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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Allan's Auburn Half Recap & a Winner

Sometimes you have to listen to your body and do what it tells you and that's exactly what I did this past Saturday. After being awake most of Friday night and feeling sick to my stomach when the alarm went off on Saturday morning I took a few minutes to gauge how I was feeling and erring on the side of caution I decided not to run the Auburn Classic Half Marathon. Remember how Talladega went when I decided just to go ahead and run?! Yep, not repeating that again soon if I can help it! Allan headed off to Auburn and met Slick (my best friend) to run with him. This was Slick's first half and I hate I wasn't there to run with them but from what I hear they entertained themselves and had a great time running together. He's already eyeing his second half marathon and suggested to Allan that they do a full marathon.

Allan and Slick being their normal selves pre-race

When I harassed asked Allan to write a recap this is what I received in my inbox yesterday:


I enjoyed my half marathon in Auburn this weekend.  I was able to reminisce the whole course passing places I spent time in college.  It just wasn’t all I expected from a fully sponsored half marathon.  The road support was pretty secure, but nothing special.  Organization seemed fine, but nothing overdone.  The course was great for someone like me who spent time (insert note from Suz: Allan means he spent time at all these places during college) at literally every mile on the course, but I can't imagine running this race if I wasn’t from there or if I was slower than 2 hours.  It seemed people were packing up and headed out when me and my friend finished.  Food was gone except some cut bananas and hard, stale rye bread leftover (... My favorite post race snack).  The medal was not much to show anyone if it happened to be your first half marathon.  I have only run two half marathons but I have been to about 15 now.  I was hoping this might have been a little more special, but seemed pretty lame.  I could have woke up and run this on a Saturday morning in Auburn with no police support, food, or people and it would have felt exactly the same.  Which isn’t bad, just another couple miles on the road I guess.  But Congratulations to “Slick” for finishing your first half marathon!  Wish it could have been a more exciting finish, but at least we ran it together.


Post-race picture-I swear they are so similar that it's terrifying at times

In 2012 the race was cancelled due to a tornado warning and even with a completely new course it doesn't sound like it was a great race at least from Allan's perspective. I wasn't there so I won't speak to anything he talked about but I will say that based on the chatter on their facebook page and all the talk of sponsors I was expecting the guys to have a bigger selection of post-race food especially since they finished at 2:23:03. A race should always have enough of everything for everyone to have post-race. Will this be on our race calendar in 2014? Honestly I still have yet to run this so I will probably run it but I'm pretty sure Allan is one and done on this course. There is another half in Auburn in late April but I'm in a wedding that same day so I'll have to sit that one out.

On to the winner!!! I said I would post this on Monday but since someone took their sweet time with their race report I waited. I'm always excited when we host a giveaway and even more excited when someone I've become friends with through blogging is the lucky winner. The winner of our 2013 goals prize pack is....

photo (1)
Lucky #7!!!!

# 7 belongs to Christa

Congratulations Christa!!! I'm really honored to call Christa my friend. She's an inspiration to me in ways she will never know. With her permission I've previously talked about her on our blog since she is a breast cancer survivor and that's one of the big causes we run for. If you guys want to read the blog of a woman who shows the true definition of strength day in and day out then you need to check out her blog. Christa-I've got your address so your prize will be in the mail just as soon as I can box it up!

I've got several blog posts I've been meaning to write but I won't lie I haven't taken the time to write them down because my life is nuts right now. I spent three days tearing down wallpaper at the farm and I am finally done with all of it! My sister is due with her baby any day now so every sound that my phone makes causes me to jump. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Have you had a race in a city you were excited to run in but the race itself was disappointing?

Anything exciting going on with anyone right now? (I'm about to catch up on your blogs, I promise!)


  1. The baby is almost here!!! :) So excited for you (& R too!!)
    Great job to the guys on their race--just sorry it wasn't a better experience.

