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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Post-Marathon Festivities and Thoughts

If you are a little late getting to the party then take a moment to read about pre-marathon festivities and the marathon recap and you will be all caught up!

december 104
Hooray, I made it!
A couple of hours after leaving the awards ceremony we were back at the host hotel for the post-race dinner. After sitting at a table by ourselves and eating our salads we were invited to move to another table and sit with three other couples (one being the race directors). We spent the next hour in conversation discussing the race, running, wrestling (one of the couples has a daughter who is wrestling and Allan wrestled from middle school through college), and the holidays. Oh, and dinner was delicious!

december 100
Thank you Allan for your creative idea for this photo
We got to hear from each of the race directors, the race winner, a man who has run this race for all 36 years that it's been in existence, and another man from Florida who has been trying to work it out so he could run this race for several years. They shared stories from the day, memories from races past, and more than one took a moment to encourage us to appreciate our health and to be sure we are doing all that we can to stay healthy so we can continue running for years to come.

december 098
36 years of running Rocket City for this man
The man who won had quite an interesting story and he made me laugh. This was his first marathon (and he finished in 2:25:18) and to hear his thought processes throughout the day and his thoughts on the race itself made for good entertainment. I believe this was his first experience with Southern humidity (he lives in Colorado) and to hear him try to describe that was hilarious! This dinner was the perfect way to cap off a great couple of days surrounding the marathon.

december 097
I'm pretty sure this is when he was describing humidity
Several of you have asked about whether or not I intend to run another marathon and I'll get to that but first let me share what Allan said when we pulled into the driveway that afternoon, "I'm starting to think I may have to run Rocket City. We could train and run it together next year." After laughing (thinking he was kidding) and giving him a death look when I realized he was serious all I managed was a maybe. Truthfully I can't imagine anything more exciting than running Allan's first marathon with him so it looks like we will be running Rocket City together in 2013!

december 092
I loved the back of the medal just as much as the front
With that said I don't want to run a marathon anywhere else. Being able to sleep in my own bed and drive 20 minutes to the race was perfect and I honestly can't imagine there are many other marathons out there that I could race for $60 and have the experience that I did. Plus there's something to be said for having the dogs waiting at home for me after the race. As a side note, I know family and friends would have driven up for the race but I asked them not to since we were hardly at home for those two days. I do appreciate their love and support so much. I feel as though this journey has involved so many people and the joy of running my first marathon should be shared with all of them!

december 084
This was the only way we could get the dogs to sit still and I was determined to take a post-race photo with them
I do feel like I should back up and talk about my training since I didn't really talk about that much leading up to the race. Thanks to the awful chafing issues I've had this fall (athletic tape is my savior and why I didn't think of this before I don't know) my long runs were my only runs  for several weeks and all of them went great. I would have liked to have had at least one or two shorter runs each week but that just didn't happen every week. Do I think that slowed me down and hurt me in the second half? No I honestly don't. I believe I prepared myself well (with the exception of racing that 5K the week of the marathon) but do I think I have a faster marathon time in me? Heck yes I do! I never felt out of breath and never felt tired during the race. If my legs hadn't hurt so bad that it made me want to cry I believe I would have been able to run a 4:1 the entire race and finish much faster than I did.

december 091
Race swag-I've worn all of it and love it!
As far as recovery went, I felt good as new by Tuesday morning. I probably drank four cans of Coke by that point and I relished every little sip. I lived in my Tommie Copper calf sleeves from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning and they worked their magic as usual. I didn't even feel like I had run a half much less a full marathon by Tuesday. If we are doing Rocket City next year you better believe there will be some Tommie Copper compression shorts and tights in my closet next year!

