middle blocker and strong side hitter. It was hard for me to walk away from the sport when I went to college. Hannah's older sister Olivia is an extremely talented opera singer and she's taken her experience from winning Biggest Loser and made it her life's work to reach out and help others lead fit and healthy lives.

Hannah and Olivia is their blog and I've been reading it since they launched it back in June 2011. Olivia and Hannah talk about a variety of topics and if you'll take the time to look back through the archives you can find some great recipes. If you realllly dig and go back to the early days of myfitspiration then you'll discover the post where I was introduced to Fage Greek yogurt. One of my favorite treats to this day is to take a cup of plain Fage Greek yogurt, smash up a banana, add two drops of vanilla flavoring and a teaspoon of Stevia and you've got a dessert that tastes just like banana cream pie to me!

Yum, yum, yum

It's through their blog that we were introduced to World Vision and that is how we began sponsoring Edwin in July 2011 when Olivia's husband Ben was preparing to run the NYC Marathon for Team World Vision. We feel so honored to sponsor Edwin and be a part of his life. Hopefully one day we will get to travel to El Salvador and meet him in person. As a thank you for our sponsorship Allan and I had a Skype date with Ben and Olivia and we enjoyed talking to the two of them. They are both so nice and down to earth!

september 2011 001
Our first picture of sweet little Edwin that stays on our refrigerator

Along with recipes Olivia and Hannah tackle some tough topics such as a recent post where they discussed taking stock of your relationships and perhaps taking some time away from the friends who aren't supportive of the healthy lifestyle you've chosen to live. In another recent post they shared their tips for keeping a food journal and showed how they structure their own food journals. Basically these ladies are amazing and I am always inspired by them! I look forward to their blog posts because I constantly walk away with a new recipe to try or something thought-provoking to ponder that day. Olivia is a new spin instructor at SoulCycle in NYC so if you're in the area then you should take one of her classes! Hannah travels often for the company she works for and helps them to promote the value of health and wellness so keep an eye out for her in your area.

hannah and olivia
Hannah & Olivia

This season of Biggest Loser is one that I've really enjoyed so far with Bob, Jillian, and Dolvett training what appears to be a good group of people ready to live healthier and more fit lives. Tackling the issue of childhood obesity is quite an undertaking and I'm glad to see the Biggest Loser is taking a stand on this. In my opinion it's the most difficult thing to bring to people's attention because no one wants to stand up and admit that they aren't feeding their children healthy meals and don't encourage exercise. It's much easier to sit a child in front of the television with fast food than it is to cook a healthy meal and plan a family activity that gets everyone moving. It makes me admire both mine and Allan's parents even more for setting the example by preparing healthy meals and encouraging us to play outside.

Are you a Biggest Loser fan?

Where do you stand on childhood obesity?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Allan's Auburn Half Recap & a Winner

Sometimes you have to listen to your body and do what it tells you and that's exactly what I did this past Saturday. After being awake most of Friday night and feeling sick to my stomach when the alarm went off on Saturday morning I took a few minutes to gauge how I was feeling and erring on the side of caution I decided not to run the Auburn Classic Half Marathon. Remember how Talladega went when I decided just to go ahead and run?! Yep, not repeating that again soon if I can help it! Allan headed off to Auburn and met Slick (my best friend) to run with him. This was Slick's first half and I hate I wasn't there to run with them but from what I hear they entertained themselves and had a great time running together. He's already eyeing his second half marathon and suggested to Allan that they do a full marathon.

Allan and Slick being their normal selves pre-race

When I harassed asked Allan to write a recap this is what I received in my inbox yesterday:


I enjoyed my half marathon in Auburn this weekend.  I was able to reminisce the whole course passing places I spent time in college.  It just wasn’t all I expected from a fully sponsored half marathon.  The road support was pretty secure, but nothing special.  Organization seemed fine, but nothing overdone.  The course was great for someone like me who spent time (insert note from Suz: Allan means he spent time at all these places during college) at literally every mile on the course, but I can't imagine running this race if I wasn’t from there or if I was slower than 2 hours.  It seemed people were packing up and headed out when me and my friend finished.  Food was gone except some cut bananas and hard, stale rye bread leftover (... My favorite post race snack).  The medal was not much to show anyone if it happened to be your first half marathon.  I have only run two half marathons but I have been to about 15 now.  I was hoping this might have been a little more special, but seemed pretty lame.  I could have woke up and run this on a Saturday morning in Auburn with no police support, food, or people and it would have felt exactly the same.  Which isn’t bad, just another couple miles on the road I guess.  But Congratulations to “Slick” for finishing your first half marathon!  Wish it could have been a more exciting finish, but at least we ran it together.


