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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Astraea Press

I'm a reader which should come as no shock to you guys since I post book reviews on the blog from time to time. Even though I buy lots of books I am very fortunate to be able to review for several different publishing groups and publicity groups and receive many books each year for free. My most recent addition is Astraea Press and this was actually started by someone I know. They focus on clean fiction e-books so I feel like I can recommend any of their books (even the ones I haven't read) without worrying about giving people a disclaimer in regards to the content.

They do have a blog and a facebook page so if you want to connect with them online and check out their inventory you can do that by either visiting the website, blog, or facebook page. Also if you'd like to sign up to be a part of the book club and have an opportunity to review their books let me know and I can get you in touch with the person who handles that.

If you'd like to read my reviews of the Astraea Press books I've read then check out my goodreads page!


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