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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Monte Sano 10K, 5K, & 1 Mile Races

Two weeks ago I had 11 miles on the schedule for my long run and I thought what better way to get those miles in than to run all three events at Monte Sano. It was overcast the entire time so although it was a little warm the absence of the sun and all the shade from the trees made it bearable. The 10K course was a double out and back that had around a 1/2 mile of trail running on each loop which I really liked. The 5K was the same loop but only run once. The one mile was a little out and back and I covered the remaining .7 on my trips to the truck in between events and around the parking lot warming up.

My favorite view at Monte Sano
Let me take a minute to explain the logistics of running all three events. The 10K started at 8 and I finished around 9:15 and then the men started the 5K at 9:30 and the women followed at 9:40. The 1 mile started at 10:30 and then the awards ceremony started at 11. I felt like all I had time to do was run, walk to the truck and fill up my handheld, and then line up again. I wasn't worried about my time in each of the events. I was more concerned with logging the miles and keeping a pretty steady pace.

One of many trails at Monte Sano
The competitive side of me took over during the 10K when a pack of ladies (running 3 wide on the trail that we were supposed to run single file on so people could pass) commented (as I passed them by running into the ditch), "Don't worry about getting passed. She only has a 5K in her." That fired me up and I ran my second best 10K time thanks to their "encouragement".  I sprinted to the finish as I always do and passed a few people at the finish. A guy working the chute complimented me on a great sprint at the end. Nothing to speak of during the 5K until the finish. A pack of girls passed me and then proceeded to high five people before the finish line. I sprinted to the finish and passed two of them just before we crossed the line. The same guy complimented me again on a great sprint.

I'm the one in the orange in the center-notice the odd turning out of my foot

I felt great during the entire run and I knew I had miles left in me when I was done. During the awards ceremony they also gave out door prizes and I won two free burgers from Five Guys. I can't think of a better post-race meal so I am sure after one of my upcoming races we will make a trip there. This is a super cheap race and I think I paid $15 to run both the 10K and 5K. We got to chose between a tshirt or tank top and I got a tank top that screams 1980's but I love it! It's unlike any other race shirt I have.

Someone please explain to me what I'm doing turning my foot out!

Here are my final stats from the day:
10K 1:12:21
5K 39:26
1 Mile 12:00
remaining .7 10:54

Can anyone explain what I'm doing turning my foot out? I've been doing that for awhile and I can't figure out why I'm doing it.

Have you ever run back to back to back races?


  1. Great job on getting all your miles in! Nice of those girls to give you all that "encouragement".

    I have no idea what the foot thing is about. But if it doesn't bother you, I wouldn't worry about it.

  2. That is so rude! Who says that about another runner? Usually runners are nice but apparently not those ladies. Great job on three races - never done more than one in the same day - sounds crazy!

  3. Awesome job! And really? $15? That's crazy! I wouldn't be able to pass up that bargain.

  4. Three in one day?!? You go girl!!! Great way to get the miles in tho!! And for so little money!!

  5. Definitely cheap enough that I would do more than one race just to have the company!. I'm so glad you beat those rude ladies! Really, who says that?! I don't know for sure on the foot, but does it have something to do with your foot rolling in when you step? Mine roll out, and I can see it even when my foot isn't touching the ground. But mine looks pigeon toe-y.

  6. i can’t believe people are so ugly!! when did running become a mean girls sport?? not cool. congrats on your three races! i’ve never attempted to run back to backs like that-other than 2 different days (goofy).

  7. Suz, that is so impressive!! I am glad you beat all of those girls! What punks!! I would have probably said, nope, don't worry, this is what I'm doing, but I'm mouthier than you are! :) Keep up the great runs!!

  8. That is awesome that you were able to complete all three races and get your mileage in! Way to go girl!

  9. Wow, you are a rock star! I can't even imagine running all 3 races back to back like that.

  10. I am literally speechless that ANYONE would say something like that out loud. For some reason I'm picturing catty and clique-y "soccer mom" types. The rudeness of strangers will never cease to amaze me and I'm glad you were able to turn that negative into a positive.

    Don't know about your foot habit -- you might want to visit a fleet feet or somewhere like that to ask about it. They may throw yah on the treadmill and be able to help. But like Christy said, if it doesn't bother you, don't worry about it....unless of course it could lead to injury.

    PS: Sorry I haven't called you back -- my days are always nonstop -- how late are you staying up these days? xoox's

  11. Suz, you are my hero!
    Well done.

  12. I so love your competitive nature---I am like that--all it takes is a comment and I'm out to show you. Please post a pic of the 80's tank--we need to see it.

  13. Great job!!! What a great way to get in a long run. Yes, your form has me worried about future injury. Do you wear minimalist shoes? Normally minimalist shoes correct form issues. Hmmmmmm.

  14. Great job on the 3 races!! Cannot believe how rude those women were - good for you for drawing some motivation out of it :)

  15. ugh why are women so rude to each other? i can't ever figure that out. GREAT JOB doing all three races and such a great way to get your LR in!

  16. Congratulations on three great races! You are amazing!

    Those ladies were rude, way to show them!

  17. Back-to-back races? Girl! You are beyond awesome!!!

    I cannot stand people running/walking abreast especially during races. When I do walk/run abreast with friends (at mall or at races), I am hyper-alert to my surroundings and I would be mortified if I blocked/hindered someone else. People need to learn some common courtesy. And good job on showing them who's the boss!

  18. That is rude! Ugh. I don't understand why people have to be so mean.
    So proud of you for those races! That is impressive, girl!
    I think I turn my foot out too. I don't know why I do it either nor am I even aware of it except in photos. Meh.

  19. Maybe you are just an over pronator? I am not sure what the foot thing is. Does it hurt at all?

    Great job on the races. Those girls...I would have given them a mean look. I mean, what the heck are they doing running three abreast on a small trail. The nerve of them!

  20. I hate rude people, great job getting it done! no clue about your foot, but I think if it does not bother you don't worry about it,

  21. What a weird thing for those women to say to you - I think you more than showed them by running a 10k, then a 5k and THEN a mile race! I have a lot of pictures where I do that with my foot too. I think it was because I was wearing pronation shoes when I didn't need them?

  22. What a great way to get your miles in!

    Those women were just plain rude...glad you beat them!


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