Post-race picture-I swear they are so similar that it's terrifying at times

In 2012 the race was cancelled due to a tornado warning and even with a completely new course it doesn't sound like it was a great race at least from Allan's perspective. I wasn't there so I won't speak to anything he talked about but I will say that based on the chatter on their facebook page and all the talk of sponsors I was expecting the guys to have a bigger selection of post-race food especially since they finished at 2:23:03. A race should always have enough of everything for everyone to have post-race. Will this be on our race calendar in 2014? Honestly I still have yet to run this so I will probably run it but I'm pretty sure Allan is one and done on this course. There is another half in Auburn in late April but I'm in a wedding that same day so I'll have to sit that one out.

On to the winner!!! I said I would post this on Monday but since someone took their sweet time with their race report I waited. I'm always excited when we host a giveaway and even more excited when someone I've become friends with through blogging is the lucky winner. The winner of our 2013 goals prize pack is....

photo (1)
Lucky #7!!!!

# 7 belongs to Christa

Congratulations Christa!!! I'm really honored to call Christa my friend. She's an inspiration to me in ways she will never know. With her permission I've previously talked about her on our blog since she is a breast cancer survivor and that's one of the big causes we run for. If you guys want to read the blog of a woman who shows the true definition of strength day in and day out then you need to check out her blog. Christa-I've got your address so your prize will be in the mail just as soon as I can box it up!

I've got several blog posts I've been meaning to write but I won't lie I haven't taken the time to write them down because my life is nuts right now. I spent three days tearing down wallpaper at the farm and I am finally done with all of it! My sister is due with her baby any day now so every sound that my phone makes causes me to jump. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Have you had a race in a city you were excited to run in but the race itself was disappointing?

Anything exciting going on with anyone right now? (I'm about to catch up on your blogs, I promise!)

Silent Night: A Rock Harbor Christmas Novella by Colleen Coble

I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you all you've been reading this blog for awhile that I was excited to review Silent Night: A Rock Harbor Christmas Novella by Colleen Coble. She's one of my favorite authors and I have read and reviewed many of her books in the past couple of years. This novella was centered around one of my favorite families introduced to us in her Rock Harbor series. Bree and Kade have one son named Davy (from her first marriage) and a search dog named Samson. Kade's parents are deceased and he has one sister Lauri who's been a bit of a handful in recent years but has hopefully got her life on track and will be graduating the following semester with an accounting degree. When Lauri arrives early for Christmas they know something is amiss because classes haven't ended yet. They soon learn there's more to Lauri's visit than meets the eye when the guy she was supposed to meet winds up being found dead after parachuting into the woods. Bree is exhausted and dealing with Lauri seems to be a bit more than she can handle but soon she finds that there's a lot more on their plate than just helping Lauri find out what was really going on with the guy that parachuted into the woods.  Their family will never be the same after this Christmas! This novella was a quick read and one that I wished didn't end so soon. If you're a Colleen Coble fan then I encourage you to read this and if she's a new author to you then the Rock Harbor series is a great place to start!

The cover is a perfect fit for the novella!

I received this e-book free of charge from Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Secretly Smitten

Secretly Smitten is the first novel I've read that is four stories in one and at first I wasn't sure if I would like this format or not but I loved it! I will certainly be picking up Smitten (the first novel) on my next trip to the bookstore. It made it much easier to follow Anna and the story of her three daughters: Tess, Clare, and Zoe. These four women, their grandmother Rose, and Rose's two sisters are the main characters that overlap from story to story. Each story follows a different woman and a different season but the overlapping mystery that transcends all four stories is finding out what happened to David Hutchins. He and Rose were engaged and she believed he was killed in action when they were young until his dog tags were found in the attic. If he was killed in action then how did his dog tags end up in the attic? Rose's granddaughters decide to find out and in their search for the truth they find more than just what really happened to David Hutchins. They each find out more about themselves as does their mother Anna.

