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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gone South by Meg Moseley

Gone South by Meg Moseley takes place in Noble, Alabama, a fictional town outside of Huntsville. See why I immediately wanted to review this one?! Seriously though, even if this book wasn't set in Alabama the cover would have sucked me right in. I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl and I rarely wear a dress these days so I love the big dress over the jeans that Tish is sporting on the cover! Throw in the fact that my sister is a redhead and it's easy to see why I envisioned the main character Tish McComb as a composite of my sister and me.

The novel opens with Tish and her mother sitting down to eat and her mother giving Tish her father's family's letters that had been passed down from generation to generation. Soon Tish finds herself helping her mother and Charlie move from Michigan to Florida and before she knows it here she is planning a trip through Alabama on her way back home to Michigan to take a look at the McComb house that is on the market. Buying the McComb house and moving to Alabama turns out much differently than Tish had imagined. Melanie Hamilton, the prodigal daughter returning home, and George Zorbas, the local antique shop dealer, are the only people willing to give Tish a chance when they find out she is Leticia McComb, great-great-great granddaughter of Nathan and Leticia McComb. At first Tish is the only person willing to give Melanie a chance since according to everyone in town Melanie stole her grandfather's watch when she left town and pawned it to go to Vegas.

The author teaches us time and again in this novel about giving second chances and not judging a person based on what you think you know about them. As I learned more about both Melanie and Tish I saw many similarities between the two. Thanks to Tish, George begins to soften his heart toward Melanie and starts to see her again as his childhood friend Stu's little sister and not the thief people perceived her to be thus causing him to offer her a part-time job at his store. Will other people give Melanie a chance? Will anyone be able to look past the McComb name and see Tish for who she really is? Will God answer everyone's prayers to restore Melanie's relationship with her family?

If you think this sounds like something you'd enjoy reading you can read Chapter 1 here and check out Meg's website here. If you enjoyed my review and would like to take a couple of moments to rank my review you can do so here.

 I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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  1. When I saw your comment on my blog review of this book, I had to hop on over to yours and read your review:) Great job as well! I love great books!


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