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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weighing In on My Shows

Back in the fall when I posted my fall TV lineup I promised to check back in but failed to do so until now so here goes my take on all the shows!

Hart of Dixie-new show on the CW that has hooked me with the flirty banter between Dr. Hart and Wade and the hilarious situations she gets herself into!

Find more info and pictures here
Revenge premiered last fall on ABC and I love it! It really has gotten better and better as the season has gone on and I can't wait to see how they wrap the season up.

For more info check out ABC's page on the show
Castle-if you aren't watching Castle, you should be! This is hands down one of the best shows in YEARS! Both my husband and I love it. We change the channel from Monday Night Football to watch this during the fall (and you know that's a big deal for a guy to change the channel from football to a tv show).

Click here for more info on the show
Biggest Loser-No idea what is going on with this show but after this week the people I dislike far outweighs the ones I still like. Drama, excuses, and immaturity have taken over and I pray that BL 14 is better!

Bones-Everyone in my family loves this show and my sister is NOT happy with the lapse in episodes as of lately. We are ready to see Bones have that baby!

Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice-I have been watching both of these shows since their very first episodes and both shows have stepped it up this season and made up for the sour note I felt they both ended on last season.

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NCIS & NCIS: LA-My family watch both of these and they got me hooked on them when I was at home and got to see several episodes they had DVRed. I've seen several of the older NCIS episodes and I just don't know how anyone doesn't like Gibbs. Both have been very engaging this season so far!

Body of Proof-the first season of this show was last year and even though I didn't like her in previous shows there's something about Dana Delany's character in this show that I love. Not to mention the guys in the show are pretty funny. I've enjoyed watching her relationship with her daughter change. Dealing with a teenage daughter is always entertaining!

Check out the show page on ABC

Criminal Minds has been so-so this season but I believe this romance with Hotchner is going to add some spice. Prentiss is back as is JJ and they are two of my favorite characters besides Morgan. It seems like this could be a season filled with surprises so I'm anxious to see what unfolds before the finale.

One Tree Hill is in its final episodes and laugh if you will but I will be watching until the bitter end! The Finder is a new show on FOX that I've just started watching and it's funny and fairly action packed. The main character is pretty cute too so that doesn't hurt!

Now before you go assuming I live in front of the TV please know that I often DVR all of these and watch them the following morning while I do prep work for audits, read email, and catch up on blogs.

Anything you watch that I need to check out?


  1. I think we have the same taste in TV shows. Love Revenge! Last week was such an unexpected twist... Body of prood and Castle are also faves. I started watching Alcatraz and really like it but am not 100% sold on it yet. It has a lot of crazy twists that you have to watch eery week or you will miss something.

  2. We have absolutely nothing in common - except Bones!

  3. My old teacher is on biggest loser right now! It is full of drama, and he said Condo just likes to stir up trouble because of her age. We go to a christian college group he hosts, and he also married my husband and I in september! Besides that, I prob wouldn't watch this season either. Hearing all the details of behind the scenes is nuts.

  4. That's way less TV than I watch, so no worries. :)

  5. Biggest Loser is crazy. I can't believe that when people get there, they have one goal; yet once they immerse themselves in a group it becomes personal and vindictive. So weird. I can't wait for Conda to go home!!!

  6. i agree about BL. this season is so odd and dramatic. its tough for me to get into it. i watch a lot of reality know...the bachelor, voice, amazing race, american idol and BL. the real quality shows ;)

  7. I love The Walking Dead and Greys Anatomy!! :)

  8. we watch a lot of the same things (except add another 10 shows for me sadly). I have been watching greys, private practice and one tree hill but i am ready for them all to end. i really think OTH has run its course but i will keep watching :)

  9. Haha we don't watch any of those shows!

    We watch Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Southland, Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men (even though I've never really liked this show), New Girl, Up All Night, Whitney and How I Met Your Mother.

  10. Don't worry girl, you aren't the only one still watching One Tree Hill, love it! I also love Revenge, Body of Proof, Biggest Loser and I can't miss an episode of Greys or Private Practice!

  11. oh my - I completely forgot about Hart of Dixie -- I'm so glad it's still on, I'm obviously going to have to catch up!! I'm ridiculously behind in ALL my shows, and you saw my fall line-up, so it's almost a lost cause now. heartbreak!

  12. I only judge people when they say things like "Oh, I don't have a TV" or "I only watch public broadcasts". My mom made fun of me when she came to visit and saw my DVR was nothing but comedies. I deal with way too much drama at work to watch it at home. I recently got obsessed with Happy Endings, hilarious.

  13. ITA, I think Revenge just keeps getting better and better!! I'm also a big fan of Castle. :)

  14. I have heard great things about Revenge but have yet to see it! Maybe I should try and catch up!

  15. i'm still watching OTH too... It's completely out of control but I can't quit now! I love Revenge and am still watching Grey's, but quit watching Private Practice last year I think? We're obsessed with Big Bang Theory and Spartacus. I think that's it right now? We watch way too much TV!!


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