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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virtual Race Prizes Revealed!

For those who are doing the virtual race or might be considering it we are getting close to the wire so without further adieu here are the prizes you could possibly win just from making a $5 donation or more to Team ALI's group for March of Dimes! We have already raised $160 so a big THANK YOU to all those who have donated so far!!!

4 packs of Nuun-2 tropical, 1 grape, and 1 fruit punch (one person will win all 4)

Your choice of either the Heavy or Medium Gaiam Pilates Bodyband Workout Kit

A Pilates Yoga Figure 8 Fitness Kit with DVD

A New Balance running hat, Craft running visor, or Craft running hat

Nike Women's Lightweight Training Gloves (I believe they are a size Small)

A Small or Medium long sleeve New Balance tech tee with pink accents
That's a total of 10 prizes and I'm really trying to make it so everyone wins something so if we are able to get more donations looks like I will have to make a trip to buy more prizes! We purchased these prizes ourselves and my sister helped me pick them out. She's works out and runs some but I have yet to be able to talk her into running a race with me (or starting a blog!) and she felt like these would be prizes that anyone with an interest in fitness would enjoy receiving. I, of course, was immediately attracted to fuel belts, handheld water bottles, and other running goodies before she led me away.

If you haven't signed up for the Team ALI Virtual Race it's not too late to do so. You have until this Saturday and to be honest if you dedicate a run to Ali that's great but if you don't I'm not going to disqualify you from the "race". Our main focus here is raising money for the March of Dimes so babies like Ali, my mom, and Jenn are given a greater chance at surviving being born early. The prizes are our way of saying thank you for your support. Don't forget everyone has a chance at winning TWO $50 VISA gift cards as well: one from us and one from Adam & Jodi & Ali.

I'm convinced Allan and Ali just don't take bad pictures when they are together
One thing I did want to mention is the process for awarding prizes for the virtual race. I'm going to pick 10 (or more depending on how many people donate) winners and then I will contact each person individually to see which prize they would like to receive. I will just go down the list until I've heard back from everyone. Please speak up if you would like me to do it differently but obviously I would hate for someone to get a prize they don't want and when you win if you don't like the prizes left to chose from speak up and I will be happy to get you something else.

Thanks again for your support and if there is ever a cause that you are raising money for please let us know so we can support you too!


  1. Hey Suz! I was wondering - should I write a blog post of the virtual race and email you the link?

  2. Great prizes!! Awesome job getting the word out there for a great organization.

  3. Hey Suz! I donated today...will run this weekend!! :)

  4. I donated today - I will run this weekend, but I am also walking for the March of Dimes on Saturday - can't wait!!!!!

  5. GREAT prizes! We'll be donating and running :) I'm excited!!!!

  6. Just donated and will run Saturday. If I write a blog post, will people still be able to donate after April 28th?

  7. Just donated and shared on my FB page. I'll be running my 5k Saturday in honor Ali!

  8. Dedicating my 16 miles on Saturday to Ali, what an angel! I donated (hubby's company will match 100% too) and will share on my Facebook page... both my babies were preemies and I thank goodness for the support from the March of Dimes! Such a great organization!

  9. i'm running for ali on saturday!


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