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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Man Work"

If you follow along on facebook, twitter, or instagram then you may have seen I am doing some "man work" today. What is "man work" you might ask? My definition for man work is anything that a man probably should do but that I can do myself. When I say "should do" I am merely implying that if you were to take a poll these tasks would fall more into the masculine side of chores than the feminine. I view "man work" as a challenge and even though it can take me much longer I am bound and determined that I can get it done!

Flowerbeds I redid last summer (not necessarily man work but not easy work either!)
Lots of different tasks have been lumped into this category over the years and here are the ones on today's list and my list from last week:
  • sand and repaint a door frame nibbled on by a visiting pup
  • cut a 2x10x10 to make two new porch steps and install said steps after removing old steps
  • scrape portion of bathroom ceiling and repair the section of popcorn ceiling
  • fix doorbell by replacing capacitor in the attic (spent two hours a few weeks ago determining this is the probable cause of our doorbell no longer working)
  • assemble new patio table
  • assemble 6 new patio chairs
  • assemble 2 new front porch side tables
Our new table and chairs on the back deck

Lucky for me I've been my Daddy's little helper (as my Mom called me when I was younger) since I could walk and he always takes the time to teach me how to do things instead of doing everything for me. I am no Miss Fix-It by any means and I have Daddy on speed dial to remind me to cut the power off to the attic before working on the doorbell so I don't kill myself. Thanks to my grandfather I'm also anal about the yard so I prefer to cut the grass and weed eat myself. Last summer I spent a solid week in the blazing sun redoing my flowerbeds and it kills me when grass gets blown into my perfectly mulched flowerbeds (take note Allan!). I do have the lawn fertilized and treated for weeds and I'm on a first name basis with our guy that comes out to take care of that.

My dad, sister, and I with our first tractor-without a doubt my favorite picture
 Is there any "man work" you do at your house?


  1. I don't know if it's being the daughter of an engineer or what, but most...if not all... of the "assembly" tasks in our house fall to me. I actually enjoy doing them and find them somewhat therapeutic.

    I'm also quite handy with a roller/paint brush and don't mind doing that...especially if it frees Matt to do something even more "manly" than I care to take on! (We bought a fixer-upper a few years ago and did most of the work/renovations ourselves, so there is not much I won't at least try. However, power saws and electrical wiring scare me...)

    What about stereotypical "woman's work"? Any role reversal there? In our house Matt does 90% of the cooking (and dishes!) and also "deep cleans" the bathroom/shower. He'll help with other household cleaning if I ask but those two items are definitively "his"!

  2. Love the great picture of you and your sister with your Dad and the tractor.

    I do lots of man jobs around the house like taking care of drain clogs, putting in new faucets, and painting.

  3. Sounds like you have been quite busy! I hardly ever do "man work" and am impressed with how much you can do!

  4. That tractor picture is great!

    I don't really do any "man work" but I probably could. Probably :)

  5. Love the tractor picture. Neither my husband or I are fix-it types. But we get the bare minimum done.

  6. Oh yes, we just did one of the bedrooms-fixing walls and ceilings. My brother is always around to help me or show me how to do things. SHowed me how to do brake pads the other weekend on my him.

  7. Funny....we don't really have man work or woman work per se in our household. Hubby and I both tackle just about everything. I do admit that a lot of the "assembly" type jobs I leave to him. More though just because I get bored taking the time to put things together, whereas his detail-oriented mind seems to like that sort of stuff. I am more of a big picture person, as in...I want to see the big picture of the book shelves put together, but I don't want to do the steps to get there. lol

  8. Yikes! That's an impressive list of manly things to do! I would have given up after writing the list.

  9. Haha! I am the man too! I used to help my dad a lot, so if anything breaks or needs doing, I am the man. I can paint, do plumbing, roofing, tiling, brickwork, electrical work, name it, I have done it! I used to fix my own car but now that they are all electric inside, I have stopped doing that. I am glad you got so many things done!

  10. Uh uh, no way, no man work for me! Hubby and I say we "play to our strengths", albeit typical- I cook and clean, he does the heavy lifting and law mowing and all that. Thankfully!

    When I was growing up, I had to do most of the "man work" chores- totally traumatized me! LOL!

  11. um, seriously impressed with your manwork. i am terrible. i hire someone to do all of my chores (P can’t do them either).


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