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Friday, November 16, 2012

Races & Challenges & Exchanges Oh My!

If you guys are like me it can be tough keeping up with all the virtual races and challenges out there so I am going to do my best to pull all of the ones I know about together in this post.  Jen at Running with the Girls posted several on her blog yesterday so check out her post for some that I left out. Please leave any others in the comments and I'll edit the post to include them. I'm only hitting the high points on each one or this post will be as long as my thesis.

Virtual Races

Kiley over at Daily Vitamin F is hosting her holiday virtual race series again this year with virtual races on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. This is FREE to participate and you can win prizes. What's not to love about that?!

2012 christmas 5k

A Journey to Thin is hosting her 3rd annual Thankful Healthy Blogger Virtual 5K which is also FREE to participate and there are prizes up for grabs for this race as well. You can "double dip" with these races meaning that you run 3.1 miles and you can enter both of them.

Hope Endures Virtual 5K is put on by Courtney to honor her daughter Ashlyn and you can run anytime between December 1-8. I can't think of a better way to help someone honor their child that has passed away.

XLMIC is hosting her annual holiday virtual 5K this year too and you can get the details on it here as well as sign up. I participated in this last year as well and really enjoyed it! The actual event takes place on December 15 but you can run anytime that week.

There's also a Kickin' Asphalt group on facebook that you can look into that will be having a Turkey Trot Virtual 5K on November 21, 2012 Frigid Half Marathon on December 2, and a 2013 New Year's Day Virtual Run/Walk where you can pledge how many miles you will run/walk that day.


Laura is hosting a virtual race series where you can run a 5K or 5 miles by the 5th of each month and be entered to win some great prizes. It's free to enter and you can find all the details here.


Elle and Lindsay have put together a really interesting challenge for the winter called Elf for Health that involves daily challenges that you can do. You will have an elf assigned to you and you will be assigned as an elf to someone else. During the course of the challenge you will switch elves and there are of course prizes. Sign ups close on November 24 for the first round.


Run Eat Repeat is hosting Pile on the Miles again this year and although it's too late to sign up mark your calendars for this event next year. It runs November 1-December 1 and encourages you to pile on as many miles as possible during that time. There are weekly prizes as well as prizes awarded at the end and this one is also FREE to participate in.

The Running Mom is hosting The Winter 100 Challenge again this year and there are some great prizes up for grabs. Track your miles for December-February and try to hit at least 100. No need to sign up but you do need to turn in your mileage log by February 28, 2013, at 11:59 PM EST.

HBBC (Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge) is back and this year things have been revamped a little with the biggest change being a $25 fee to register. There are TONS of prizes awarded during this challenge so that will help offset those costs. During the winter months there aren't many races that any of us do so why not take your $25 and register for an event that you can a lot out of. It runs from November 19-January 5 and there will be weekly emails reminding you to log your points (this was what I was terrible at last year!). If you haven't already signed up and you'd like to you can put someone down for a referral so put down Courtney at Third Time's A Charm Runner.

The Spicy RD is hosting her 3rd Annual December Fitness Challenge and you can sign up by December 3. Basically you set a fitness goal for yourself for the month of December and then report back to let her know how you did. I like this because you can tailor it to your own fitness level and everyone's goals are bound to be different.

Running Escapes and The Purple Giraffe have teamed up to bring us a challenge for January called Chilly Challenge. It's pretty simple to participate: pick a team, sign up, log your miles in January, and you can win prizes. Check out Running Escapades's post here for all the details.


Ornament Swaps/Sock Swaps/Christmas Card Exchanges

Courtney over at Third Time's A Charm Runner is hosting her second annual Secret Santa Sock Swap. I participated in this last year and it was a lot of fun! Head over to her blog and check out the details.

The Little JBird is hosting an ornament exchange for the first time and I'm so excited to participate. The deadline to sign up is December 5. She is one of my favorite bloggers and one of my sweetest friends!


Julie at ROJ Running is hosting her Ornament Exchange again this year and November 21 is the last day to sign up to participate. If you like to receive a new ornament each year consider doing this exchange too!

Zaneta over at Runner's Luck is hosting her 3rd Annual Christmas Card Swap. Signups are open until December 7 and you'll be assigned a group of about 5 bloggers that you'll send cards to and they will also send cards to you. I participated last year and received some very sweet cards!

2012 Christmas Card Swap Logo2

Kim is hosting her Holiday Card Exchange again this year as well and if you sign up you will send/receive cards with your group of 4-5 people. The deadline is November 30 to sign up.

13 13.1's in 2013
* I am not sure if Jill is planning to organize another challenge (she hosted the 12 in 2012 this year) to do 13 half marathons in 2013 but regardless that is a challenge I'm setting for myself next year so even if there isn't a formal challenge that's what is on my radar for 2013.

Please let me know if you have anything to add to the list and I'll be happy to add it!
Are you participating in any and/or all of these?


  1. Thanks Suz. I have been thinking of 13 half marathon, then I think that I may be crazy

  2. So many challenges!!! I LOVE it!! I am so all over the 13 for 2013...this year I won't get pregnant! :-)

  3. Great post! I haven't joined any of these (I'm a little upset that I missed the pile on the miles since I did that one last year, oh well) but I might join the Thanksgiving ones since I am running a 5K (and a 4.7 mile race).

    I really want to try to do 13 13.1's, could 2 marathons and a 70.3 count as 5 13.1's??

  4. great round up post, i know what you mean i have to write everything down in my planner or i get totally confused! thanks for saying to put my name down but you so didn't have to! they should put you down!

    ps i'm having my second annual sock swap, the post just went up, i'd love it if you'd share! have an AWESOME weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing all this info. I am definitely thinking about joining in on one of the virtual races. I love running during the holidays, it gives me free rein on all the goodies.

  6. I hope I'm well enough to do the Pile on the Miles next year. I think it'd be great motivation for me.

  7. Thanks Suz. Somehow I missed the Hope Endures this year. Ive been watching Jills blog for 13 in 13!! I would love to join a challenge!!!

  8. Jill and I have been working on the 13 in 2013 challenge, it will happen! :) So keep your eyes open on my blog and Jill's

  9. Nice job condensing all of that in one spot! I will probably do a couple of those virtual runs! I would so be in for a 13 in 13!

  10. My goal for next year is to tun 13 half's, so I would definitely be in on that challenge!

  11. Wow! I'm doing Pile on the Miles but that's it, I can barely keep track of everything for work much less anything else so I am impressed with all you are doing! I am concerned about meeting my goal because right now I can't imagine running much the rest of the month!

  12. what a sweetheart are you to have them put down courtney!!

  13. This is so great to have everything outlined like this. I remember last year wanting to participate in as many of the virtual races as I could, and it got confusing! Do you have all of your half-marathons for 2013 picked out already? I think it is amazing that you're going to extend the challenge!

  14. Wow, there is lots going on out there in blogland. And you're right, almost too much to keep up!

  15. Thanks for breaking this all down! Going to be 60 in WI on Thanksgiving so I want to get out. Thanks for the great blog post.

  16. Awesome list ~ THANK YOU!!! :))

  17. Wow, this is such a great list, Suz! Thank you!

  18. Thanks for posting about my card swap!! AND... thanks for joining!! It's always so much fun to see who signs up every year! :)


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