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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holidays with the Dogs

I've had to hold myself back from posting many of these pictures on Instagram during the last few weeks because I really wanted to wait and share them with you guys first. Here's a brief look at the life of Sasha and Lucky during the holidays:

december 105
Pleeeease don't leave me!
december 154
You said he would be back and it's been over a week. I don't think he's ever coming back.
december 166
Maybe if I bring all my babies in here and go to sleep Daddy will come back
december 188
Or maybe if I snuggle with Mom I won't get so sad
december 224
Silly Lucky, I knew he would come back
december 223
Yay, Daddy is back!
december 279
Alright leave me alone so I can watch my shows
december 163
I love my Christmas jingle necklace!
december 259
And we all love nice warm fires
And there you have it! This is what happens when Allan leaves for two weeks before Christmas and I only have dogs to talk to and take pictures of. I still plan to recap my birthday and our Christmas but first I've got an amazing giveaway that I've been excited to share for the last couple of months so giveaway first and then more catching up posts later!

Disclaimer: We hate when dogs are dressed up and you can tell they obviously don't want anything touching them so our policy is that if we hold it up and they sit down then they get to wear it. If they walk away then we take that to mean they don't want to wear it. I'm convinced Lucky will wear anything and he tries to get away from you at bedtime when the jingle bell necklace has to come off. Sasha usually hates wearing anything but this elf scarf seems to be a winner! She wore it for a few days without us taking it off and she never took it off herself which is a miracle.


  1. way too cute!! absolutely love all the pictures, and of course your disclaimer at the end! hahahaha!!

  2. I love that one of the pup watching TV :) How cute!!

  3. So cute!!! My husband left this morning for a business trip and I think that is why Rocky was acting so weird last night. He saw the suitcase and got upset:) Aren't they sweet!

  4. Omgoodness this post makes me want a sweet faced dog!

  5. I love your puppies! I often wish for a dog to run with but then my cats get made at me!

  6. Ohh look at all his toys! Carly has so many toys and she gets them all out at one time! lol Dogs crack me up!

    Thank you for all your comments, they are always much appreciated!

    Glad you are back!

  7. Adorable blogs! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all of the support your provide me on my blog.

  8. this might be my favorite post ever! don't know what we'd do without these doggies!

  9. I really love your fur babies! So sweet and huggable! I'm such a gober, I talk to my boys all the time and sometimes it seems like they even understand. And on weekends the hubs goes out of town we have slumber parties (which entails us putting a mattress on the living room for the weekend so we can be comfy watching chick flicks ALL weekend). Such is the life-eat, sleep, play, be spoiled!

  10. Adorable!!!! When my b-f is gone for an extended period of time I do the same thing - I end up with a lot of dog photos...I guess because they are constant entertainment!

  11. Your dog is ADORABLE!!!! Happy New Year :)

  12. How cute!!! Allen didn't want to have an extra friend to pack?

  13. I LOVE ... absolutely love the pictures of your dog. So precious!!!!
    I cannot decide which one is cuter. :)

    SOrry it took me a while to reply, but I am doing much better. :) Thanks for asking!

  14. You have the most precious dogs! They are so lucky to have such great owners :)

  15. So precious! They are so lucky to have great owners! I spoil mine too! I can't help it!

  16. i don’t have a dog-but felt the same way when i was at my dads over christmas-and half the time their dog drives me crazy-but i just wanted to love on her and take pictures. :) glad your’s is spoiled rotten and gets plenty of love!

  17. Love all the great pictures. Those look like some happy and spoiled dogs. Glad they had a great Christmas too :)

  18. Your dogs are so freaking cute.
    There is no such thing as too many dog pictures. Post away!

  19. Thanks for sharing
    this sweet, sweet post!!
    Dogs are our babies!
    How I love them so :)

  20. Oh this cracked me up and I read it to The Captain. You knew I would love this post, didn't you? Our firt Springer used to sit in our suitcases too and it just made me feel so guilty... the second one, I NEVER left so I didn't fly anywhere or travel anywhere she couldn't go for 8 years!

    Love your family pics and stories.

  21. OMG! What a cute post. :) Loved all the pictures.

  22. I love your pictures, so cute!!!!! So many of them look like things Jesse does that crack us up - dogs are the best!

  23. aww they totally remind me of my doggie! so cute!!

  24. Such sweet babies! I love them and I want to meet them!

    We only have Bernie wear bandanas, he gets them from where we board him. They don't bother him. Our cats don't wear anything either, but we did put one of them in a moose costume for Halloween one year and he HATED it. Most hilarious picture ever.

  25. They are so precious! What cute furbabies!

  26. SO adorable! My dogs also have 'babies' that they get out and pile together - especially when they are waiting for 'daddy' to come home. Love your pups! :) Happy New Year!


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