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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Little Slice of Heaven

For the past few months things have been a little quiet on the blog and that's mostly due to the fact that there were things going on in my personal life that I wasn't at liberty to share with the rest of the world. My parents are both retired now and with retirement comes the opportunity for them to enjoy this time by living out their dreams. For Mom and Dad that means moving to the beach and selling the farm. Deep down I want nothing more than complete happiness for my parents and I know taking care of a house that's over 100 years old and the 80 acres attached to it are no small task. However, the farm is my haven from the rest of the world and letting that go feels as though I'm giving away a piece of my heart.

The house was originally a four room shotgun-style house with a large hall running from the front to back door

The road we live on is lined with trees nearly the entire way and it's beautiful

There's a hill overlooking most of our land that has been my favorite spot on the farm since we moved there when I was 6 years old. I've done my best thinking, crying, and daydreaming in that spot. As a little girl it's the first place I ran to when I wanted time to myself with Jill, my Australian Shepherd. It was this same spot that I cried and cried when I had to put Jill to sleep before I left to go to Auburn. The hill is where I've taken the few guys that captured my heart enough for me to want to share this place with them. Many of my biggest decisions have been made while sitting there looking out over the land.

Front pasture with a creek running through the middle

Lucky and Sasha treat the farm as a huge yard perfect for hours of chasing the ball
With this decision to sell the farm came a lot of work. I've spent several weeks on the farm working with my Dad. I have stripped wallpaper, pressure washed the exterior of the house, hung a gutter, cleaned out the barn, put down a bathroom floor, hung curtains, painted floors, stained a deck and a swing, painted the porch and a TON of lattice work, put down a new moisture barrier underneath the house, repaired the front porch columns, shoveled half a truckload of sand, and countless other chores. I have always loved working with my Dad and there's nothing that makes me feel stronger than spending a week day after day working on the farm and being able to keep up with my Dad! I believe I even impressed Allan with my manual labor skills a time or two.

Allan hauling limbs in my truck to the burn pile

Watching the cows before sunset
Obviously this meant that at the end of each day during the weeks on the farm I was tired and computer time wasn't on the radar at all which meant blogging fell to the wayside. Plus I wasn't able to talk about getting the farm ready to go on the market so I decided it was best just to keep quiet for a bit. This also means that running wasn't on my priority list either so any chance of a PR at any distance this summer was out of the question. The farm is on the market now and while there are some smaller projects that my Dad and I have to work on all of the major ones have been completed so I'm at home a lot more than I have been the past few months. There was a stretch during one month when Allan would go on a work trip, fly back, see me for one day, and then I was off again. I would come home, see him for a day, and then he would leave. It was chaos!

Living room

Dining room

I won't apologize for being MIA these past few months because I believe we all know that blogging should never trump living life or helping family. I would ask that you keep our family in your prayers and pray that the right family comes along to buy our farm. Please know that I've thought of you all often and my lack of comments on your blogs doesn't mean a lack of caring on my part. I'm doing my best to get caught up in the next couple of days so thanks for your patience and thanks for sticking around while I've been gone. I promise to be a better blogger friend!

Love a fresh cut field-perfect for running across!

Some of my many iris-we have white, yellow, and purple that my grandfather and I planted


  1. Oh oh oh! I'm so sorry that you have to let go of such a big piece of your life. I hope the perfect family comes along to give it as much love as you have.

    Wishing your parents the best in their new place!

  2. It can be very hard to give up the family home and you have to trust that someone else will come along and love and cherish it as much as you all have. It will be in your heart and your memories forever. Thanks for sharing it here.

    Have missed your posts and been hoping that things are good with you and Allan and Lucky and Sasha.

    Best regards.

  3. That has to be a rough thing to go through, and your parents are very lucky they have you to help. I know the feeling when it comes to that kind of work on the farm-it's always amazing to see the transformation. I'm sure a great family will come along and appreciate all of the aspects that you love very much.

    I wouldn't give up hope of a PR if I were you-all that work certainly does something for you!

    I'm sure you're looking forward to things settling down a little, and I hope the chaos lets up a bit!

  4. I can imagine how hard this must be for you, and have to admit it chokes me up a bit. i think when you grow up on a farm/ranch a little piece of you always stays there. When you have roots somewhere you can grow new ones other places but those old roots never let go. For me just being on the ranch I grew up on is my heaven. It is where my soul feels the happiest, imagining my family having to sell it breaks my heart.

    Big huge hugs. Hard decisions, but you certainly can't blame your parents for having retirement dreams either.

    Beautiful pictures, love the living room furniture. I pray someone appreciative will buy the place and continue the ag tradition.

  5. Hugs to you! I thought of you and even checked your blog a few times to make sure the feed for your blog didn't have a problem or something. I can imagine this has been a really emotional time for you, the pictures are amazing and fortunately your memories are yours forever :) I hope a family that has as much love for the farm as your family will make this their new home.

  6. big hugs (and that farm is gorgeous!)

  7. Apologies are never needed for not blogging! Being with your parents to help them with this huge life changing event was far more important! I love that you and Allan were able to help them. Love the old home charm, the land, and all the memories you've had about your childhood home. I hope the family who chooses to live there next can have incredible memories as well!

