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Friday, March 23, 2012

Publix GA Half Marathon Recap

The Good
  • I ran my second fastest half with a time of 2:34:25 (13 secs faster than the weekend before)
  • Crowd support along the course was amazing
  • Running through downtown and the neighborhoods close by was beautiful
  • Hanging out with Elizabeth at the expo and chatting with her was so much fun
  • Picking up Jenny at the airport and getting fro yo and having amazing conversation made me feel as though we had been friends for years
  • Going to dinner with Vanessa and Tim at Tacomac and discovering the amazing coke machine led to unbridled excitement from Vanessa and I over our drink selection. I'm not sure who had more fun talking with them: Allan or I! 

Jenny, me, Elizabeth

Vanessa and I

Tim and Allan
 The Bad
  • Post-race food in a reusable lunchbox-I like being able to chose what I want to eat and drink after the race and besides the chocolate milk I didn't eat or drink anything else
  • Post-race activities could have been better. We waited for Jenny and her friend to finish the full and aside from getting a massage and sitting around listening to the band there was nothing else to do. Granted I know that's more than you get at some races but I think I just expected more.
  • Inexperienced or inconsiderate race participants who cut me off, nearly spit on me, or refused to move aside when walking made me want to hit someone.
Pre-race at the start

Inside my little corral
 The Ugly
  • The heat! It was hot and by mile 2 I was sweating and I can normally run miles before I start to sweat.
  • Chaos at one of the water stops where EVERYONE thought they had to get a drink from the first table
Post-race in Centennial Park

Jenny and I after she finished the full!

Allan and I-at this point I was still very attached the cold towel that stayed around my neck until I showered
That's the high points but perhaps the best part of the entire race is what I'm about to share. I decided once the race started and I was WAY back in my corral that it would be a perfect time to use the port-o-potty. I ducked out and when I went to rejoin the race the back of the pack had nearly made their way to the start line. I walked along looking for Allan, stopped to chat with him, and started the race as nearly the last person. Seriously, there were only like 10 people that started after me. This made for a really fun first couple of miles because I hopped on the sidewalk and took off feeling like I was passing hundreds of people! It wasn't until mile 3 that my elite runner evil twin calmed down and I settled into a comfortable pace.

I also double dipped on this one and ran this for Detroit Runner's 2nd Annual "I Just Felt Like Running" Virtual Worldwide Race which was really fitting because I ran this race to have fun and enjoy the experience of a big race. Thanks to Detroit Runner for hosting!

I've got nothing as far as questions but I do want to say that I sincerely appreciate each and every comment you all leave! I'm diligently plowing through my google reader so hopefully by Monday I'll be caught on on all of your latest adventures, races, and life happenings!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! You met up with a lot of people! It's funny because I read about you going to the race, and Vanessa going etc, but I never knew you were going to meet up! That's awesome! And your husbands are both great too.

    I am glad you had a good race. I can't believe it was that hot! It's been cooler in CA this last week than it has in a long time! You should do a race on the W coast!

  2. Sounds like fun! Congrats on a good finish despite the heat!

  3. So glad you had a good race! And in that heat? Great job!

  4. Nice job on the half! I love the idea of post race food in a lunch box :-)

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! I love the post race food lunch box idea too, but have never really ate anything after a run that was provided (chips after running, yuck!).

  6. Thank you again SO very much! I had the best time with you! :) xoxo

  7. Congratulations on a great race! You did amazing considering some of the complications during the race and the heat!

    The last time we were in Atlanta my brother brought us to Taco Mac, it was good!

  8. Glad you had a good time in Atlanta! that race is one of my favorites :) They gave lunchboxes this year as a way of rationing out the food better. Last year, they got A LOT of complaints from the marathoners because they were literally giving grocery bags full of food to the half marathoners and by the time the marathoners came through there was no water and no food left so it was a big fail for which they got a lot of criticism.

  9. Way to go! It sounds like you had an awesome time!!!

  10. Congrats on your race, especially in the heat! My best friend from college is from Atlanta, so I was there with her once, but haven't been back. Sounds like a fun race.

  11. Looks like a great time and a good run...awesome!

  12. Woot woot!!!! Nicely done :) You look awesome in your pictures!

  13. Super effort Suz! I'm in awe of you. As you're warming up over there, we're cooling down. The heat and humidity have such a huge impact on my running, I'm really looking forward to some winter here.

  14. it’s been interesting to read more than one complaint on the food situation….hopefully they will try and change it again. again, so nice to meet you and see you soon!!

  15. lunchbox recovery food? Ugg. I guess it means the "good" stuff isn't out by the time slower runners finish, but like you I am put off by it.

  16. Yay for the good!! Sorry about the bad and ugly. Love the feeling of being the elite runner evil twin :)

  17. Awesome job! :) Sorry to hear about the poor post-race food. My half last weekend had very disappointing food, too - though I don't think I mentioned it in my race recap.

    How fun to meet up with others for a big race! One day, I'll get to travel to some fun races. And maybe meet some fun people.

  18. Love the photo of you in front of the fountain(?)! So cute! Great job on the race! Those early races when the heat is just beginning can be so tough. Nearly getting spit on? Nasty! Sounds like overall it was a good one though!

  19. congrats on a good run! I hope you're enjoying a few rest days!!

  20. congrats on the PR!!! It looks like you guys had so much fun and I'm so jealous and Vanessa got to meet up. I want to meet both of you ladies.

  21. GREAT JOB!!! Wow that must've been HOT! We've been experiencing really hot weather (mid to upper 70's!) here in NYC, and thankfully race day was a COMFORTABLE mid 50's kind of day!!! TWO IN A ROW! WOWZAS!

  22. Nice going in the heat! And glad you got to meet some of your blogger friends, too.

    I am going to run my first half in May and am so afraid of doing something wrong, race-ettiquette-wise! But OMG I will not be spitting on anyone. I abhor spitting and it drives me crazy when a tv camera zeros in on an athlete spitting... arghhh!

    I love the pic of you and Allan so much.

  23. Nicely done! Running in the heat is never easy :P So cool you got to meet so many fun people :)

  24. great job! the porta potty story is too funny!

  25. I'm still so impressed that you managed another PR just a week after your last half marathon! I remember reading about someone else who started races right at the end so they could pass people for a few miles - I like the idea. I love that manly picture of Tim and Allan! :)

  26. Congratulations! What an amazing race - especially with the heat and hills! I agree - I can't stand people who stop and walk right in the middle and don't move over, it's one of my pet peeves! So jealous you got to meet so many other bloggers :)


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