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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Rest of our New England Adventures

Besides spending a couple of days in Boston and staying in Plymouth we also spent a day on Martha's Vineyard and drove to New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Allan and Austin are convinced I should have contacted TJ Maxx and Marshall's before we went on vacation because I managed to cover almost 20 of their stores by the time I got back home. If the guys couldn't come up with somewhere to go once we crossed a state line then it was either TJ Maxx or Marshall's!

Martha's Vineyard was the most disappointing part of our trip and I'm not sure exactly why. I didn't have any expectations and I hadn't looked at any pictures of the area beforehand but for some reason what I saw was not very exciting. The houses were cute and the shops were nice but nothing made me want to come back there again.

For some reason I really liked this little street on Martha's Vineyard

Our trips to New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island were pretty short and consisted of stops at either a TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Best Buy and lunch at Olive Garden. It was a pretty drive and I know we probably missed out on seeing many beautiful landmarks, state parks, etc. by not spending more time in each state. Perhaps one day we will go back!

We went to Scusset Beach one day for a couple of hours so Allan and I could experience New England beaches. The water was much cooler than I would have thought and the people watching was priceless! Nonetheless I still missed the powdery white sand of our Gulf Coast beaches. There was one thing that blew my mind about going to the beach there. You had to pay to get in the area to park and then you had to walk a 1/2 mile to actually get to the beach. I've never been anywhere that you didn't just pull off the road into a parking lot and walk 10 steps to sand. It's a workout just to make it to Scusset Beach!

I'd love to visit NYC and Vermont and I still haven't made it to DC so hopefully I can cover Maryland and New Jersey on a DC trip and that will finish the northeast corner of the country for me since I've already been to Maine and Pennsylvania. I thought about going to Vegas with Allan next week but then I decided I'd rather use my travel voucher and bonus miles American Airlines gave me to go to NYC for my birthday. Rockefeller Center and the Rockettes right before Christmas sounds like a perfect trip to me!

How many states have you been to?
What's your favorite beach?


  1. I have been to 29 states + DC. There may be a couple of New England states that I may have been to as a kid when we would go visit family but since I can't recall, I will err on the side of "no".

    I had to laugh reading about TJ Maxx/Marshalls...I always feel compelled to visit one whenever I am in new town for any length of time (or possibly driving on a road trip). My family jokes that I am a TJ Maxx connoisseur! (Is it sad that I know the shipment dates of the TJ Maxx that is less than 1 mile from my house!)

  2. I hope you found some good stuff to buy on all your shopping trips:)

  3. Oh that little street in Marthas Vineyard looks so inviting. I want to go!!! Love that you shared your adventures.

  4. Girl, you are just going going going. How fun!
    I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. :) LOVE!

  5. I have always wanted to see Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket as well. Someday...

    So interesting how different states and provinces manage parks isn't it?

    I have been to a few Western states... Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and I would love to visit more.

    I did get to a TJ Maxx once, but don't know Marshalls at all... is it similar?

  6. I have no idea how many states I've been to, but I'm going to sit down and add them up now, ha! Not many...maybe 20 or 25?

  7. I've been to about 40 of the states. Haven't made it to the very northwest or northeast corners yet! I love drivin through different states, an I agree that beach parking should be free. It just feels right!

    And that's so cool that you're runnin Rocket City!!!! I'll let you know if I register.

  8. I want to make it to all 50 states too! Not sure how many I've been to….I used to track it, but have lost count. If you make it to NJ, you have to go to the shore :)

  9. Or there is a good NJ marathon and half marathon by the shore in the spring….maybe we can link up our schedules to do it together sometime!

  10. I have been to 36 states. We have very strict rules though: it cannot be as a layover on the plane and it cannot be as a drive through, unless you stop and have a meal or stay the night. My favorite US beach is probably Pensacola.

  11. The beach was 1/2 mile walk...that sounds crazy! lol Southerners don't know anything about that, park and there's the beach, right?!

  12. OOOOOOooo, I LOVE the beach but I've never spent much time (non, really) on the eastern side; I live too close to California to not go there. I love the whole New England feel and look. Hope you had a fantastic time! :)

  13. i need to count my states…i know it’s not many :( favorite beach is still seaside or gulf shores. i’m very partial to the gulf coast!

  14. Yes, East Coast beaches are a lot different, huh? I have to admit, my heart belongs to my beloved Pacific at home in Cali but the Gulf beaches of my second home are a close second. :)


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