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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Scottsboro Half Marathon

*This is the first in a series of race reports I'm waaay behind on so yes this race was on March 30. That's not a misprint. Scottsboro Half Marathon is a new race in our area and only an hour away so it was a given that I had to run this race. I've driven through Scottsboro several times but never been to the town itself so I was anxious to finally take in some of the beautiful views I have heard this area is known for.

I really liked this design that they used on the shirts, medals, and marketing materials
I had picked up my packet the day before at Fleet Feet but I still left really early since I wasn't familiar with where I was going once I got into Scottsboro. I arrived with almost an hour until race time so I walked around, went to the bathroom, stretched and still had some time to kill. Somehow I managed to completely miss Paige and her husband Geno. I saw both of them on an out and back during the race and they both looked strong and speedy!

Ducks swimming around

Once the race started I settled into a comfortable pace planning to take walk breaks as I needed to and then I just enjoyed running. I stopped to take pictures when I saw something particularly beautiful and I was really having a great time and felt like I was running a pretty decent pace.

Nice downhill to start the race but this section was a small out and back so we got the chance to run right back up this hill a few minutes later

Another pretty section of the race

Around mile 7 I caught up with two runners who were talking about running Oak Barrel the next weekend and I had to chime in since it's my favorite half. We started chatting about running and introduced ourselves and before I knew it we had run a couple of miles together. The three of us ran the rest of the race side by side taking walk breaks when we needed them and enjoying each others company. I NEVER run with anyone during a race without feeling as though I'm slowing someone down so it was nice to run with people who enjoy my leisurely pace. It was while we were all running together that we got to run through a residential area with some gorgeous houses on the water.

Wounded Warrior Project shirt, GAP capris, Wrightsocks, and Mizuno Wave Inspires make for a great race outfit (note that I'm firmly clutching a post-race Coke-there's nothing more delicious after a race except maybe chocolate milk and even then it's a tie)

We crossed the finish at 2:38:30 and I couldn't have been happier with my finish time. I dropped a few things off at my truck, took a few pictures, grabbed some food, and then got in line for a post-race massage. While in line several door prizes and awards were handed out and I was lucky enough to snag a t-shirt as well as some blue bunny ears. The bunny ears came in handy for the Easter picture of the dogs.

Sasha and Lucky will do anything when there are treats involved

If you are looking for a good half to do in the early spring I highly recommend the Scottsboro Half Marathon and with a price tag of $30 if you register early you can't beat that. Did I mention that the shirt and the medal were pretty amazing too?! This one is already on my calendar for 2014 and hopefully many years to come after that.

I love that it's NOT a white shirt

I really love the medal!

Have you run an inaugural race?
If so do you feel more obligated to continue running it each year?


  1. Wow....I was born in Scottsboro that would be neat to do!!

  2. I've done an inaugural race before! Congratulations on your run. I've been thinking about trying a coke post race/runs....heard great things. Maybe when I return to running.

  3. I have the same exact shoes!! I always feel like I am slowing people down when I run with them. This morning I did an inaugural 5k, Killington's Biggest Loser 5k & 15K.

  4. Great job on the race, you are way behind! Looks like a really pretty race to run. Fun that you found some people to run with.

  5. How fun to meet some people to run with during the race! Those dog photos are really cute! I don't know if my dog would go for that!

  6. great job! i am unfortunately behind too... two halves i need to recap! lol we're slackers!

  7. Don't feel bad about being behind on race recaps or any other blog post. I'm technically two years behind on blog posts I've intended to publish, so consider yourself ahead! haha:)

  8. I did this race and loved it! What races do you have lined up for the rest of the year? I'd love to meet you if any of ours are the same! :D

  9. Thanks for the sweet compliment to me and Geno! I love your photo after the finish! All I remember about that day is that it was sunny, but cold! :)

  10. Post race massage! Lucky girl! Great race! :)

  11. Congratulations! I always think a race recap is better late than never. I put rabbit ears on my dogs this Easter too. :)

  12. Congrats on your race - great that you found a couple of run buddies on the course!

  13. Congrats! Looks like a good one! I'd love to have a race at that price around here. There's only one that even comes close but it's super hard, which isn't my bag lately. Haha!

  14. I just have to say that SO MANY times I'll write a race recap that starts with, "This race was actually 6 weeks ago, but..." so I can totally relate!:) Congrats on another half and for running happy the entire time! Great job!!!

  15. Awesome job! And the medal is really pretty. Our dogs escaped ears this ear only because I was wearing them around base for our fun run. I've ran a couple inaugural races, but only return to the ones that did a good job.
    Glad you had fun- sounds about how I'll be "running" the AF marathon this year. Run if I feel like it, walk if I want, who cares as long as I'm smiling.

  16. Great job Suzanne! I love the pics of Sasha and Lucky! So cute:)

  17. So pretty! Love the shirt and the puppies most of all.

  18. Congratulations on a great half! That is a great price for a half marathon. I just signed up for one that was $35 and I thought that was a deal! Love your bunnies. They are just too adorable!

  19. Those are super cute medals/shirts!! Looks like it was a beautiful half. :)

  20. Congratulations on a great half, Suzanne! I'm glad you found some people to run with during it :)

    We have run inaugural races before, our first half marathon was one and Reach the Beach New Jersey was as well. I don't mind them, but sometimes there are some challenges associated with inaugural races.

    1. Oh and I forgot to say, Sasha and Lucky looked so cute as Easter Bunnies!

  21. Fun stuff- looks like a great race. I'll have to check it out and see what it looks like for next year!

  22. How neat! Great job on the race...I love meeting up with people during a race and running with them! Yay for winning stuff after, too! Your doggie is just too cute!

  23. Umm THAT is an awesome price tag!! Congrats on another great half! How early did you get up - you said the town is an hour and a half away?!

  24. Great job! I love it when you end up striking a conversation with fellow runners while on the course. I found that this happens to me a lot during trail races and it's kind of nice since many times you run alone otherwise.

  25. looks like a great race-impressive for an inaugural! and yes, I did RNR NOLA the first year, and missing it for the first time this year was hard. I wanted to always do that race. I did the nc race last year but wouldn't do that one again.


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