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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RNR Nashville Half Recap

The Good
  • Crowd support along the course was amazing! There was hardly a stretch where there weren't people cheering.
  • I can now say I've run a Rock N Roll race (we are going to label that a good thing!)
  • Considering the heat, hills, and horrible humidity (and I live in Alabama people!) I was happy with my time of 2:49:22 even though it's my second worst time for a half
Love all these signs!
The Bad (let's skip this and get straight to the ugly because I'm not sure there's a difference for this race!)

The Ugly
  • The line at the expo was horrendous and once inside we were herded like cattle downstairs and into the packet pickup area.
  • Waiting 40 minutes to start a race is ridiculous in my opinion when there's no one checking to see which corral people are entering. I didn't see a single person around me that should have actually been in that corral but in a corral further back.
  • It was really difficult to pass people along the course. Walkers were all over the place and my most commonly used phrase of the day was "excuse me" 
This was just the beginning...

The only thing I was excited about when I finally got back to the car was the mini moon pie I picked up at the expo

Can you see the start line? Yeah, I couldn't either...

Needless to say this I won't be running this race again. For the price tag I was pretty disappointed. What I spent on this race for my entry fee and the platinum runner's package (which was actually worth it for the private porta potties, shuttle, parking space, and pre-race food in the tent) is equivalent to my entry fees for three smaller half marathons. Cost aside I just was not impressed with the whole Rock N Roll experience and unless you plan to stay both Friday and Saturday night then you don't even get to enjoy the post-race concert because it's held on Saturday night. I won't even talk about the heat, hills, or humidity because I'm pretty sure all the other recaps gave a full account of the brutality associated with these three.

How much do you think is too much to pay for a half marathon?

What's the hottest, most hilly, or most humid race you've run?


  1. Oh bummer that it has so many darn things to it that made it ugly. I have actually heard that so many times so I dont think its just this one. Apparently they are too big for them to handle!

    The kc marathon is a big one hear and honestly I think its a waste of money. As a half participant you don't even get a technical t shirt and in my mind that is so stupid. If I am paying 75 to run a half I better get a freaking technical shirt. all it got me was a little medal and t shirt.

    ugh humidity is no fun! we seem to have it in all our summer races so I tend to avoid as many as I can!

  2. My first full is in September and it's a Rock n Roll also. I'm hoping that Denver isn't too big of a location, but I guess we'll see!

  3. I'm not sure what is too much for a half (unless I hated the experience then the next year it would cost too much). I just finished the I-Challenge in Urbana IL (a 5k last Friday night and half (it's my second time doing this particular one) on Saturday that was $65 for both (I THINK that just doing hte half would have been 40). this year we got technical shirts for both and of the 4 halfs I've done this one is my fave (only a couple of hills, mostly flat, packet pickup expo well organized, and the start was only 15 ish minutes late). My next one is in Oct (Des Moines IA half) and it was $65. $65 is probably going to be the most I pay to do a half from now on. I've noticed around here (in the St Louis burbs) that the shirts for even the 5ks are dri-wick or really (REALLY) soft cotton driwick mix.

    The most hilly one I've done was the Go STL half 2010 and I doubt I will ever do it again (it was hot, the hills were outta my league, and teh water stations didn't seem to be plentiful).

    I'm glad you blogged about this. It had been on my bucket list of races (one of my packet pick up included a card on this race). While I'm not a "full fledge" runner, I AM a respectable walker (and attempt to stay out of others ways and very aware of my surroundings). I will say that that was one of my "irritations" during this last half because there would be wads of walkers taking up the ENTIRE road. I had to jump up on the curb a couple of times to go around them.

  4. Since I signed up for 2 RnRs - I think the most expensive I have paid is $125....the other RnR I got a discount rate at $70! LoL I have not done and RnR yet my first one will be portland this month.

  5. Sounds like a tough race -- heat and humidity, plus hills?!?! Uggh! Congrats on finishing.

    It's too bad the expo and start weren't better managed. It continues to seem like RnR has got some cities better managed than others.

  6. Wow, that expo line is crazy! I must have accidentally timed it just right because there was only a small line at my bib pick-up, but it was way crowded inside. I would have been really annoyed with that line.

    We were so jealous of the platinum port-o-potties that morning. The toilet lines were just incredibly out of control!

  7. I have heard nothing but negative reviews of this race! A shame, because so far I've had good experiences at Rock n Roll San Diego. Vegas, on the other hand....

  8. blah! at least it's over and you can say you did it -- sometimes the experience (good or bad) is worth it:)

    Hawai'i is/can be disgustingly humid -- worse than the south believe it or not, and those days you just want to run straight into the ocean!

