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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies

No, I am NOT pregnant but my sister, sister in law, and best friend's wife are so babies seem to be on the forefront of every event in our lives right now. A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for my sister with two of her friends that we've both known almost our entire lives. Her little man is set with lots of new clothes and toys and other sweet things. Did I mention that my sister is an extremely gorgeous pregnant lady? You can't see in the picture below but she is rocking some huge heels and I swear she barely looks like she has a pregnant belly!

quite possibly the cutest baby shower decoration I've ever seen

the important stuff-food

opening her presents and please note that just because this was a baby shower that did not mean we missed the NFL games of the day (her husband is a big Cowboys fan)

A week later Allan and I went down to Leeds for a couple's baby shower for my best friend and his wife (the ones that met at our wedding). It's always fun to hang out with them and they received some beautiful gifts for their little girl who should be making her arrival in the next few weeks. I know without a doubt that the two of them are going to make wonderful parents and she will be one very lucky little girl!

he's really a natural at opening gifts-it only takes 15 minutes per present

a gorgeous handmade dress that has lace from her great or great great grandmother's slip
By some miracle not a single person asked me when I was going to have a baby so I consider both events to be a success on that front. I was fully prepared to defend my/our position on now not being the right time. Now if only Slick and Allan could have acted normal but then they wouldn't have been themselves so I suppose I can't fault them for that.

Group hug perhaps

We love our best friends!

Since we were extremely late to the baby shower (it was right after the Wounded Warrior Project 8K) we hung out for awhile afterwards at the closest Starbuck's and I enjoyed a Caramel Brulee Latte which is just as delicious as I remember from last year! Allan had one too but I'm almost certain his was halfway gone when I took this picture!

yum yum yum
I couldn't be more excited for our family and friends that are having babies and I look forward to spoiling all of them. Aunt Suz & Uncle Allan never visit without presents and Uncle Allan has a hard time telling sweet little faces no so parents you've been warned!

Does anyone else have friends and family that all seem to be pregnant at the same time?
Have you tried any of the holiday drinks at Starbuck's?

*I rarely ever know what I'm going to post about the next time but tomorrow I'm rounding up all of the virtual challenges/races that are taking place over the holidays because if you're like me it's hard to remember what's going on!


  1. So fun to have expectant friends and family! That way you can spoil the babies and send them on their way;)

  2. I guess I am at that age where it seems like all my friends are either pregnant or just had a baby. I seems like lately I can't get on facebook without seeing another pregnancy announcement.
    Congrats on making it through the showers without the so when are you going to have kids question. I have been married for 7 years and those questions never seem to end.

  3. We were married over four years when we found out we were expecting, so you can imagine how often we were asked! I'm sure the same goes for you and your husband. Take all the time in the world that you need, though, and enjoy that Starbucks! I'm missing my coffee like crazy...and sushi...:-)

  4. Babies! So exciting. So - I am in the midst of doing a virtual race round up as well. I'm curious what you have on your list!

  5. Fun times! This seemed to be the year of the baby/baby shower for sure :)

  6. Babies are a blessing and so exciting.

  7. I want a baby SO bad.....Colin wants to wait LONGER!

  8. My wife and I are (thankfully) out of our child bearing years, but the church we attend has a lot of younger couples with lots of little babies. Every so often my wife will turn to me and say “I want a baby.” And then, it’s inevitable that someone will scurry out of the chapel with a screaming baby and my wife will say “On second thought…”
    It was a great time when we had our babies, but it’s also great fun to watch them grow up.

  9. When I was pregnant 3 of my sorority sisters were also expecting.

    And I'd say about 5 ladies I went to high school with also had babies within the same year.

    Can't forget my co-workers either- when I returned from my maternity leave, 3 other ladies soon announced their pregnancies!

    Definitely something in the water... so now I'm only drinking coffee and wine =)

  10. That is the BEST decoration ever! Love it! My SIL is preggo now. I'll see her at Thanksgiving. No Starbucks holiday drinks for me so far. I need to keep it that way.

  11. Oh my gosh that decoration was ADORABLE!!! When we bought our house, the family that owned it before us had twin baby girls. The valance in their room was antique dresses strung on a rod. So cute.

    I love holiday Sbux drinks! I'm a peppermint mocha fan. It's the only time of year I order mochas.

  12. Football is always important! ;) Hee!
    Babies babies everywhere!
    I haven't gotten a red cup yet but think it's time I do so. I need more stars. :D

  13. One of my best friends is pregnant and her shower is this weekend! And three of my couple friends have babies, so they are invading our group too! It's wonderful!

  14. With pre-teen kids, it seems like it's been ages since I was around babies and baby showers. But, they're so fun.

    Cool to recap the virtual events, I can never keep track.

  15. You're such a good friend, sister, and sister-in-law! I love Starbuck's and really love their pumpkin spice coffee :)

  16. Those both look like fun parties; I love the decorations from the first one! I am not a fan of the Pumpkin drinks, but I do love a good peppermint mocha. But I drink that one year round!

  17. I honestly just downed my first caramel brulee! So tasty! And those pictures are adorable! Baby shopping is too fun!

  18. MMM Starbucks white chocolate peppermint mocha for me please!

    I work in a department of 120 interpreters, probably 110 are female (that isn't really an exaggeration) so yea there are usually multiple people pregnant at the same time.

    I'm glad no one asked you about kids, I hate when people ask us that because I have to tell them we probably won't have any. Oh well, it's our choice!

  19. So fun!! We love that our friends have babies for us to play with and give back when they start to cry! Ha =)

  20. everyone is pregnant right now. NOT KIDDING. and yes! after the race on saturday i tried the salted caramel mocha. AMAZING. just get a tall. the grande was wayyy too rich!

  21. That's the way I feel about weddings! Everyone is getting married right now!

    I think those things happen in waves!

  22. Wow - that is a true miracle that no one asked you when you were going to jump on the baby train! I'm sure you get asked all the time, as do I. Those baby showers looked adorable. I love Starbucks holiday drinks - my mom said they were buy one get one free this weekend at certain times!

  23. none of my close friends are pregnant yet, but you can tell the fever is starting. we must just be in that season of life!

  24. That dress made from the slip is beautiful!

  25. Awww.... I want to have a baby now just so I can have a shower! Well, technically the clock IS ticking and I need to get a move on. I just really love that first photo with all the clothes. Too cute!


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