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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plymouth = Pilgrims

Plymouth is where the Pilgrims landed and that will forever be this town's claim to fame but it has a lot more to offer than merely a rich history such as delicious seafood, wineries, and several shops along the water. We visited Plymouth Bay Winery and learned from the owners what goes into making each bottle of wine they sell. After a few samples we both selected our favorites and purchased three bottles to bring home. Side note: somehow they managed to not break in Allan's 90 lb suitcase going from Boston to San Diego and then San Diego to home.

Yes, this is the actual Plymouth Rock. If you're expecting a boulder you will be sadly mistaken!

The little winery we visited

The Mayflower II was another site in downtown Plymouth that was interesting to see. It's really difficult for me to imagine more than 20 people living comfortably on a boat that size. I can only imagine how seasick I would be if I had to take a boat across the Atlantic. We ate at a few restaurants while in Plymouth and Allan will vouch for the seafood. He enjoyed it and probably ate way too much! I'm not a huge fan of seafood but I did taste several things and I got to enjoy a few bowls of New England clam chowder while I was there.

Mayflower II

Lobster (now imagine hearing that with a thick Boston accent)
A perfect little breakfast spot called The Blueberry Pancake Muffin was probably one of Allan's favorites and I'm lucky we only ate there twice. Their pancakes are ginormous and I have no idea how he managed to eat two of those and another plate of breakfast goodies too on his last morning in Plymouth! I would have thought after he tried to tackle three blueberry pancakes on our first trip that would have been it with the pancakes. Running along the canal was of course one of my favorite activities while we stayed in Plymouth and I'm sure I'll never forget the gorgeous views from there.

Allan's blueberry pancakes

Allan & I on the deck at Austin's
Best of all it was nice to be able to spend time with Austin and celebrate his birthday. I apologize for buying you Star Wars for your birthday. You'll never have free time again!

Have you been to Plymouth?
What's your favorite historical landmark you've visited if you've visited any?

Friday, July 20, 2012

We're Going to be an Aunt & Uncle Again!

I am absolutely horrible at keeping good news a secret. Tell me your deepest, darkest secret and I'll carry it to my grave but tell me you're pregnant and I'll be bursting at the seams to tell everyone I know! 5 weeks ago my sister and her husband facetimed us while my parents were there visiting to share the good news that they would be having their first child and my parent's first grandchild in January. To say that everyone is excited is an understatement. Above all the titles we have as children, spouses, siblings, cousins, etc. the ones we cherish  most are Uncle Allan & Aunt Suz.

Waking up Uncle Allan is always encouraged!

We take our job very seriously and while we spoil them like crazy with presents and new clothes and toys we expect good behavior and respect for authority and we firmly believe that starts at an early age. Our little niece Ali is already so good at minding not only her parents but also Allan and I and she understands both Spanish and English! Right now we have 3 nieces and 2 nephews so perhaps Rachel and her husband will even the count at 3 and 3. The baby will get their first gift from us when Rachel comes to visit this next week but I'll go ahead and share it with you guys!

It plays the Air Force song!

Next week I'll share all about our CA adventures. This weekend will be filled with traveling home and lots of snuggling with the dogs. We know they have been well taken care of and haven't forgotten us because my dad has been busy talking to them every day and telling them how soon we would be back. It's no secret where my love of animals came from! Have a great weekend and I'll do my best catching up on your blogs in the airports today and at the start of next week!

Mt Soledad Memorial in CA-the most moving memorial I've seen

Do you have nieces and nephews?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Marathon Monday On Vacation

Happy Monday everyone! Right now I should be on a plane from Boston to New York and then New York to San Diego but I'm not. Our flight was overbooked and when they asked for a couple of volunteers to change their plans in exchange for a $300 flight voucher I all but leapt out of my seat. So instead I'll fly through Dallas and I don't leave for another couple of hours. I get into San Diego 3 hours later but at this rate after traveling across the country in a day I figured a few hours won't kill me. And now it's showing my flight out of Boston is delayed and I'll miss my connection in Dallas. I should have kept my big mouth closed! Pray I make it to San Diego at some point today!