Copy of IMG_1514
Love my TC calf sleeves and my compression shirt!
Goodness, that reminds me to talk about what I wore for the race. That pink Under Armour shirt is one of my go-to race shirts and will continue to be a favorite. The capris are from Gap and I have them in gray too. Both pairs are equally amazing and have solidified my love for running in capris versus shorts. I never run without my Wrightsocks so that's what I had on my feet and of course my Mizuno Wave Rider 14's were my running shoe choice for the marathon. They have seen me through several races this year and I can't say enough good things about them and how great they are for long runs!

december 081
Pretty sweet medal I think, I like how the word marathon stands out since it's in a different color
I feel like thank you isn't enough for all of the support and encouragement that you all have given me. I appreciate each and every one of you so much!


  1. I love the picture that Allan took of you and the medals! That is one fabulous finishers medal. You are incredible! Congratulations.

  2. That is such a cool pic! Yay Allan! And yay Allan for being inspired to run next year.

  3. That medal is fantastic! Love it! I'm jealous that you're still in flip flops in December. ;)

  4. You should seriously be so proud of yourself! Btw, that pic of you with all your medals is so bad ass!

  5. I LOVE this post! great job and you and allan running it again in 2013! i totally get what you mean about keeping it close to home, that was my deciding factor in picking my first one. i wanted to be close to my bathtub and couch afterwards!

  6. I love the picture of you standing in the background of all your medals, very cool!

  7. Such cute dogs! It would be great if you two ran the marathon together next year. Congrats again on your first marathon finish!

  8. Awesome medal! I wish I could get Travis to run with me sometime. So far we've gone for one 3 mile run together...

  9. Love the medal and the dogs are so sweet! Congrats on your first marathon

  10. running near home is great, but don't rule out a destination race. There is something magical about seeing a new city on foot :) glad you are still wrapped in the glow!

  11. Congrats again!!! Love the post :)

  12. Congrats That bling is sweet so is that shirt. I to love my TC sleeve. Great post

  13. Congrats on your marathon! Love the medal, it's so cool! I love the camera shot of you in the hall with all of your medals. Good idea, Allan! Good luck running this together next year!

  14. Congrats! Sounds like it was a fun race.

  15. Congratulations!!! Fantastic job.

    Love the picture with your dogs and good luck to you both next year - what a great goal to do it together!!!

  16. Great post-race festivities recap! I'm glad you are going to run another marathon, even if it is the same one. And who knows you may change your mind about a different marathon in the future ;)

  17. Love this!!! Congrats on becoming an official marathoner! That picture of the pups is awesome. :)

  18. Great read, Suz. I am so happy for you and how wonderful that you are gonna have company next time around! I completely understand your desire to stay at home and be close to the race... I just don't get the destination runs/events at all. Never has appealed to me.... I don't wanna get up at 3 or 4 after sleeping in a hotel room and all that goes with that.

    And good for you to keep the house to yourselves too to make sure you got your eats and your rest and kept your focus.

    Dang, Girl, you are one smart MARATHONER!

    And p.s. of course I love that you celebrated with the puppers too....

  19. so excited allan is going to do it next year!! depending on if i get in NYC, i might just have to do this one :):)

  20. That medal is seriously sweet - congrats on the whole wall of bling!

  21. Congrats on your first marathon! I love how detailed you are in your race recaps - and how involved you are with surrounding activities!

  22. A marathon close to home can't be beat! That's why Baltimore will always be my favorite. I love the swag! I got a hat once at a marathon and it's one of my favorite running items. Love that you guys will be tackling the marathon together!

  23. Love all the pictures and your recap -- what an experience! And the fact that you are going to do it again next year with Allan is probably the sweetest thing:)


  24. WOW that shot with the medals is FRAMABLE for sure! I LOVE IT

  25. Yaaaay - Rocket City again next year! I had a feeling you might be back at the start line of 26.2 :) Glad to hear what a great experience it is and I can't believe the guy who one was running his first marathon!

  26. Did you get your cool certificate in the mail? I thought that was really cool that they sent that out later. I loved the medals and shirts for this one! That's so exciting that Allan is going to do this with you next year! Now that will be a fun day.


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