  8. What a beautiful place to grow up! I'm sure letting it go will be tough. All the best to you and your parents with this next chapter.

  9. Aw, my parents sold their home last year, it has been a tough this year no longer having a home. My thoughts are with you! I hope your parents are able to sell quickly and at a price that they're happy with!

  10. I lived several places as a kid, but the farm that I lived on from ages 3-14 will always be "where I grew up." Someday, I want to knock on the door there and show my husband and kids where most of my childhood memories were made.

  11. As many homes as I grew up in -- they have never been easy to sell. Each stole a little piece of my heart for various reasons and closing one chapter to starting a new one...well, it's just an emotional roller coaster, isn't it!?

    I will absolutely keep you and your family in my prayers. I know God has a specific family in mind for your home and I wish you all the very best of luck and adventure in finding your new "getaway" -- closer to the beach:)

    Until then, spend as much time at the farm as possible and remember -- you'll only regret the pictures you don't take.

    Love you girl,


  12. Aw man none of your pics will load at work for me! But I am SUPER impressed with all that manual labor! I definitely don't stress over blogging. It's a hobby, so if I am dying to post, I post, if not, I don't bother! Life's too short.

  13. WOW you coming out to my house next, I would have totally been swooning over you if I were Allan! The house and land are so beautiful and its totally understandable to have hard feeling of letting it go, I bet yours parents are going to have some tough days ahead but realize that its probably a good decision to finally just relax. Sounds like you all had a blessed life on that beautiful piece of land!

  14. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to feel like you're giving up your home and childhood. I like your attitude about it do want what is best for your parents!

  15. The house we grow up in is never hard to get away from. So many memories however the puppies look over the moon to be there!

  16. I'm sorry to hear about your family's farm-- we're doing something similar with my grandma's house (which my grandpa built by hand), and even if there is logic behind the decision, it's never easy. It looks like a beautiful home!

  17. I know this must be so hard for you. Letting go of things we love an cherish can be tough but the memories will always be there. It is a very beautiful place so I totally understand.

  18. You are a great blogger friend (I love watching your comment emails come in slowly one after the other)!

    I wish you could buy your family's farm, I know how much it means to you! I know that the right family will buy it and someday you can go back and visit it and say "I used to live here" (that happened to my family a few years ago). <3

  19. Suz, spending time with your family is so much more important, as you know, than the digital world! That farm is absolutely gorgeous. It can be hard when your parents move from the house you grew up in. We only had 1 acre, but the land all behind us was either forests or farms. We even had a creek that cut through our yard that I would wander up and down for hours. It was a sad day when it was sold! Keep those memories strong!!

  20. What a beautiful place! I remember when my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, it was sad. I always referred to it as "home", since I've never lived in their new house, it's "mom and dad's house". Thinking of you!!

  21. Your writing style is so honest and beautiful! The love you have for your parents and your childhood home is written all over this post!

    I feel the same way about the store that my grandmother ran in a very small MS town. It was a general store, and my grandmother ran it by herself after my grandfather died. It was during the Great Depression, and she had 4 kids to raise, one of which was disabled.

    When I was in college, my grandmother moved into a nursing home. Her house was sold, and the store was torn down. I didn't think that much of it at the time, because I was young and full of myself; but now I would give ANYTHING to go back through that old store one more time...the smell of the wood floors, the old displays, and standing behind the counter at the cash register.

  22. My husband will be facing this too soon. He said that as soon as the farm he grew up on is sold that he wants to buy a piece of land. He just really wants to have a piece of earth to tie himself to. We moved around a lot as a kid, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to give up a place that was part of your life for so long!

  23. hugs!! i've wondered, but never wanted to pry, because if you wanted to talk about it, you would've. I am so excited to see you next week!!!!! i'll be thinking of you and praying for your family and hoping that the perfect person who "fits" the farm will come along.

  24. I was wondering where you'd been. :) Sorry you have to say good-bye to so many great memories, but now you can make new memories visiting your parents at the beach. Hope a great family comes along to buy the farm soon. It is gorgeous!

  25. Wow, what a beautiful house and farm! The land may eventually belong to someone else, but all the memories you've created there will still be yours.

  26. Awww, so sorry to hear. And a bit heart breaking too. Miranda lambert song comes to mind....I remember how difficult it was for me when my father sold the house I grew up in. I'm sure you'll keep your memories close to heart! Hugs

  27. I missed your posts, but I knew youd be back! Actually felt guilty for not 'checking on you'.
    Beautiful farm! I keep waiting for my parents to come to the same decision. Life continues to move forward, and no matter how hard we try to stay in the past, we must move forward!!
    Praying for a wonderful family to buy the farm, who can make their own memories!!

  28. I am sorry that they are selling your childhood home. I know how sad that can be. My parents moved from my childhood home when I was 19 and it is still really hard for me to go to "their house" not "ours" or "mine". However, it will always be in my heart, and coming "home" just means coming to where my loved ones are.

  29. Awww I can't imagine having to process such a thing. My best friend grew up on a farm and his parents keep saying they're gonna sell it to developers. He has always been very upset with these threats, but now wonders what he can do about it since he doesn't plan to stay around and work the land or tend to the cows. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos though.


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