Smitten, Vermont, is where all four stories take place and with each story I fell a little more in love with the town as I was introduced to more businesses and people that call Smitten their home. I certainly hope we haven't seen the last of Smitten from the lovely Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, and Diann Hunt!

The "gals" are celebrating the release of Secretly Smitten with a fun Live Webcast on February 5th. They'll be debuting the *NEW* animated Smitten trailer, giving away tons of prizes, dishing on the book and their friendship. They'll also be wrapping up the Secretly Smitten blog tour, answering audience questions and testing your trivia skills. Don't miss the fun and bring your friends. Click here to RSVP and set up a reminder.

About Secretly Smitten: 
Summer, fall, winter, spring-Smitten, Vermont, is the place for love . . . and mystery!

There's a secret in Grandma Rose's attic-a forgotten set of dog tags belonging to her first love. But David Hutchins was killed in action and never returned to Smitten. How did the dog tags end up in the attic?
The mystery intrigues Rose's three granddaughters-Tess, Clare, and Zoe-and they decide to investigate, though their mother, Anna, warns against meddling. But as the seasons turn and the mystery unravels, the three young women and their mother encounter some intriguing mystery men of their own. Has a sixty-year-old puzzle sparked something new for this close-knit family of women?
Join popular romance novelists-and real-life BFFs-Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter for four delightful intertwined tales of mystery and sweet intrigue.
Link to buy the book:     
Meet "The Gals":  
RITA-finalist Colleen Coble is the author of several best-selling romantic suspense novels, including "Tidewater Inn", and the Mercy Falls, Lonestar, and Rock Harbor series. * Christy Award finalist and two-time winner of the ACFW Book of the Year award, Kristin Billerbeck has appeared on The Today Show and has been featured in the New York Times. Her books include "A Billion Reasons Why" and "What a Girl Wants." * Denise Hunter is the award-winning and best-selling author of several novels, including "A Cowboy's Touch" and "Sweetwater Gap." She and her husband are raising three boys in Indiana. * Diann Hunt has lived in Indiana forever, been happily married forever, loves her family, chocolate, her friends, her dog, and, well, chocolate.
Find out more about Coble, Billerbeck, Hunter, Hunt here.
I received this book free of charge from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Toomer's Thoughts

Recently someone reached out to me in search of this post on the blog after seeing it referenced on Jenn's blog. This was a note I originally published on facebook on February 17, 2011, and I've been meaning to put this in a blog post at some point but I never got around to doing it until now. Although it's been almost two years since this day I still remember being in the Apple store when I heard the news and nearly breaking down in tears. I'm sure the employee thought someone had died based on my reaction to hearing our beloved Toomer's oaks in Auburn had been poisoned and in a way that's how I felt.

Toomer's Fall 2010-the photo from the trip referenced below

"It's sad that someone would do this and I don't agree with the blanket Alabama fan comments being made. This was one man (not an entire fan base) claiming allegiance to a school that I'm sure he never attended doing something to hurt people.

Those "trees" hold with them many memories for me and other members of the Auburn family. I took my first pictures with Allan there in August 2005. I went on a first date walking around Samford lawn and Toomer's Corner (not with Allan, sorry honey!). I took both sets of my graduation pictures under those trees. The night of my wedding I walked hand in hand with Allan past Toomer's and I remember thinking how lucky I was to be in that moment at that special place we both love. On countless nights I've rolled those trees, sang the fight song, cheered, and laughed with my dearest friends. That is the one place that I know I wanted to take my future children and tell them about Mommy and Daddy going to Auburn and how special this place is and now someone has taken that from me and it breaks my heart.

Will there be money made when this is all said and done? Yes, that's just a fact of life. People are going to make t-shirts, buttons, banners, and signs and I will probably buy one of those t-shirts. It's Toomer's Corner-no one will have trees planted in their honor by throwing money at this situation and as sacred as that place is there is no one Auburn man or woman deserving of their name being attached to the new trees that will be planted there. Those other oak trees that will one day be planted in place of the two oaks standing today will be a new generation for Toomer's filled with new memories but for me, these two oaks are irreplaceable.

