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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reunited & It Feels So Good

You are welcome for getting that song stuck in your head for the day. Unfortunately that's the only line I can remember so now I'm going to have to google the lyrics!

This summer is all about reunions for us with both of our 10 year HS reunions and reunions for both sides of my dad's family. Even though my grandparents have all passed away I love going to family reunions and talking to other family members. It's always neat to hear stories especially when those stories involve my grandparents. At our first family reunion of the summer I got to talk with one of my grandfather's sisters for a long time. This is one smart lady who at one point ran the IT department at Ft. Rucker. My dad was able to spend some time talking with a couple of his first cousins and their families, one of whom we have always been close to since the two boys went to school with my sister and I.

my Daddy, his first cousin, my great aunt
The reunion was at City Hall which is literally right next door to the farm and land my grandfather's family once owned. My great grandparent's house is still owned by my dad's first cousin (pictured above) and I was able to go and see it for the first time. I wish I had a side by side picture of my great grandparents sitting on the porch in the early 80's and this photo because that's immediately what I envisioned when we rounded the curve and saw the house nestled in the trees. Obviously no one has lived there in years and before too long it will probably fall down but it was nice to see it and imagine my grandfather playing there as a little boy.

the old "home place" as my dad calls it
Now before I get sappy and distracted let's chat for a minute about food at this event. It has been a LONG time since I've seen so many tables filled with home cooked food (only exception was fried chicken from a local place). I held myself back from getting too much food on my first trip so I could save space for an entire plate of desserts. Yes, an entire plate of yummy desserts and I ate every bite! How can you turn down desserts that older women in the family have been making for 70+ years? You can't so you just promise yourself to run extra and enjoy the moment. This reunion is a tradition which I hope to be a part of for several years to come as it continues to be longest running family reunion in that area which started with my great great grandparents and their siblings 100 years ago.

This past weekend we had Allan's 10 year HS reunion at the Hoover Country Club and it was exactly how I pictured it would be since it was at a country club-a wedding reception minus older people and children. Several people from Allan's class went to Auburn along with Allan and three of the girls lived in my dorm freshman year so there were lots of familiar faces that I hadn't seen in years since we all graduated from Auburn. It was really fun for me to see Allan talking with people that he'd gone to school with not just since high school but some even all the way back to elementary. I heard many a story about football, baseball, and wrestling and even one about Allan falling asleep in English class. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to but here are my snapshots from Saturday night.

These cards are for each of Allan's classmates who serve or have served in the military

The cake was dry :(

All the decorations were beautiful

Yes I am rocking orange and black which are Hoover's school colors

I thought this was really sweet
All in all it was a fun night and other than a few guys Allan got to see most everyone that he was hoping to see. On the way home he did say that it was odd that so many guys came and I thought so too. Of the 100+ people there it was almost an even split with his class. We are excited to hang out with one of Allan's classmates and her husband who live not far from us here in Madison. We both knew her in college. I went on Spring Break with her my freshman year and she lived with two of my bridesmaids a couple years later but I hadn't seen her since she left for law school.

Did you go or do you plan to go to your HS reunions?
Do you attend family reunions?


  1. You are the reason why that song is stuck in my head. And that will be the only line that I will keep replaying because thats all I know.

    I love family reunions and listening to stories. What a different world back then. You were right about those desserts! How can you turn down yummies made by ladies who has been cooking longer than you were walking this earth? Just run a few more miles. ;)

    And from tasty yummies to dry class reunion cake. You looked good in that range and black dress!

  2. I LOVE that story of your family reunions!!! We had one last summer because it was my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. My cousins and all live so far away so it was awesome to all be in one place...watching all of our kids play with each other! It lasted actually the whole weekend. We were sad to see them go!

    My class reunion was supposed to be this summer but not enough people responded. Bummer! I thought I would have it easy this year since I was pregnant. A valid excuse not to have to be as skinny as I was in high school!! You look awesome in your orange!

  3. Love your family reunion! We have a pretty small family and really have never done anything like that. I love hearing other people's stories.

    Yum on those awesome desserts. Those desserts are for sure what I'd call 'worth it'!!

  4. We have family reunions from my mom's side every summer.
    Hoover High- is that in Canton Oh?

  5. Fun! My 20 th reunion will be next year. Yikes!

  6. Ha ha, love the title! The reunions sounds great and, I agree, I would've eaten up all of the desserts too :) Love that you wore the school colors - you guys look great!!

    I also love your new design! I've been so behind on catching up on blogs since we got back, but this looks great!

  7. Homecooked food -- is there anything better? That looks so fun! Glad you enjoyed it :) My 5 year should be coming up in the fall!

  8. good times! My HS graduating class was 997 peeps so we had a company organize the proceeded to go bankrupt and everyone lost their $$. Very sad and the last reunion we had. :(

  9. Is that a chess cake bar on that dessert plate? I love family reunions and church potlucks! Your plate looks like mine! It's good to see another young person so passionate about family. My ten year reunion is in two years, but I don't know if I'll go. Family reunions? Yep! I love the stories and food too much to miss out!

  10. Both look like they were a great time!

    We don't have family reunions in my family and Mike's family has them occasionally. We went to two in one year for his family a few years ago but they probably won't have any for awhile.

  11. Is that a chess cake bar on that dessert plate? I love family reunions and church potlucks! Your plate looks like mine! It's good to see another young person so passionate about family. My ten year reunion is in two years, but I don't know if I'll go. Family reunions? Yep! I love the stories and food too much to miss out!

  12. I LOVE family reunions!! Getting together with cousins, talking about 'the good ole days', playing in Grandmas basement, shelling peas with Grandpa! AND I love that plate of food!! YUM!!

  13. I've been to a few family reunions - lots of fun!

  14. oh so fun!! yes and yes to your questions. we have a family reunion almost every summer and i love seeing everyone. and impressed by his reunion-whoever planned it did a great job! we are going to P’s 20 year reunion next weekend in huntsville-should be interesting :)

  15. When I was younger we had big family reunions on my dad's side (he is the youngest of 11 siblings!) but they happen less and less now. I went to a really small high school but moved by senior year, so I don't think I would ever attend a reunion.

  16. When I was growing up - we would go to family reunions quite often. Now that I live 500+ miles away, I never know about family reunions until after they happened. Sometimes I'm bummed but mostly I wouldn't really know anyone at the reunions anyway. As for class reunions, my class hasn't had a reunion yet. There was talk of a 15 yr reunion but nothing happened. Three more years until the 20th - we'll see if anything happens. :) So happy you had a great time. & enjoy those desserts!!!

  17. wait, is this the hoover with the amazing football team? my 10th high school reunion was last summer and i didn't go... our school is so small (my graduating class only had 52 kids)that they just have one big reunion every year and anyone can go.

  18. Family reunions are fun! And oh my, those desserts look amazing! I hope you ate every bite! :)


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