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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Tidbits AKA Life Advice from Me

Good morning you guys! I don't have a lot of time right now but I wanted to post really quickly before leaving for the day. With the recent election a lot of things have been on my mind and while this is not a forum that I wish to share my political views there are a few things I've noticed that I'd like to talk about.

  • The election is over and the decision has been made. Now is not the time to go around bashing the leader of our country or degrading people who have shown their support for him. Regardless of who you voted for, at the end of the day we all live in the same country founded on the same freedoms and no one has the right to belittle anyone else for expressing their views. Everyone has an opinion on everything and some people are a bit more apt to share their opinion if given the chance and they have the right to do that. You also have the right to not listen or not read it.
  • Instead of complaining about the state of the country or what you believe the state of the country will be in four years how about helping someone else? I can promise you that in taking the time to volunteer to help those who are in pain or in need they will open your eyes to what's important in this life. Try talking to parents who have lost a child or an older man that is letting go of his wife of 60 years as her body begins to fail. There are some life lessons to be gleaned from these people: it's the who not the what that matters in the end.
  • Be thankful for who you are, what you have been blessed with, and the trials that you have been through and lived to tell about. No matter what you are going through there is always something to be grateful for.
Perhaps if we all spent a bit more time showing kindness to a stranger, being thankful for the blessings we have in our life, and not taking those blessings for granted this would truly would be a better place for us to live and raise our children and grandchildren in.

No questions today but a request: do something nice for a stranger.


  1. You are a wise lady. Kudos for this post! LOVE IT! I'm going to reshare this on my fb page.

  2. Wonderful post, Suz. The election is over - now let's focus on the positive, regardless of your political leanings! I see on the side of this your Daily Mile widget...congrats on a new PDR of 18 miles, that's fantastic!!!!

  3. Very well said. Between the hurricane and nor'easter, I've been counting my blessings daily!

  4. Great post Suzanne! I was saddened by some of the hate-filled status updates on Facebook and twitter, from both sides.

    I just want everyone to get along!

  5. Great post! I expect that half of my friends don't agree with me politically (based on this week's voting percentages), and I still love 100% of them. Differences of opinion are healthy, and we can express them without a fight.

  6. Oh my gosh thank you for posting this. I didn't even want to get on facebook yesterday, it was ridiculous how much ranting and raving people were doing!
    You are completely right in everything that you have said!

  7. So well said and couldn't agree more!!!! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because, otherwise, I'd launch into my rant about how elections are handled :)

  8. amen girl! people can just be so ugly!

  9. well said. if only the whole country could live this way, focus on the positives, and WORK TOGETHER to make it a better place.


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