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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-Month Mayhem

Monday was Allan's first day home this month and it's been nice having another person in the house (not so nice cleaning up after said person but that's another story for another day!). I had to nanny overnight last week Monday-Thursday nights and took care of Allan's coworker's dog so things were pretty chaotic for me while he was away when you throw all that on top of volunteering and my primary job. This week things are back to normal (as much as they are going to be for now!) and I'm getting crazy excited about the summer and the fun things we are planning to do!!!

Trips to Boston, Las Vegas, and San Diego are in the works for one or both of us!!! Before we let loose with all the summer fun we have planned we still have half of May left to go and for us that means celebrating our 3rd anniversary next week, finishing my 5 weekend race streak at the end of the month, and spending Memorial Day with family at our house. On Memorial Day we will be running the Cotton Row Run 5K with Allan's mom and it will be her first race. Two years ago that was my first 5K so it feels really special to be running it with her for her first race.

Before Cotton Row 2010 (and no that is not the race shirt!)
I'm behind on blog posts (reading and writing them) and need to download pictures from my phone so I can do a race recap from my 5K this past weekend but in the meantime I'm enjoying life by taking time to see Allan in the evenings, run with the dogs, and catch up with friends on the phone. Oh, and I probably need to get started on the 30+ audits I've completed prep work for. I know, I know, shame on me for letting my job get in the way of blogging!

What was your first race?

Any fun summer plans in the works?


  1. my first ever race was the atlanta ING 1/2 marathon (publix). i skipped the shorter distances and took a dive right in :) not sure of summer plans-for sure a trip to mobile and HTC. glad you are enjoying some time with allan, family, friends and the pups. sometimes i worry i spend too much time on social media. good for you!

  2. I always love it when my husband is home after a sizable absence. Sounds like you have a pretty swingin' summer in store!

  3. Glad A is home for a few!
    Super proud of your race streak too. You've done so well!
    My first race was a 5k at Maxwell in 2000. Hard to believe it's been that long ago. Wish I'd known you when I was there!
    We're still working on summer plans but I know I need some beach time!
    Miss you, girl!

  4. happy anniversary!!

    My first race (other than HS cross country) was Chicago Distance Classic (now RNR) in 2007. Love that race!

  5. My first race was a 5k race for the cure!

    So glad Alan is back to you :)

  6. Maybe I will see you at the Cotton Row 5k, I will be there walking it with my mom! I was going to run it but decide that might not be a good idea less than one week post oral surgery!

    You are amazing and I am inspired by how much you get done! :)

  7. My first 'race' was the half marathon I just ran this past Sunday. I have done fun runs and charity runs but this was my first real race.

    I hope you and Allan and the puppers enjoy some time together now.

  8. Wow, it sounds like you guys have a lot going on! I hope you have a great time spending some evenings with Allan! My first race was when I was a kid and I hated it. I think it was probably a 1k! I didn't race again for over 20 years!

  9. Fun! When are you going to be in Boston? That's sort of close to New York haha.

    My first race was a local 5K, we aren't running it this year though because it is the same weekend as our triathlon.

  10. Dang it....the internet ate our original comment :(
    You have been a busy bee!! Glad you are getting to spend some good quality time with Allan! Our first races were Komen 5K in 2000 for Teal and Mardi Gras 5k in February of 2008 for Beth!

  11. Ummmmmmmmmm sign me up for Boston, Las Vegas, and San Diego!!! You're gonna have to call me with details on those chicadee:)

    and.....I think my first official race was the ribbon run!

  12. just stopped by b/c i remembered you said you were doing the viola half... if you see me, say hello!! and i'll do the same :)

  13. Oh my gosh, I have totally forgotten about the Cotton Row Run....I think I did the 10k at least 4 times, if not more? What a hilly course, if I remember right. So fun!!

    You look so cute getting ready to run the race! :)

  14. my first race was a 5K in lexington KY that's really popular... Midsummer Night's Run. I'd really like to go back and do it again sometime.

    i know what you mean about being behind (and not loving cleaning up after our better halves!). i've not been that excited about blogging recently, i think mostly because i have so much other (mostly fun) stuff going on!

    we're going to tybee island in june, i'm so excited because we've never been, and we get to take riley! when are you all going to vegas?

  15. Damn, I am far too old to remember my first race. Does a 50 yard dash in 3rd Grade count?

  16. My first race was the San Diego RNR in 2004. I raced it with Team in Training for my sister in law who had Hodgkins disease. So fun that you get to run with a first-timer:) Good luck!

  17. Stopping by to say hi and see what you've been up to. My first race was a half marathon, The Grape Stomp. I will never forget it!

    Summer plans? Races and 10 days on Pensacola Beach!

    Happy anniversary and congrats on the race streak.

  18. good for you mother-in-law. I've done a 10k but ended up walking the majority of it--it was before I was really in any kind of shape. I did push myself the other morning to actually run a mile--and guess I'm going to push to the 5 k level and then run one....I'll keep you updated. have a great day and best wishes for a great race.

  19. Wow, busy summer. Ours is going to be pretty quiet.

    Glad your husband is home, it's hard to adjust when they leave and then again when they come back.


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