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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sweet Scent of Justice by Debbie Wilson

A couple of months ago Debbie Wilson, author of Sweet Scent of Justice, emailed me the following: "On August 13, 2012, my book, Sweet Scent of Justice, was published. It is a faith-based true crime memoir about the miraculous way God worked in my life to help strengthen my faith and lead me down the path to find justice for my family. In 1981, my sister, Kathy Whorton, was brutally raped and murdered in our small community where she was a sophomore attending the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Shortly after her death, two notorious serial killers confessed to her murder, and her case was closed.

Twenty-two years later, I began to feel a strong desire from God to open the door to my past and find answers to the many questions I had about her death. After four years of riding a rollercoaster of emotions, her real killer was found through the use of DNA evidence. Because of lost evidence, her murderer will probably never be taken to trial for her death, but God made a way to provide justice for Kathy through a miraculous plan; His plan.

The book focuses on the strong faith that my family had during the death of my sister as well as during the search for the man who took her life. It also details my journey to forgive her killer. My personal tragedy actually strengthened my faith and belief in Christ, and my hope is that my story will strengthen the faith of others too. 

You can find more information about my book on my website at"

Her novel about the tragedy surrounding her sister's death was heartbreaking and at times painful to read. It made me grateful for all the advances in crime scene processing and the ability we have to test for DNA. I rarely take the time to think about how something so small can have such a huge impact in bringing the right person to justice. It's hard to imagine waiting years and years for law enforcement to find the person responsible. Debbie's willingness to forgive was a powerful reminder that forgiveness is a vital tool in healing and moving on from any tragedy we face in our life. Her faith in God is reflected in each and every step of the long, drawn out process that she and her family went through to find her sister's killer. I won't give away the story but things aren't wrapped up quite as nicely as one might think but for Debbie's family it was enough for the closure they needed.

Thank you for reaching out to me and for sharing your story, Debbie. I hope it continues to speak to people for years to come.

I was provided a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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