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Monday, August 5, 2013

Franklin Half Marathon

On June 22 I ran the Franklin Half Marathon in Leiper's Fork, TN. It was my 8th half marathon of the year. This was the first year they hosted this race and as with any inaugural events there are some kinks to work out. Leiper's Fork is an extremely tiny community and most of the traffic on race day seemed to be coming from the same direction thus causing a traffic problem. Instead of starting at 7AM we started at almost 7:20AM to account for people being stuck in traffic. In late June in the south a 30 minute delay is a big deal.

Barn across from the start area

Start line, packet pickup area, and port-o-potty lines

There was one runner that proved to be particularly motivating and entertaining. Apparently this guy lost a bet and had to run a half in Wranglers, a long sleeve shirt, and a cowboy hat. I have a weakness for cowboys and military guys so I found myself trying to keep Mr. Cowboy and his friend in site. Honestly I was really worried he was going to get overheated. Can you imagine running in jeans?!

Mr. Cowboy and his friend

The start

After experiencing some hip pain over the last 6-8 weeks I decided to take it slow for this race, taking more walk breaks than usual, and focusing on running with good form. The course was beautiful so I stopped to take pictures often.

One of the first pretty stretches of countryside

Loved all the pasture land along the course

The race was anything but flat for the most part and the one stretch that was pretty flat was in full sun so I think I'd rather have shade and hills when it feels like it's 90+ degrees outside. Hopefully next year it will start at 6:30 AM to avoid some of the awful heat that creeps in by 9 AM.

Just one of the many gorgeous houses we saw

Hills, hills, hills

Things I loved about this race:
  • medal design
  • number of aid stations that were well-stocked
  • Biscoff spread at the finish

Love the medal but not so crazy about the bright shirt

Things I could have done without:
  • all the hills-they seemed to never end
  • the highlighter orange color of the shirt-love the design but easy on the crazy colors!
  •  the delayed start

Another hill with a beautiful view

Let's talk some more about the Biscoff spread shall we. I came home with four jars and as of right now there is one full jar and a partial left. I'd love to say I shared this and that's why almost 2.5 jars are gone but that's not the case. I've eaten most of it by myself and usually by the spoonful. If you like Biscoff cookies you'll love Biscoff spread!

My favorite cow along the course

At the best aid station in the world they served warm Coke which on this day was the most delicious drink I've ever had. Just before this aid station I was running close to two ladies who continued weaving and cutting me off when I tried to go around. This was the only out and back section of the course and with runners on both sides I was doing my best not to get in the way of other runners. When I finally passed and said excuse me I overheard one of them say, "That's what she gets for drafting." Get real lady, no one who's going to be finishing a half in 3 hours is drafting and if you and your friend had any courtesy for runners other than yourselves we wouldn't have been in this situation to begin with. Needless to say my anger caused me to find speed I didn't know I had and I cruised up the next hill and put some distance between myself and the "nice" ladies and finished in 2:59:24.

Gorgeous farm!

Overall this is a pretty great race and I'd run it again but I'd prefer if it started a little earlier. Some people may suggest to move it to May or to the fall but there aren't a lot of races close by in the summer and certainly not many half marathons so I hope they keep it in June.

Little history about Leiper's Fork

All done and pouring sweat

What's the hottest race you've run?
Have you gotten overheated in a race?


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe those ladies!!! Glad it had a positive result for you though :) I agree, I can't stand late starts in the summer - the earlier, the better! Congrats on another great race!

  2. Can't stand 'Rude' runners! LOL! Very pretty course! Awesome job :)

  3. Cool medals! The one time I did the Vermont City Marathon relay, I ran the last 11 miles and it was in the 80's and humid (which doesn't happen a lot in VT) and there were warning signs about the heat at every water stop.

  4. I love Franklin! It's so pretty up there. Congrats on another great race, girl. I can't believe those rude women. Getting mad always makes me run faster though and it sounds like you're the same! ;) Beautiful photos!!

  5. You run in the best places! Congrats!

  6. ugh, don't understand why people feel the need to be rude. reason number 4 million that i wear headphones. great job on number 8!

