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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Virtual Racing for Livin the Fit Life's Birthday

On Thursday I woke up recovered from flying all day on Tuesday and then celebrating the 4th of July on Wednesday by killing everyone in Austin's family in cornhole. My teammate and I lost two games all day and I left with a promise from another man that he would beat me next year. Nothing like making an impression by beating men in cornhole! I tend to be the girl that plays hard outside with the guys and then scoots into the kitchen to do the dishes until I get caught and someone makes me stop.

Thank you Instagram-this is one of my favorite photos from the trip so far
From the moment I stepped out of the car around noon on Thursday I knew this would be a pretty great run. Despite the fact that I ran during the "hottest" part of the day here it felt like springtime to me. I mostly ran but took several walk breaks to take sips of my water because I knew that while it didn't feel as hot to me that didn't mean I could slack on my hydration.

A sailboat that happened to be passing by while I was out running
Throughout the course of my run along the Cape Cod Canal I was blown away by the gorgeous views. I would literally run here every day if I lived here! It's also pretty flat which I appreciated. By the time I finished my run I was pretty sweaty but thanks to the nice breeze I had no trouble breathing like I would have at home running in the same temps.

After my run
I dedicated this run as my 10K for Livin the Fit Life's "It's My Birthday and I'll Run if I Want To" virtual race. This morning Allan and I headed back to the canal and did the 5K portion of the virtual race. The humidity was a little more like home this morning so we were pretty tired by the time we were done. Just in case anyone is curious my times for the 10K and 5K were 1:26:29 and 39:23 which are not my fastest but I had a great time! Thanks so much to Livin the Fit Life for hosting this virtual race. Her virtual races are always fun to participate in!


  1. Ive always wanted to visit Cape Cod!! Looks gorgeous!!

  2. It does look gorgeous. And I've never been to the cape either. As close as we live to it....sad. I know. Someday! Great runs!

  3. I'm going the Zooma half on the Cape in September. THe Cape is beautiful my college BFF is from there and we spent lots of time visiting.

  4. Great job! So glad you could participate:) I love to see all the pics!

  5. great job with your races and way to go with cornhole!! we love to play!

  6. Looks very familiar...ha! Welcome and enjoy.

  7. Great job on the run! Mike and I are running in the Cape Cod half marathon in October, I can't wait!

  8. I love that picture also! I think your times are great, I mean it is insane weather outside and that means slower times so those are good!

  9. so pretty! and love killing the boys in cornhole. they never know what to say :)


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