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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Toomer's Thoughts

Recently someone reached out to me in search of this post on the blog after seeing it referenced on Jenn's blog. This was a note I originally published on facebook on February 17, 2011, and I've been meaning to put this in a blog post at some point but I never got around to doing it until now. Although it's been almost two years since this day I still remember being in the Apple store when I heard the news and nearly breaking down in tears. I'm sure the employee thought someone had died based on my reaction to hearing our beloved Toomer's oaks in Auburn had been poisoned and in a way that's how I felt.

Toomer's Fall 2010-the photo from the trip referenced below

"It's sad that someone would do this and I don't agree with the blanket Alabama fan comments being made. This was one man (not an entire fan base) claiming allegiance to a school that I'm sure he never attended doing something to hurt people.

Those "trees" hold with them many memories for me and other members of the Auburn family. I took my first pictures with Allan there in August 2005. I went on a first date walking around Samford lawn and Toomer's Corner (not with Allan, sorry honey!). I took both sets of my graduation pictures under those trees. The night of my wedding I walked hand in hand with Allan past Toomer's and I remember thinking how lucky I was to be in that moment at that special place we both love. On countless nights I've rolled those trees, sang the fight song, cheered, and laughed with my dearest friends. That is the one place that I know I wanted to take my future children and tell them about Mommy and Daddy going to Auburn and how special this place is and now someone has taken that from me and it breaks my heart.

Will there be money made when this is all said and done? Yes, that's just a fact of life. People are going to make t-shirts, buttons, banners, and signs and I will probably buy one of those t-shirts. It's Toomer's Corner-no one will have trees planted in their honor by throwing money at this situation and as sacred as that place is there is no one Auburn man or woman deserving of their name being attached to the new trees that will be planted there. Those other oak trees that will one day be planted in place of the two oaks standing today will be a new generation for Toomer's filled with new memories but for me, these two oaks are irreplaceable.

I know even after reading this some of you will still say it's just two trees standing on a corner and you are right. Using that same logic my home is just a house, the small school I attended my entire life is just a bunch of buildings, and most physical possessions people hold dear are meaningless. There's nothing about a tree, house, school, ring, book, or picture that make it more than what it is. The memories and feelings we have tied to those make them what they are to us and give them their value and meaning.

This has taught me a valuable lesson of not taking things, places, and people for granted that I assumed would always be around. My last trip to Toomer's with my friends is one I won't soon forget...WAR EAGLE!!!!"

This past fall when we went for a game I finally took a picture of the way Toomer's Corner looks today. Honestly it still breaks my heart to see the trees so sad and lifeless. Tomorrow I will run past them during the half marathon in Auburn making yet another memory at Toomer's.

october 072
Toomer's Corner-October 2012


  1. How sad!! Yes things are just things until you make memories with them!

  2. That's so terrible! Did they ever catch the guy who did it?

    Also, you put to words beautifully the effects certain memorable "things" can have on us-very well said, Suz.

  3. Aww, I'm sorry that's really sad!

    At least you have all of those memories though, no one can ever take that away from you!

  4. I was so upset when I read about this... Such a lack of respect for others.

  5. Oh Suz, this just breaks my heart all over again -- …That picture of us truly is priceless, for more reasons than one, and I am so honored to be in it. I will forever be thankful to have experienced so much of AuburnĘ»s Traditions, and will forever be a proud member of the Auburn Family… WAR EAGLE!!

  6. That's so horrible that someone would do that. I'm sure they were amazingly beautiful! In my town growing up there was a huge oak about 15 feet from any roads and in no danger to wires. Out of nowhere, our town decided to cut it down because of it constantly growing towards the wires. They did this without notice and there was a HUGE outcry. They did plant another tree in it's spot, but it won't be the same for a long time.

  7. Love that post. You are so right about how we tie memories and emotions to the mere physical things that would indeed be meaningless if we simply didn't have feelings. But we do. And our feelings were hurt with this incident. Just like others' would be if something they cherish and hold dear to their heart was tampered with.

    Very well said! And can't wait to hear about your half for today!!


  8. That was a sad day. I'm not a super huge college football person, but even outside of that, it's just a shame that someone would destroy something so beautiful.

    Hope you enjoyed the race yesterday. We had some Birmingham folks out there who loved it.

  9. Hey, we missed you at the race Saturday. Allan said you weren't feeling, hope you're feeling better now. I'm sad we won't get a review from you, we were really disappointed with the race. I would have enjoyed hearing your perspective!

  10. they do look so awful and it makes me so sad. i have so many memories (just like you). hope the race went well! can't wait to read about it! did you see the finish on the 50 race now has a 1/2 too?? i'm super bummed it's the weekend of eugene.


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