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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Birthday & Christmas with our Families

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I realize I'm really late in posting this but as I've said before this is our "online scrapbook" according to Allan so this is more for us than anything. As I said in an earlier post Allan was out of town the two weeks after the marathon and he didn't get home until 11 PM on December 21 which just so happens to be my birthday. Thanks to the sweet man whose son I take care of when he's traveling for work I was treated to a great lunch and later that evening Allan's coworker surprised me with a cookie cake Allan had ordered for me.

december 212
Thanks for my cookie cake Allan!

While I would have preferred to have Allan home for my birthday I will say that it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. When your birthday is this close to Christmas it's forgotten by a lot of people but my family and close friends have always gone the extra mile to make sure I feel loved and appreciated. My sweet friends that sent me flowers for my birthday almost made me cry. No one has ever given me flowers for my birthday before.

december 282
Beautiful lilies!

On Sunday the 23rd we drove to FL to my sister's house and celebrated my birthday that night with my family. Hello, second cake! The next morning my mom, dad, and sister put the ham in the oven and I prepared everything else for our Christmas lunch. Normally my contribution to Thanksgiving and Christmas is making the deviled eggs but since my sister is about to have a baby and my Mom's back problems don't allow for hours of standing in the kitchen I took over. For the first hour it was touch and go and I could tell everyone was a little concerned letting me loose in the kitchen so my Daddy was sent in to watch over me and keep me company. Lunch turned out great and afterwards I played Santa and we all opened our gifts.

december 237
7-layer Dean's Chocolate cake-best cake EVER!

After dinner it was back in the car for 4 hours of driving to get to Allan's mom's house. By this point Allan was starting to feel like he might be getting sick so he slept nearly the entire drive. No worries, I had all the Christmas stations memorized so I had great music to keep me company for the ride!

december 242
Christmas tree and stockings at my sister's house

december 248
This is what happens when Mom is tired when she wraps the gifts-Dab is code for Dad

The next morning we cooked breakfast together and began preparing lunch. Once Allan's younger brother (Adam) and his family arrived we finished lunch preparations, ate, and opened our presents. It's such a change this year with Ali being 2. She was so excited to help open her gifts and spent a lot of time looking at each and every one. Adam is teaching her to speak Spanish since he is fluent (so is Allan) and it was so cute to hear Ali tell us "Gracias" when she opened her presents. So far being bilingual seems to come naturally to her and that means Aunt Suz is going to have to brush up on her Spanish. I may have a minor in Spanish but I can't speak it like Allan and Adam can. Rosetta Stone and I are going to be best friends this year!

december 182
Is this not such a beautiful table setting for Christmas and winter in general?! Allan's mom is the queen of Pinterest!
december 254
Clearly she didn't like the Frosty the Snowman DVD we gave her

With bad weather in the forecast we loaded the car and headed back home to the dogs. Christmas night was spent watching White Christmas in front of the fireplace with our tree lit up and the dogs sleeping on the rug. I can't imagine a better way to end our whirlwind Christmas travels than spending a quiet night at home!

december 281
Nothing like a nice warm fire!


  1. Looks like you had a great birthday! Hope this year brings many happy miles of running!

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful Christmas! Happy Birthday... late ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I literally just drooled over the cookie cake and chocolate cake. Was the chocolate cake purchased or made from scratch? Share the recipe if it was made! It looks AMAZING!

  4. Ooh! That chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious!

  5. Happy belated! Those giant cookies are deadly but awesome!

  6. I love cookie cakes! Happy belated birthday!

  7. cookie cakes are the best!!! although, i normally take off the icing :) glad you had a great birthday and christmas!

  8. Love the cookie. Brings me back to when I was young - my mom ALWAYS made me a cookie like that to bring to school.

  9. Belated Happy Birthday!!1 That cookie looks fabulous!!!

  10. Wow, great post and happy belated birthday!!

  11. It's nice that you are able to spend your holidays with just about everyone! That chocolate cake looks to die for, I could eat the whole thing!

  12. Looks like you had a tremendous birthday and Christmas! Happy belated :)

  13. Such a sweet post. Happy belated birthday!

  14. This year we will commiserate and celebrate birthdays together as mine is a few days before yours and I well know how it tends to get 'lost in the Christmas shuffle'. Looks like you had wonderful family time--excellent!

  15. Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good one and so glad your family and friends made you feel so loved! That Birthday cake looked GOOD!! Enjoy year 29!

  16. So cool that they're teaching their daughter spanish. That takes a lot of discipline. Way to go, parents! I wish I spoke spanish.

    Your MIL's place settings are so cute. I've never done anything like that for just my family coming over. If the table is set, I feel accomplished.:)

  17. I can't even remember when I was 29; damn I'm getting so old! That chocolate cake looks amazing - I hope you enjoyed every morsel! :)

  18. Happy Birthday!! So sorry Allan wasn't there to celebrate with you but it looks like it was wonderful. Now I know who the people are that actually follow through with the things they pin on Pinterest.

    Damn, 29... I remember 29. I'll second Jill's comment... I'm old!

  19. I'm glad you had a great birthday! Everything looked wonderful :)

  20. Happy belated birthday! What gorgeous flowers. :)

  21. Happy Belated Birthday! Lovely cake and flowers. How sweet.

    I think home in front of a fire with your love and your puppers was the pefect topper to a beautiful Christmas! So glad you had a merry one.

  22. The cakes! THE CAKES!!! Oh girl! Holy yum!
    Sorry I'm so behind in reading!
    That table was gorgeous and Ali is so adorable! :)
    So glad you had a great holiday season and birthday!
    Here's hoping I get to see you around your birthday THIS year! ;) xoxo


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