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Monday, February 27, 2012

Virtual Run and Weekend Fun

On Friday night we headed downtown to watch our UAH Chargers Hockey team play the U-18 National Team and we sat right next to the ice. It was a fun experience even though I did too much talking and not enough hockey watching. We lost 3-2 but it was a good game.

Very close to lots of the action
Saw this at Mickey's and couldn't resist taking a picture

Saturday night was dinner with our next door neighbors at their favorite Mexican restaurant Casa Blanca. I judge each Mexican place on their chips and salsa and soft tacos and this one surpassed my expectations so we will be going back again soon. The food was delicious! The pictures below are evidence that I do actually fix my hair sometimes and wear clothes other than athletic wear.

My out to dinner outfit which included my new GAP open vest sweater and a 3/4 length Banana Republic shirt

Looove my Nine West ankle boots and GAP skinny jeans
Sunday was too beautiful not to be outside enjoying the weather so I decided it was the perfect day to run Grandma Lil's Happy 95th Birthday Half Marathon/10K. I started out unsure whether or not I would do the 10K or half but after 4-5 miles I knew the 10K was going to be it for me. I ran in a brand new running shirt I found at GAP on Saturday that is a pink-orange color and my only pair of gray running pants. It was warm in the sun but a little cool in the shade so this outfit was perfect for my run. I ran a pretty decent time of 1:20:27.

Stick chewing precedes any fun activity at our house if your name is Lucky
My "race day" outfit
Anything fun go on at your house over the weekend?


  1. I love that bright shirt! Great job with the virtual run. Nothing too crazy here over the weekend, but I did clean out my pantry!

  2. You look beautiful! This weekend I got to go on a date with my husband to the Cheesecake Factory. It was splendid!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! Pretty quiet at our house - we were winding down school vacation week!

  4. Look at you!! You are so snazzy :) Great job on the run :) We had low-key fun. Just what we needed!

  5. Wow... look at you Pretty Girl rocking those skinny jeans and heels. Very very nice!

  6. Cute pinkish top, I'm liking that! I just quit my holiday help job at the Gap...I should have stayed on a few more weeks to get some spring things, but I was spending too much money there - haha!

    Nice job on the run!! :)

  7. I like that top! I ran the Grandma Lill as well! I don't own any pink though so my outfit was not as rockin as yours! PS. You do clean up nicely!

  8. I seriously love Mexican chow. I am with you on the taste test as well. :)

  9. i love your dressed up outfit! i swear it seems like i only ever dress up for church and sometimes (rarely) work. glad you all had a great weekend, we didn't do anything too eventful!

  10. Love your running outfit for the virtual run! I did the 10K too since we had our final Freezeroo Series race that day which was luckily a 10K. I ran a sub 1 hour 10K!


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