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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiger Trek

A couple of weeks after Bo Bikes Bama our local Auburn club had their Tiger Trek night where Coach Gene Chizik (Auburn's football coach) spoke, scholarships for next year were awarded to two future Auburn students, and a silent auction to raise more money for scholarships took place. I had to watch J (the kid I nanny for) overnight so he had to tag along since I had already bought a ticket to attend. He got to meet Aubie (Auburn's mascot) and had Coach Chizik sign his football. We also bid on some items in the silent auction and won three of them.

He was so nice when he talked to J and signed our stuff

Coach Chizik speaking

One of my wins from the silent auction-priceless!

What I had Coach Chizik sign for Allan
We also walked away with a $35 Gigi's Cupcakes giftcard as well as a picnic basket with an Auburn tablecloth and a wooden bowl in it. All in all I would say it was a pretty great night and I'm sure they were able to raise a lot of money for scholarships. Now if I can just make it until football season starts again I'll be fine!

Are you a college football fan?

Do you participate in alumni events for the high school and/or college you graduated from?
**Both of us have our 10 year HS reunions this summer which we are honestly looking forward to!


  1. We absolutely LOVE college football!!! We favor the SEC, but watch all conferences and all games.

    $35 gift card to GiGi's!?!? I would hurt myself.

  2. How fun! You scored some cool stuff!

  3. You scored some nice stuff!! I do not participate in any of those events :( I have been out of high school for over 20 years...scary!! I feel really old now! LOL!

  4. I'm a loud and proud Gator fan!!!! Auburn is cool too... though we haven't had very good luck the past few times we've played Auburn ;)

    We've done a few alumni events for UF, but it's difficult when you live in another state. My inlaws have season tickets though, so we'll drive down for a football game or two.

  5. Awesome auction! What a cool thing to do!!

  6. It sounds like you had a good time! I am not a college football fan, but can see how that would be such a fun thing to do!

  7. Not really in to college football, but it looks like you had a great time!

    I don't do any almuni events for high school, I doubt I will go to my 10 year reunion next year unless we happen to be in Maine at the same time (and even then, not so sure I would go). I work at the college I went to so I am there pretty often :)

  8. That's pretty sweet! Especially the gift card :). I went to my high school reunion with the primary purpose of laughing at people who were once popular and are now pathetic and I was not disappointed. I would love to do more college events but living 400 miles away it's hard.

  9. Ya know, this college sports stuff is not a big deal in Canada really at all. I am more interested in girls college basketball after having spent 3 winters in WA state and going to Husky games at UW. I don't care for boys basketball. And football, nope... not college or pro.

    But I do get how important your alma mater is to you if you are an alum from an American school. So fun and a reason to get together with old school friends too.

    I know about Auburn from you and Jason Duffner!

  10. Very cool--especially the cupcakes! ;) I can't wait for football season too!!

  11. ooh!! i missed it this year in Atlanta. I went last year though and had my championship book signed by chizik, got to meet aubie, and had my pic with the trophy. i LOVE that newspaper article that you won!!

  12. That looks like so much fun! My husband and I (A condition of our marriage haha!) are HUGE Packers fans! We just became stock holders in the company ;-)

  13. Yay for winning a gift card! We, of course, root for Auburn while we're in AL, but I also love me some Gator football. We lived in Gainesville with UF, so it's now a lifetime requirement.

  14. 10 year reunion!!?? Exciting!

    PS - I missed you and the blog! Your sweet notes while I went missing were thought of thank you.

    Get Up & Go

  15. I pretty much just love watching sports in general and I love watching football - looks like you had a great time at the auction! And 10 year reunion? Oy, you're so young...or maybe I'm just old...I just went to my 20 year! :)

  16. You have an Oregonian!! Cool!
    The only alumni thing I've done was my 10 year high school reunion. I do usually find myself at the home football games on Homecoming Weekends at my college, but that's about it.


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