I know even after reading this some of you will still say it's just two trees standing on a corner and you are right. Using that same logic my home is just a house, the small school I attended my entire life is just a bunch of buildings, and most physical possessions people hold dear are meaningless. There's nothing about a tree, house, school, ring, book, or picture that make it more than what it is. The memories and feelings we have tied to those make them what they are to us and give them their value and meaning.

This has taught me a valuable lesson of not taking things, places, and people for granted that I assumed would always be around. My last trip to Toomer's with my friends is one I won't soon forget...WAR EAGLE!!!!"

This past fall when we went for a game I finally took a picture of the way Toomer's Corner looks today. Honestly it still breaks my heart to see the trees so sad and lifeless. Tomorrow I will run past them during the half marathon in Auburn making yet another memory at Toomer's.

october 072
Toomer's Corner-October 2012

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Birthday & Christmas with our Families

**Don't forget about our giveaway to kickoff 2013. You can see all the prizes here and enter to win!**

I realize I'm really late in posting this but as I've said before this is our "online scrapbook" according to Allan so this is more for us than anything. As I said in an earlier post Allan was out of town the two weeks after the marathon and he didn't get home until 11 PM on December 21 which just so happens to be my birthday. Thanks to the sweet man whose son I take care of when he's traveling for work I was treated to a great lunch and later that evening Allan's coworker surprised me with a cookie cake Allan had ordered for me.

december 212
Thanks for my cookie cake Allan!

While I would have preferred to have Allan home for my birthday I will say that it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. When your birthday is this close to Christmas it's forgotten by a lot of people but my family and close friends have always gone the extra mile to make sure I feel loved and appreciated. My sweet friends that sent me flowers for my birthday almost made me cry. No one has ever given me flowers for my birthday before.

december 282
Beautiful lilies!

On Sunday the 23rd we drove to FL to my sister's house and celebrated my birthday that night with my family. Hello, second cake! The next morning my mom, dad, and sister put the ham in the oven and I prepared everything else for our Christmas lunch. Normally my contribution to Thanksgiving and Christmas is making the deviled eggs but since my sister is about to have a baby and my Mom's back problems don't allow for hours of standing in the kitchen I took over. For the first hour it was touch and go and I could tell everyone was a little concerned letting me loose in the kitchen so my Daddy was sent in to watch over me and keep me company. Lunch turned out great and afterwards I played Santa and we all opened our gifts.

december 237
7-layer Dean's Chocolate cake-best cake EVER!

After dinner it was back in the car for 4 hours of driving to get to Allan's mom's house. By this point Allan was starting to feel like he might be getting sick so he slept nearly the entire drive. No worries, I had all the Christmas stations memorized so I had great music to keep me company for the ride!

december 242
Christmas tree and stockings at my sister's house

december 248
This is what happens when Mom is tired when she wraps the gifts-Dab is code for Dad

The next morning we cooked breakfast together and began preparing lunch. Once Allan's younger brother (Adam) and his family arrived we finished lunch preparations, ate, and opened our presents. It's such a change this year with Ali being 2. She was so excited to help open her gifts and spent a lot of time looking at each and every one. Adam is teaching her to speak Spanish since he is fluent (so is Allan) and it was so cute to hear Ali tell us "Gracias" when she opened her presents. So far being bilingual seems to come naturally to her and that means Aunt Suz is going to have to brush up on her Spanish. I may have a minor in Spanish but I can't speak it like Allan and Adam can. Rosetta Stone and I are going to be best friends this year!

december 182
Is this not such a beautiful table setting for Christmas and winter in general?! Allan's mom is the queen of Pinterest!
december 254
Clearly she didn't like the Frosty the Snowman DVD we gave her

With bad weather in the forecast we loaded the car and headed back home to the dogs. Christmas night was spent watching White Christmas in front of the fireplace with our tree lit up and the dogs sleeping on the rug. I can't imagine a better way to end our whirlwind Christmas travels than spending a quiet night at home!

december 281
Nothing like a nice warm fire!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Focus in 2013 & a Giveaway

Every year I enjoy sitting down and making plans for the following year and this year is no exception. I decided to focus on six areas of our life and make goals for each. Within each area I looked for tools to equip ourselves with to make these goals easier to achieve. Of course, I also picked up a few things along the way that I thought you guys would enjoy thus leading to what I think is one of the best giveaways we've had to date!