    Aaand I'm super cheap when it comes to races. I cringe when I can run for free... that's the main reason I haven't run official races. I'm all about the decked out races though, so maybe I'll splurge here and there:)

  9. It cost 3x as much for a reg 1/2? That's horrible. I know you got "some" perks with the cost, but really, I'm disappointed. I guess I'm lucky there isn't a Rock N Roll near me and traveling to one is really not in the budget. I'm so sorry it was a rotten experience. Just think - the next one will be awesome compared to this one!

  10. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience! From what I heard about this race the group was enormous! I'm not a big fan of running in such huge races but I have. They have to be super organized or else it gets ugly. I haven't paid more than $75 for a half and really I don't know if I would pay more unless it was REALLY cool!

  11. Man I am sorry your race wasn't that great. That's kind of how I felt about the Cherry Blossom, size wise. The heat wasn't that bad. However, I have never run an RnR, but I don't really like the larger races, so I have avoided it on purpose. Plus that price tag is crazy!

    I usually pay between 40 - 60 dollars for a locally run half. I have paid up to 100, but I don't feel that the extra $$ gets you any extra...experience, joy or even swag! Especially this year with running 12 races, I can't afford to pay $100/race! Like you said, you can almost get the price of 3 smaller races for one!

    Also, many of the local race organizers will give you a free future race if you volunteer.

  12. I'm running my first R&R half in August in Providence RI. Now I'm a little worried. The hilliest race I did was the mad marathon half, here in VT in the Mountains. It was HOT too!! I think $70ish is the most I'd pay for a half. I know I got a deal when I signed up for the R&R, it was back in November on 11/11 and it was $20 off...

  13. I have heard so many bad things about the RNR races lately. I ran one in 2004 and it wasn't bad, but that was a long time ago. It is ridiculous how much they charge for their races for them not to be run like clockwork. Sorry you had a bad experience. My plan was to run the Vegas RNR in December for my last race of 2012, but I might try to find something smaller.

  14. I've never run a Rock N Roll race. I guess if I expected a big crowd, I would try to prepare myself for some inconveniences. Sorry that you had a lot of "Ugly" to deal with. I find the heat and hills uglier than everything else probably.

    For me, I really haven't traveled for a half marathon (only full marathons). In my hometown, entry fees are about $35-40. I think $80 would be as expensive as halves should get.

  15. Well, now you've done an RnR race and that is checked off the list. I remember that race being crowded in 2004...I bet it's way worse now. Blech.
    The hottest race was probably Atlanta or one I did in Death Valley (in the winter, but it was still hot!) Hilliest was San Francisco. :D
    Great job, girl! You just keep checking 'em off!

  16. Congrats - you did it!!! It doesn't really sound as though anyone enjoyed themselves at this race :) RnR races are definitely big and there is a lot of good and a lot of bad with them!

  17. It's a lot of fun when there are so many spectators. Congrats on finishing this warm race!

  18. Oh man I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! I definitely want to run a Rock n Roll Half Marathon at some point, I'm just not sure what city I want to run in. Congratulations on another half marathon accomplishment!

  19. Oh no I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience! I hope that Rock n Roll Chicago isn't as bad, now I'm worried. We're just going to go in to it to have fun and hope for the best I guess. You still did amazing regardless of all the "ugly" that happened.

  20. This is so beautifuuuul! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other!! :X

  21. i refuse to pay over 75-90 for a 1/2. and that is pushing it. RNR has become so greedy. sorry it wasn’t a better race for you!!

  22. Congrats on another half! Sorry it wasn't a better experience. A RNR has been on my to run list forever. Maybe next year. I'm shocked by some of the price tags for these races.

    I can't think of any race being as humid as the Gulf Coast Half! Ugh!

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  23. I'm not a fan of the RnR race series, or any large race in general. I like a race with less than a thousand people and a dirt path :)

  24. i'm doing my first RNR in November and I'm excited for the experience but nervous because of how many negative things i read about their series. you'd think they'd know how to do it by now?! great job on another half completed!!

  25. Oh, so sorry this race wasn't what you were expecting or had hoped for. You might not be super stoked with your time, but heck, you're out there running, so be proud of yourself for doing that much! Congrats on finishing another 1/ horrible weather, no less!

    Race fees are pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. The fees out here are pretty steep, but I pay them because I don't have very many races to choose from, to begin with!

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  27. I won't do any RnR races because it's a for profit company putting them on, so it's more likely to have more runners than the course can handle. Obviously your experience bears this out. Forther about the time factor because positive or negative, you have another story to tell.


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