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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving & HBBC Week 1

I'm sure at this point you've probably read 50 posts about how everyone spent their Thanksgiving so my feelings won't be hurt at all if you skip over mine. This is really more for Allan and I to be able to look back and see what we did this year.

november 143
Ali and Allan

We got to Hoover late Wednesday afternoon and began preparing Thanksgiving dinner while Allan and Adam put up the Christmas tree. We decorated the tree and did what we normally do when we all get together: play with Ali. Allan read to her and she played on our phones for awhile before it was time for scriptures, prayers, and bedtime.

november 150
Daddy and Mommy

The next morning we made the drive to my sister's in Navarre just in time to sit down for lunch. Once the football game was over Allan and I took off to run on the beach. My parents came as well and enjoyed a short walk on the beach before heading back.

november 149
Us pre-run

november 156
Allan in action

november 171
Me in action

The views were breathtaking and I could have run for miles and miles enjoying the sound of the waves and watching the sun set.

november 162
Love the pier in Navarre

november 159
This is just beautiful

november 157
I thought this was a neat shot

We had a nice run and enjoyed taking it easy and running at a comfortable pace. It's been a long time since I've run in the sand and it is much harder than I remember.

november 163
Not fast but we knocked out a 5K on Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving night I braved the craziness and went to TWO Wal-Marts with my sister and her husband. Basically I just protected her from the buggies being used as weapons and the women who were relentless in their pursuit of a good deal. On Friday morning we made the 6 hour drive back home and were greeted by two very happy doggies. Lucky was ready for bed as soon as it was dark outside.

november 184
You'd think he didn't sleep at all while we were gone

HBBC week 1could have been better but I wasn't too concerned with logging points this week and it shows. I did log 3.1 miles on Thanksgiving which also earned me bonus points since Allan ran too and my 1 hour of cooking/cleaning at Allan's mom's house earned me 2 points since we got bonus points for cooking/cleaning on Thanksgiving . In the first week I also earned 5 points for participating in the facebook group and I had 4 bonus points from tweeting, facebooking, and blogging about HBBC so that gives me a grand total of 15.1 points in week 1. Not great and nothing to be excited over but it's better than zero.

How was your Thanksgiving?
Are you participating in HBBC?


  1. Running on the beach BAREFOOT! Color me green for envy! Glad you had a great thanksgiving.

  2. I love that pic of you running on the beach. Looks like a perfect Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Running on the beach is tough. Looks like a nice weekend. I'm a bit behind, I'm not sure what HBBC is ?

  4. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! That barefoot run on the beach looks like fun, I bet it felt great on your feet too.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love that you and Allan ran on a beach. Lovely.

  6. Ali is so freaking cute!! and your parents are adorable! i'm super jealous of your beach run, it sure looks beautiful there!


    So glad you all had a great Thanksgiving -- we definitely need to catch up.

    Love & Miss you!

    PS: I'm not participating in HBBC this year because I didn't want to pay $25!! =(

  8. OMG, that run on the beach looked MAGICAL! Wow! I did a 5K in 60 degree weather on Thanksgiving and then cross country skied on Sunday. Crazy WI weather :)

  9. Yay, Hoover!:) Also that run on the beach looks absolutely gorgeous. Love the pictures!

  10. OOHH Barefoot on a beach!! YES!!
    And your niece is so adorable!! We are so blessed!!!

  11. wowza those pictures are gorgeous! I think I would definitely enjoy a run better if it were at the beach :)

  12. wow so pretty and what a fun run! Not a bad week, you put numbers on the board!

  13. jealous you got to run on the beach!Great start to HBBC2012!

  14. Love your pics, envious of beautiful beach pics!

  15. First of all I almost had a heart attack when I saw the picture of your running watch. At first glance I thought the number on bottom was your time! Ummm....was it????

    Navarre Beach-been there 1 time, and it was so beautiful. Lucky you!

    Not participating in that challenge but I am doing the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak Challenge for 1 mile each day through New Years!


  16. Love the beach running photos! I can't wait to get back to the beach next year.

  17. Oh wow, stunning views on your run!!! And your exhausted pup is too cute.

    Good luck on week two of HBBC!

  18. OMG I love Lucky! He's so cute :) and what a beautiful run! I would be able to run forever on a day/with views like that. I love those! and I know I'm married and you;re married to him but Allan is looking pretty hot these days ;)

    PS: Ali is such a cutie! surprising that she was so small when she was born. You'd never know!

  19. Thanksgiving running on the beach? Sounds like a glorious holiday. :)

  20. What a beautiful place to run! I'm excited to get our tree up soon...hopefully this weekend!

  21. I would run 3.1 miles on Thanksgiving with that kind of a view. Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  22. That beach .... wow!!! Just gorgeous.

    And I'm pretty much in love with the dog!

  23. beautiful place to spend thanksgiving!! glad yall had fun!

  24. What beautiful views! Sounds like a great place to spend Thanksgiving. You can run with your hair down? I can barely make it through a day of work like that! If my hairtie breaks my workout is over for the day haha.

  25. I'm not sure where Hoover is, but I love the beach!! We used to go down to the beach a lot when I lived in Alabama - loved it!

    I'm not sure what that last number is, did you run a 17:36 for your 5k?? Dammmmmmmnnn!!

    Sounds like a really nice turkey day....the best kind!

  26. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! Lucky is so cute!


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