I know this isn't something we discuss very often on the blog. We are both deeply rooted in our beliefs and are fortunate to have grown up in loving homes with parents who showed us by example how to be Godly men and women. With that said we have the utmost respect for everyone's beliefs whether they are similar to ours or not. This is one of those things we chose to keep private and off the blog.

january 052
Journal with a verse on the cover that's always been a favorite of mine

No matter who you are you'll probably agree that there's always more time that can be spent with family. On the top of our list for family is a trip to Kentucky to visit Allan's grandmother. She's the queen of quilting and bowls in a league so maybe she can teach me something about quilting and won't beat us too bad in bowling! We also need to do a better job of taking the dogs for runs/walks. They love to ride in the truck so taking them to the trails and running with them instead of just running around the neighborhood will make a run seem more exciting. Yes, I realize we lumped dogs into family but hey this is us! Try as I might I couldn't think of anything related to family that wasn't a picture frame or something cheesy so I picked out these earrings (and bought myself the same ones in blue!) that you might wear to a family gathering.

january 053
Everyone can use some cute, fun earrings!

I've been tracking my expenses in Excel since 2006 and it makes it much easier to see where your money goes each month when you have it spelled out right there in front of you. This year we are sitting down each Sunday and logging our expenses from the past week and seeing where we stand for the budget for the month. We are keeping track of expenses, budget, our weekly to dos, and weekly events in a journal just like the one we are putting in the giveaway. We are also using the same bill organizer pictured below to keep track of our bills for the month and their due dates. There are pockets where we can file the bills or receipts for each month. This little find is one of my favorites!

january 055
Bill Organizer & our Weekly Planner

This category literally makes up half of our goals for the year and some of them are quite lofty but hey if your goals seem easy then you probably aren't setting the bar very high for yourself or so I've always though. I'm going to run a sub-25 5K and Allan is going to run a sub-22 5K this year. Allan is very speedy so I think he won't have any trouble with this. Speed isn't exactly my middle name so I'm going to have to count on Allan to really push me in speed workouts. We are also making a big effort to get up at 7 AM and work out together before Allan goes to work and I start my day. Thanks to my insane work out DVD collection we have quite an assortment of pilates, yoga, Jillian, and other DVD's that we plan to use. Allan is actually the one that introduced me to pilates and I love yoga so it will be fun for our different workout styles to mesh. At the marathon expo last month I snagged a few pairs of running gloves and I've already enjoyed using them. The Saucony ones we are giving away have a light for those who run in the dark and are nice and bright so no one should have a hard time seeing you when you're wearing these! Safety first people!

january 057
Fuelbelt and running gloves

Eating healthier means more water, fruits, and vegetables at our house. We are also going to limit dining out (the budget is very strict on this!) and I will continue to do my best to be a smart shopper and use my coupons and the weekly ads at Publix to get the best deals I can on things we use on a regular basis. Grocery shopping is another area of the budget I'm being pretty strict about so hopefully that will limit junk food and make me stick to the shopping list. Just a tip: I find that I spend less and don't throw as many extras into the buggy (shopping cart) if I go first thing in the morning right after breakfast and I limit my trips to 2-3 per month depending on how fast we drink the milk and what's in the Publix ad each week.

january 054
Crock Pot recipes (cough, Alyssa) and a Hot/Cold Water bottle with lids you can switch out

We do our best to spend as much time with friends as we can and now that we are all scattered across the country that can be difficult at times. I've really come to cherish long talks on the phone with my closest friends and a phone call or text from any one of them always brightens my day. People that I used to see on a daily basis I now see only a handful of times each year or perhaps not even once a year. With a wedding or two in the mix this year we will get to see some of our favorites more often. It took me forever to figure out a prize for this category and hopefully you guys will think these are cute. I have one in navy and purple!

january 056
It's a little hard to tell the colors but the top is a maroon and the bottom is red-one for you, one for a friend!
Now for the fun part: the GIVEAWAY!!! One person will win all the items pictured above and I know you guys have all written and read posts about 2013 goals so I'm sure there's no need to ask you all what you have planned for the year. Instead just let us know which of the prizes is your favorite and why. If you'd like to earn extra entries feel free to share on your blog, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and leave links for each. I'll pick a winner on Monday, January 21, 2013, when I wake up. Good luck!

