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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Weekend Part Uno

As promised in yesterday's post a full recap of the craziness that has been our life since December 30th is coming up for you all but I warn you I have to break it up or it will be nothing short of a novel. Friday afternoon was when the fun began and Slick, Julie, and their dog arrived.

My best friend Slick and I
Shortly after we had said our hellos and opened Christmas gifts Austin from Boston arrived with surprises of  his own: Caroline and Alyson! Love these girls and I was so excited to see them. This is the first time they have seen our house since we moved in.

Caroline, Suz, Alyson
In a few short minutes when Michelle arrived I was already texting Nicole so she could leave from Nashville and arrive Friday night. Little did we know Taylor was already on his way from Birmingham. We piled into cars and took off for our favorite Mexican restaurant. Mexican food is a tradition of sorts amongst our friends since spending several nights in Auburn bonding over chips and salsa and our favorite Mexican entrees.

Suz & Michelle
On the way home we saw a red Celica with a deer strapped to the back. I stopped driving and whipped out my phone to take a picture. Something like this only happens in the South I think!

Friday night was pretty relaxing. We watched football and stayed up late talking and catching up with everyone. At this point Allan and I are both on Day 2 of antibiotics and we are both still pretty sick so I was pooped by the time 2:00 AM rolled around and I headed off to bed.

Austin & I
Sleeping 10 people in the house was interesting. We had people in both guest rooms, on a pallet in the office, in the den, and even in the library! I fell asleep knowing that this would be an epic weekend surrounded by so many of my favorite people.

Julie, Slick, Suz, Allan

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Tomorrow I'll attempt to cover all of the adventures that were New Year's Eve. It was CRAZY!


  1. You know it is a good new years when it starts with a dear strapped to the trunk!

  2. That deer strapped to the car, yuck. People are weird.

  3. Um the deer. I'm still stuck on that.

  4. The other comments so far show me I'm not alone - that deer!! I've never seen that before!

  5. Haha... that deer on the Celica!!! Yep, never seen anything like that before! :) Hope you guys get all cleared up soon... sorry you've been sick! But still able to party it up Mexican food style... not bad! :)

  6. LOL at the deer on the Celica! You know I am just the next state over so I totally believe it... sad but true!


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