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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frostbite Half Marathon

Back in late January I knocked out another state (still don't know if I'm "racing the states" but I am keeping track) and ran the Frostbite Half Marathon in Starkville, MS. We rode school buses out to the big town of Pheba where we were dropped off to run 13.1 miles back into Starkville to the finish line at the hospital's wellness center.

january 117
Road sign at the start
january 119
The Old Country Store at the start
It was nice to ride the route we would be running. The only exception was the monster hill which I knew would be brutal on the way back in! Our lovely instructions page mentioned the lack of bathrooms along the course and encouraged people to carry toilet paper with them if they might need to do their business out in nature. I laughed when I read this but that was nothing compared to the men running for the treeline to pee when the buses stopped. Sorry guys, I had to take a picture!

january 123
Typical scenery along the course

january 116
The guys at the treeline after we unloaded from the buses
The course was beautiful and really scenic. In case you guys haven't realized this yet, I grew up in the country and any race that involves basically running through the middle of nowhere and has cows along the course is a winner in my book. Another girl and I ran close together for miles and I apologized for my phone being so loud every mile but she insisted she liked hearing our pace so my loud phone and I stuck with her.

january 124
The sweet girl I ran with for many miles and the police car that drove alongside us for most of the race

The course had a strict 2:45 cutoff and since I hadn't run much since Rocket City and my 50K trail race attempt (another blog post I've been meaning to write!) I was a little worried. The mile that was mostly the monster hill slowed me down and I could tell my legs were feeling the lack of running in the month of January but I pressed on.

january 130a
The monster hill and the point I lost my running friend
I ran hard coming into the city and once I saw the hospital I knew I could make it. In typical race fashion I sprinted to the finish and came in at 2:44:28. Cutting it a little close but I made it and came in last. There were people I passed in the last two miles of the race so I know people came in after me. I felt sorry for the lady behind me that pushed so hard at the end but came in just after 2:45.

january 132
Medal and long sleeve t-shirt (I like them both!)
Some of you might read this and think that I'm slow and should feel bad about finishing last but I don't. I ran this for fun and I had a great time and knocked out another state in the process so I consider it a win-win. As much as I'd love to run a sub-2 half at some point in the future I may never be that speedy and I'm ok with it. I love running whether I'm slow or fast, first or last!

january 133
Back of the shirt

Have you ever been first or last in a race?
Are you racing the states?


  1. I think you are awesome! I am actually taking this year to try to learn to love running again! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats on another finish!! And it doesn't matter if you're first, last, or anywhere in between!! 13.1 miles is still 13.1 miles. That's no small feat!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on a half well done! No race remorse. OWN that thing! I ran a half for fun and it was great. It was my worst ever half marathon time, and it was amazing crossing that finish line hand in hand with my best friend!

  4. Well, first of all, finishing a race of any distance is an accomplishment and something to be proud of (no matter the time or placement)! As I have gotten older, I find that I have some sort of ache or injury all of the time. I have a 5K coming up and a 15K that I know my body won't be ready (healed) for. I won't be able to run the way that I would like, but I will have fun shuffling along and walking when I need to. To me, it's about getting the miles in and being outside in the fresh air!

    And I think it's cool that you are running all over the U.S.!

  5. Congrats on a great race!!! Not slow at all in my book!!! Im hoping to get my 2:45 this year!!!
    You rock!!

  6. Congrats on your finish and with 32 seconds to spare. Well Done! Seriously, a finish is a finish is a finish.
    I’ve never come in last and will never come in first… I’m a solid mid-pack runner. But I do have a goal of a sub-2 half. Maybe if I can find one with a steep downhill grade ;)

  7. I don't think I'd be mad, either...a mile long hill?! Seriously, I am impressed! And that's an awesome shot of all of the guys heading to the woods ;)

  8. Never been first and been last once in a 10k. I too am slow, but at least I am running.

  9. I love your perspective on the race; who cares about place, just enjoy it and get to the finish line. Congrats on another state well done!

    I would love to run the states, but it's a bit down on my athletic "to do" list. I do keep track though for the day I decide to start shooting for it.

  10. I have never been first or last but I agree with your statement. I like to run races for fun or just because sometimes. It is nice to just enjoy the run and not have to deal with the pressure of time. Great job on finishing in spite of the lack of training. You finished and that is what matters most. Another state in the books for you!

  11. Wow, that hill! That is definitely a monster! That's something I would expect to see up the canyon here in Utah! Congrats on another half finish!

  12. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING LAST???? YOU FINISHED!!!! Girl, be PROUD of FINISHING. Imagine me jumping up and down, hugging and yelling "YOU ROCK!" If it helps catch the energy, my SIL says I remind her of a hyper baby goat.
    BE DARN PROUD OF THAT FINISH! Especially if you had fun. So many people take running (and life) too seriously.
    As far as racing the states, I don't know that it will ever be a mission, but I'd like to race as many as are convenient.
    And again, CONGRATULATIONS! BE PROUD!!!!!!