Back on topic, today is Monday and since I didn't check in last Monday about my Marathon Monday progress I figured I better get to it today. Last Monday and today I had to weigh in on a different scale which doesn't measure tenths and I don't know how far off it is from my scale at home. Last Monday it showed a 2 lb gain and today it showed a 2 lb loss. I'm hoping it's off a few lbs from my scale at home! This week I plan to have another great week. I've only gone over my calorie limit a few times while on vacation and I'm pretty sure I logged more miles in Boston running than all month I was at home in June!

Finding a balance between treating myself on vacation, making time to run, and just saying no to high calorie foods that I know would be delicious but just aren't worth it has been crucial. I have had a few cokes which have been delicious and worth every calorie but mostly I've been drinking lots of water, carrying my Larabars, Luna bars, and Clif Bars with me, and planned each meal wisely. Let's hope this week goes just as well and the scale is very kind to me next Monday!

Do you find it difficult to eat right and exercise while on vacation?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Several Firsts

It's no secret that I am a creature of habit and while I'm always up for doing things that push me outside my comfort zone I do think twice before trying something new whether it be a group fitness class (I'm going to a spin class next month if I don't do anything else!), new food or drink, or even new brands of clothing or shoes. This trip has included several firsts for me and I haven't even made it to California yet!

First ride on a ferry

First ride on a train (not including the one in the ATL airport)

First visit to downtown Boston

First cannoli

First watermelon beer (at Boston Beer Works)

First floor to ceiling painting I've ever seen and it was one of our favorites at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

First Brazilian drink (it was gross but Allan drank it)
First time to run along a canal (Cape Cod Canal is beautiful!)

First time to see a historical landmark older than the Civil War era of our country
What are some firsts for you lately?
Is there something that you tried for the first time recently and you were immediately hooked?

Monday, July 9, 2012


Saturday was Austin's birthday and to celebrate we played some miniature golf at Pirate's Cove in Yarmouth before chowing down with his family and friends. Now imagine Allan talking in a pirate voice while you read this post and you'll have a little glimpse of what Austin and I had to laugh about all day. Honestly the pictures tell the story of mini golf quite nicely minus the fact that Austin killed us and Allan pulled ahead of me in the last two holes to put me in last so I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Boys being boys

This is where Allan realized that I keep doing a toe point in my pictures-not sure when I started doing that

Making par

Every pirate has to have a good pirate ship

Birthday boy AKA Austin preparing to dominate us

Allan in the cave

Showing off my fabulous putting skills

Allan spent a good couple of minutes staring in here looking for pirates

Leave it to me to appreciate the flowers along the course

Allan laying, yes laying, on the ground begging me to take his picture

Allan's best pirate pose
Do you play miniature golf when you are on vacation?

Mini golf is one of our few vacation traditions. I always played with my family on the few vacations we took and Allan and I have played together countless times when we traveled to new places. We are not one of those couples who can just play for fun and not keep score. We get competitive and usually play for something such as winner's choice for dinner.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


On Tuesday as I made my way to Boston I opened my book that I had brought for the flight up entitled Fearless by Eric Blehm. I don’t know much about Navy SEALS or Team SIX so when I saw this book was up for review I figured I could probably learn a lot about a branch of the military I am not as familiar with. Little did I know I was in for the story of a man whose life went from walking the straight and narrow to running from God into drugs and then turning his life around and becoming a Navy SEAL. His personal story told in the book by his family and friends to the author is one that is filled with personal struggles and physical challenges but above all a fearless attitude that made him into one of our national’s most elite warriors. I feel like I got to know Adam Brown through the eyes of those closest to him and when I finished the book I felt sad that there was nothing more to learn of this great man who made the ultimate sacrifice doing what he did best: volunteering to do the tough jobs, defending his brothers, and serving his country.  Reading his fellow Navy SEALs accounts of his compassion in a warzone, his toughness in battle which often left him bloody but saying “it’s all good” as he helped someone else, and his sense of humor quickly made him feel like someone I had known for years. I won’t go into detail about much because I don’t want to ruin the best parts of the story but I will say that as the book goes on and he embarks on his final mission my heart broke. I cried on the plane and I’m crying as I type this now. While I know that Adam Brown’s story is one of the many of those who have fallen while defending this great nation,  the life lessons I gleaned from his story will be ones I will carry with me always. It is amazing what happens when a man allows God to lead, guide, and direct all areas of his life.