  7. For serious, I'm annoyed by those ladies. I didn't even know you could really draft in running. ?? Maybe when it's really windy.

    And I like that medal too!

  8. First Congrats!!!! I've enjoyed following your races this year, and now #8.. Way cool!!!! So impressed!!!
    Pretty sweet looking finishers medal too!

    In answers to your questions. Ya, I've run several marathons in 90 degree's or above. I think the hottest was a 98 degree finish:) But it was desert heat, and no humidity so it wasn't totally miserable:)
    Also, once in Maui I got overheated, actually I had heat exhaustion (not my fault, the marathon ran out of water early on so it made a lot of people sick) That was a scary experience!

    I know I said this before, but I am so impressed Congrats! (Oh and I agree, not exactly too fond of the orange shirt either - but at least the medal was cool!)

  9. That looks like a beautiful race to run! I kind of really like the bright orange shirt :)

    I did my first half marathon in really hot conditions and got heat exhaustion. It was really rough. I swore off half marathons forever. HA!

    Love the cowboy that lost the bet, that's funny. but probably was very hot while running!

  10. That looks like a beautiful race!!! Racing in the heat is not fun, glad you made the best of it!

  11. I"m with Christy, I love the highlighter orange. but then again, I'm currently wearing highlighter green!
    Way to go on another strong finish!

  12. Wow, #8! That's awesome! Looks like a beautiful course too. I can't believe those rude ladies!! That makes me mad!
    I've never gotten overheated in a race, and I can't even remember the hottest one. It very well may be my half coming up on Saturday, in Columbus. It's supposed to be 81 and sunny. Eeek.

  13. Haha, that drafting comment makes me laugh (in a, are they serious way). Seriously? You aren't in a triathlon, and "drafting" is fine during the run portion. Wow.

    Congratulations on another half marathon! Looks pretty, but I agree I hope they start on time next year to avoid the heat!

  14. Hurray for cowboys and Biscoff... and I love those old stone fences so much. There are lots of them here where I live, in the city.

    This race course looks so beautiful and I love the pic of you with your medal, too.

  15. I cannot imagine running in jeans! At least he got wear proper running shoes. LOL. Those "nice" ladies were completely rude, but nice job showing them by pushing up that hill!! Whoo hoo. :)

    As usual, love the pics. Gorgeous race.

  16. I've gotta say...I love the views and the shirt.I also love the bull, he reminds me of one we used to have. I would wear it during training runs/rides where I know I'm getting back late-ish. Congrats, looks like it was a fabulous race besides those horrible women!

  17. Congrats on the race! Beautiful pics of the course. Sounds like a fun race!

    I haven't overheated in a race, but definitely underfueled which is just as miserable. I've run lots of hot ones living in ATL.

  18. i am so impressed on that amount of 1/2s you've done!! Love the course pictures...looks so pretty!

  19. Uggghhhhhhh... I hate hills, but other than that the course looks amazing!

  20. you seriously run the most beautiful races! i actually love the shirt :) and the medal is awesome! I got the same biscoff spread at publix this year and had to throw it away (had 2 jars) because I had no self control. IT IS AMAZING.

  21. Oh my goodness that poor guy! I could NOT imagine running a race in jeans!

    Great job on a beautiful race! :0)

  22. What a beautiful course. I just had the same issue with a 1/2 trail marathon. They started 1/2 hr late because they didn't have enough portopotties and we were all still waiting to go to the bathroom. It was really hot, and took me about 45 mins longer than my last 1/2. Great job on finishing 8 1/2's so far!!!

  23. This looks like a beautiful race. I think you do more half marathons in a year than I do all races combined! Way to go on your effort here. I love the scenic southern charm.

  24. Drafting??? Really? People are stupid.

    At least the cowboy didn't have to run in boots. LOL

  25. Those are some cool views! Probably the hottest race I've run is Rosaryville, a 50k in the middle of August. I've run it 3 times and somehow I love it. Knock on wood I've never overheated, and after seeing Kara go through it I never want to!


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