  2. We ran a half at the college my husband attended before he got activated and deployed... while we found the scenery to be beautiful for about a total of 3 miles, the rest was pretty terrible- worst winding switchbacks through some random neighborhood (like we were trying to draw a basketweave on a Garmin map!), no water for 7 miles in the middle on an 80 degree days, long by over half a mile (which normally might not bug me, but when they're out of water it sure did!), and no post-race food or drinks- they had water fountains inside the YMCA. It's no wonder this race was the first time I cramped up after a run. Oy.
    Did they at least get cool shirts? There have been a few so-so races that the shirt salvaged for me. Congrats on them for finishing, though! Especially your friend's first!
    So excited that your sister is so close! My brother and SIL keep talking about trying sometime soon, and I can't wait so I can make all those cute little baby things for them like a quilt, bibs, stuffed animals, you name it!

  3. Congrats to the boys on their half.

    And to Christa for winning your giveaway.

    And to you for being so busy and productive.

    And how exciting to be waiting for baby news!

  4. Congrats to your hubby and friend on their finish. I have yet to go back to my college town and run their half but I think that I would probably be disappointed after doing so many great races! But it would still be fun to see all my old stomping ground from the perspective of an out of town runner.

  5. Congrats to the guys on their half - too bad the course support and post-race wasn't better.

    So exciting about the baby!

  6. Eeekkk great news about the baby!

    Sorry that Slick's first wasn't that exciting, but it seems as there may be another person to catch the running bug :)

  7. My race recap is coming up shortly...I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who was disappointed in certain aspects. I literally finished 1 minute behind them which I don't think is a super slow half marathon and have never in my 11 13.1s or greater have felt so "back of the pack"!

  8. Sounds like you made a good choice to skip the race - not being 100% and a sub-par race would not be super fun!!!
    Funny how different a male recap is from a female - short and to the point, I guess!

  9. I'm super excited to have won!
    I like Allen's recap :)

  10. congrats to christa and to the guys for finishing the race! hate that it wasn't all they hoped for.

  11. oh, so glad i didn't do this one. sad-it has so much potential! congrats to Allen though :) i was disappointed at the race in charlotte-mainly because it was boring and i think i just expected too much.

  12. Ahhh so exciting I remember those days, EVERY time my phone would do anything my heart would stop! So exciting! I had my bag packed and everything! Can't wait to see your little niece or nephew soon. Congrats to Alan! Hope you are feeling better.

  13. Thanks for Allen's recap. We had a pretty similar reaction too. Our biggest frustrations were 1 - having to stop for traffic to pass and 2 - the start wasn't chip timed! We didn't realize it was only timed at the end, so we started at the VERY back of the pack and had no idea when we even crossed the start line! Lame! It was fun being back in Auburn, but I don't think we'll ever run that one again either.
    Congrats on the upcoming baby! Being an aunt is the best!

  14. I'm sorry you weren't able to run but it's good that you decided to listen to your body! Otherwise you will just be hating yourself when it was over.

  15. Great job on the half Allan and Slick! I'm sorry that it wasn't great, but you still did great.

    I'm sorry you didn't feel well Suzanne! I hope you are feeling better now. Thinking of you and your sister :)

  16. Prayers for your sister and a healthy baby.

    Congrats to Allan on his race - sorry it wasn't a well run event, but it sounds like it was a good day.

  17. Congrats to Slick on his first race! That's sad about the food at the end. It's one thing if they say they are a bare bones race (which some trail races do), but if you expect snacks, it's always sad not to see them.

  18. I hope you were able to get more sleep! And it sounds like your friend had a great first race. No harm done. You have to take care of you sometimes!

  19. Good you listened to your body. Hope you're feeling better!

  20. Congrats to Slick! I love Allan's recap... he didn't seem too impressed. I have had that experience before! I usually have that at larger races, when they feel too commercial or not worth the money, but I actually like bare bones smaller races (usually).


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