I received this book free of charge from the Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

Virtual Racing for Livin the Fit Life's Birthday

On Thursday I woke up recovered from flying all day on Tuesday and then celebrating the 4th of July on Wednesday by killing everyone in Austin's family in cornhole. My teammate and I lost two games all day and I left with a promise from another man that he would beat me next year. Nothing like making an impression by beating men in cornhole! I tend to be the girl that plays hard outside with the guys and then scoots into the kitchen to do the dishes until I get caught and someone makes me stop.

Thank you Instagram-this is one of my favorite photos from the trip so far
From the moment I stepped out of the car around noon on Thursday I knew this would be a pretty great run. Despite the fact that I ran during the "hottest" part of the day here it felt like springtime to me. I mostly ran but took several walk breaks to take sips of my water because I knew that while it didn't feel as hot to me that didn't mean I could slack on my hydration.

A sailboat that happened to be passing by while I was out running
Throughout the course of my run along the Cape Cod Canal I was blown away by the gorgeous views. I would literally run here every day if I lived here! It's also pretty flat which I appreciated. By the time I finished my run I was pretty sweaty but thanks to the nice breeze I had no trouble breathing like I would have at home running in the same temps.

After my run
I dedicated this run as my 10K for Livin the Fit Life's "It's My Birthday and I'll Run if I Want To" virtual race. This morning Allan and I headed back to the canal and did the 5K portion of the virtual race. The humidity was a little more like home this morning so we were pretty tired by the time we were done. Just in case anyone is curious my times for the 10K and 5K were 1:26:29 and 39:23 which are not my fastest but I had a great time! Thanks so much to Livin the Fit Life for hosting this virtual race. Her virtual races are always fun to participate in!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God on the Streets of Gotham

God on the Streets of Gotham by Paul Asay was a book that I picked solely because a friend of ours wrote a review on The Dark Knight when it premiered and drew several spiritual parallels between the movie and Jesus Christ. I must say that this book did not disappoint in the least and I actually found myself underlining and folding down page corners. I never do that! The author looked at several different aspects of Batman from his armor to his code to his sacrifice and made comparisons between that and the Savior. Each chapter took me awhile to read because I found myself stopping to think about a question the author posed or an analogy he presented. Overall this is one of the best books I've read this year and one that I consider a must-read for anyone who is a Batman or superhero fan.

I did want to share a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • "The thing that mattered was not the "why" but the "what next"-how he responded to the trials set before him."
  • "But the faithful hope returns...eventually. That's what having faith is all about, trusting and hoping in something greater than us, something higher."
  • "After all, we'd all do what was right if it were easy. It's doing what's right when things get tough that sets heroes apart."
The book was provided to me free of charge from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Marathon Monday Check-In

This morning was the second weigh-in for Jess's Marathon Weight Loss Challenge and I'm happy to report that I worked hard last week and the scale showed my hard work with a loss of 3.8 lbs!!! Tomorrow morning I leave for 18 days of vacation but I am confident that I can continue tracking and stick to my plan to lose weight while on vacation.

My best friend on vacation is going to be water. I'm planning to drink lots of water while I'm gone. This is one small thing I can do that will give me some extra calories that I can use to splurge on some tasty treats in Boston and San Diego. I'm also taking protein bars to have for quick meals on travel days so I can avoid the airport food.

I'm also looking forward to running in cities that don't have temps over 100 and humidity of at least 95%. Rest assured that my workout clothes are packed and ready to go! Please say a little prayer for me while I'm traveling. I don't normally handle flying very well so I'm a little nervous to do all this flying by myself. As silly as this sounds I am going to say it anyway. This is the longest we have ever been away from the dogs and if Lucky is upset he doesn't eat and if Sasha gets mad everyone pays for it so please pray that the dogs will behave on the farm while my parents take care of them. We already miss them so much!

Do you have a hard time leaving pets at home when you travel?
If you are participating in the challenge how did you do this week?