We hope this giveaway will assist you in achieving a goal you've set for yourself this year or at least give you some things to enjoy. May 2013 be filled with happiness, good health, and success for all of us!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holidays with the Dogs

I've had to hold myself back from posting many of these pictures on Instagram during the last few weeks because I really wanted to wait and share them with you guys first. Here's a brief look at the life of Sasha and Lucky during the holidays:

december 105
Pleeeease don't leave me!
december 154
You said he would be back and it's been over a week. I don't think he's ever coming back.
december 166
Maybe if I bring all my babies in here and go to sleep Daddy will come back
december 188
Or maybe if I snuggle with Mom I won't get so sad
december 224
Silly Lucky, I knew he would come back
december 223
Yay, Daddy is back!
december 279
Alright leave me alone so I can watch my shows
december 163
I love my Christmas jingle necklace!
december 259
And we all love nice warm fires
And there you have it! This is what happens when Allan leaves for two weeks before Christmas and I only have dogs to talk to and take pictures of. I still plan to recap my birthday and our Christmas but first I've got an amazing giveaway that I've been excited to share for the last couple of months so giveaway first and then more catching up posts later!

Disclaimer: We hate when dogs are dressed up and you can tell they obviously don't want anything touching them so our policy is that if we hold it up and they sit down then they get to wear it. If they walk away then we take that to mean they don't want to wear it. I'm convinced Lucky will wear anything and he tries to get away from you at bedtime when the jingle bell necklace has to come off. Sasha usually hates wearing anything but this elf scarf seems to be a winner! She wore it for a few days without us taking it off and she never took it off herself which is a miracle.

Astraea Press

I'm a reader which should come as no shock to you guys since I post book reviews on the blog from time to time. Even though I buy lots of books I am very fortunate to be able to review for several different publishing groups and publicity groups and receive many books each year for free. My most recent addition is Astraea Press and this was actually started by someone I know. They focus on clean fiction e-books so I feel like I can recommend any of their books (even the ones I haven't read) without worrying about giving people a disclaimer in regards to the content.

They do have a blog and a facebook page so if you want to connect with them online and check out their inventory you can do that by either visiting the website, blog, or facebook page. Also if you'd like to sign up to be a part of the book club and have an opportunity to review their books let me know and I can get you in touch with the person who handles that.

If you'd like to read my reviews of the Astraea Press books I've read then check out my goodreads page!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Thank you to everyone who has inquired about whether or not we are still alive. The two weeks after the marathon Allan was out of town for work and the next two weeks (Christmas and New Year's) he was sick. I've been busy playing nurse which means waiting on him hand and foot while he appears to be dying in the recliner and I'm happy to report he has recovered from his cold or whatever it was.  We had our best friends here this weekend and they brought the newest addition to their family: sweet little Raegan!

january 017
She is such a good baby!

january 014
Allan is great with babies! As you can see he has a soft spot for this little one already
I find it so incredible that I can love someone so much and have such a strong desire to protect her when she's not even my own child. Needless to say little Raegan is going to grow up with lots of love (and presents) from us. Uncle Allan and Aunt Suz love this precious baby girl!

january 026
This is a baby ready for NFL playoffs!
With that said I'm doing my best to get through my google reader that has been neglected the past two weeks. I promise not to overload your inbox with too many comments. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! On a related note if you are reading this and you're not sure whether or not I'm following your blog please leave a comment or shoot me an email with a link to it. I feel like there are some new people floating around and I don't want to leave anyone out.

Anyone else crazy excited for Downtown Abbey, Revenge, and Biggest Loser tonight?! My DVR is ready!