  13. I think that you are awesome. There is NOTHING wrong with being last. I have a few races that if they were strict about their cut off then I might not have even been an official finisher!

  14. What a GREAT race recap Suz!! I seriously felt like I was there with you. Which got me thinking... You almost entirely pursue races by yourself, don't you? Kudos to you because one of my excuses is that I don't have a running buddy! BOO:(

    PS: CONGRATS on making the cut on that race. I know I would have been super disappointed if I hadn't made it in time. And seriously, anyone who judges other runners times need to check themselves!! BE PROUD!


  15. Congrats on another half! As another girl from the country, that one looks like it would have been tons of fun. :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love the medal and shirt too and think I'd like that course. I love rural courses. :)
    Ummm, that hill looks brutal!
    I have been last in a race twice before. The important part is finishing though, right?!! Well done, girl! You rock!

  17. LOL that the race told you to bring toilet paper! That's crazy. Love the medal and tshirt! As long as you had fun who cares what place you came in. :)

  18. i love your attitude! i've been freaking out because i haven't ran all that much since my full and you just put it all in perspective. running is running, and i love it no matter what! 50k !?! can't wait to hear about it!!

    oh and i was 3rd from last in my first 10k... only two older people came in behind me :)

  19. I don't know if I am racing the states either but I am excited to add two more next month anyway! I've come in quite close to last (like final ten) as it is what it is - someone's gotta do it! My friend trained super hard for a ten miler that had no listed cutoff and they closed the finish line like two min before she got there and she was heartbroken. So mean! Glad you enjoyed another great race

  20. Love the picture of the men - ha! You rock girl - way to go. So glad you made that finish. You should be soooooo proud. Most people could not do what you did so great job!!!

  21. Congrats on the race! Way to sneak in under the wire.

    I've been near last before. Anytime we run a race in a rural area and there's a 5k option and a longer option, I'm near the slowest. I guess all the "slow" kids run the 5k and I always choose longer LOL.

    And I'm halfway through racing the states! Backtracking a bit to hit some extra half marathons though...

  22. Yay!! Another one down! Congrats! I'm sorry but I find it funny that there's a race called the frostbite half in Mississippi and I see people in short sleeves! (I'm from Louisiana so I can laugh at this!) :0)

  23. So proud of you for taking on a half marathon and beating the cut off!!! Way to check off another state!

  24. I've never been first or last although I think I will change that at some point. Oh, not to be first! LOL!

    You did awesome! That would have been a great race with all of that beautiful scenery. NOT the guys at the treeline-just the treeline itself. :)


  25. Great job! I kind of think it would be fun to come in last once. ;) But I do feel pretty bad for all those who didn't quite make the 2:45 cut-off. How disappointing that would be.

  26. I have never been first (LOL!!!) and I have not actually been LAST, although, when my sister and I ran our 50 miler, we were the last OFFICIAL finishers (we finished together). One woman came in about 15 minutes after us and they still gave her an official time even though she missed the cutoff.


  27. Congrats on another race and another state! I like those scenic courses, too. Too many people is just a distraction from the running!
    I've never come first OR last - always somewhere in the middle. Although, technically I did come in both first and last in my age group once. I was the only one running in Women 20-29!

  28. Hey you did great! "If you run, you are a runner" - John Bingham.

    If you like races through the country and with cows you should come run the Fall Foliage half marathon in Rhinebeck, New York (it was our first half marathon). It's extremely hilly but I do remember cows!!

  29. "Slow" or "fast" is all relative. You're doing what you enjoy and that's the main thing! Some people think I'm fast, but not when I compare myself to ultra people I follow, they consider me slow. It's what's in your heart. I bet one day if you decide you want to run a sub-2, you can do it. It's all in the way you train :). But for now, enjoy what you love to do and that's to run and have a great time.

    Love the shirt and the medal, those are so cool!

  30. Is that an abnormally short cutoff time? It seems like it is. All of your pics look just like the race I did in MS too! Even the world-is-my-urinal pic. Congrats on another race!

  31. Those who finish last always seem to have the best and most inspirational stories. I read an article on about Taylor Phinney. He had a stage in a race a few weeks ago that was just going miserably and got worse as the day progressed. What kept pushing him was thinking about his dad, who's been battling Parkinsons for years. It's a great read: I won't give away the whole story.
    Be proud of your time. the woman behind you didn't make the cut-off, but she finished the race!!

  32. Last is not really last because you're always ahead of those that never started. Great race and congrats on another state!

  33. That's funny that you were the last one in before the cut off. You finished! That's what counts! I love it when I get a long sleeved shirt; they give those out so infrequently.

    But wait, 50k!!? When was this!?

  34. Way to go and great attitude! That hill looks killer! I love it when you can get a pic that really shows the hill. Whenever I try to get a hill shot, it never looks very steep;)

  35. love your attitude! never been first or last, and i agree with you-i'm just happy to be doing it! i love the guys in the pee line :)


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