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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Eve (Part 2 of the Weekend)

Part 1

New Year's Eve was jam packed with activities and excitement. The day started around 8AM when I headed out for a run in the neighborhood. After I got back I cleaned up the kitchen and waited for Slick so I could run again. We did a lap around the neighborhood together and then split up to finish our runs. When I walked in the house it was Turbo Fire time. I made it just in time for the last 20 minutes of the stretching session and a 10 minute abs workout which was intense!

Apparently our den is a great workout space
At this point the turkey had been cooking for hours and was starting to fill the house with yummy smells! We (Allan) cooked a 25 lb turkey for New Year's Eve which was stuffed with ham and wrapped in bacon. It was done in time for a late lunch. Before and after lunch almost all the girls made a trip to Marshall's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and TJ Maxx. What's a good weekend without some shopping?!

Allan's giant turkey!
There was also time for ball chasing with the dogs and Lucky got to play with his new bone Slick and Julie gave him. Hours of endless playtime are in his future! Only downside is that he's not big on sharing this thing so he's already gotten in trouble for growling with it.

Love my big boy bone!
For dinner we started cooking the clam chowder in the crock pot and at some point I decided that I would clean the oven since turkey juices had spilled in the bottom. I've never used the self clean button on an oven before and I had no idea that you basically needed to clean the entire oven out before using that thing!

Where our oven was before they took it outside
The house started to fill with smoke and pretty soon it was too much to handle so we headed out to the back deck. I got Allan to wake up when I went in our room for the second time with a towel over my face and told him we had all evacuated and the oven might be on fire. At this point we called 911 and Allan and our friend Taylor used our handheld fire extinguishers to put out the flames shooting from the oven.

This guy nearly took out Nicole's SUV driving like a maniac
Within moments the street was lined with emergency personnel and my oven was on the front sidewalk. Thank God everything was fine and no one was injured. We had no smoke damage and the oven just needed a good cleaning. It still works fine and doesn't even smell bad when we use it! We were able to get back in the house and get things remotely under control as the Auburn game kicked off.

The view of our house from across the street when I went to assure the neighbors we were fine
Within an hour we were able to close the windows and doors and eat the clam chowder which we had rescued from the smoke filled kitchen and plugged in on the back deck during the craziness. After watching Auburn win the Chick FilA Bowl we hung out here and had "dance party" in the den. At one point I did try going to sleep but I managed to creep down the hall in time to hear Allan talk about break dancing in high school. That was news to me!

Watching the Auburn game
New Year's Eve was another 2:00 AM bedtime and by the time I actually fell asleep my body was so exhausted I was just hoping I could wake up before lunch on Sunday!

Hooray for a bowl game win!
Check back tomorrow for the third and final installment of our New Year's weekend fun! If you haven't already entered the giveaway for some great CLICK samples, a shaker, and a nice reusable bag check out Monday's post for all the details!


  1. I love all the people working out in the den. And that turkey looks like it was probably amazing.

  2. Talk about a way to inspire, working out in a big group! Sounds fun...

  3. It was the bacon from your turkey!! I recently cooked a chicken in my oven and put bacon on top of it just like your turkey. For WEEKS not my oven has been smoking from the bacon grease that splattered all over the oven. I bet that is what caused your oven to catch fire!

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that turkey, ham baconator is CRAZY!!!! almost as crazy as the size of Lucky's bone! :) lol

  5. That is a crazy story! And it totally sounds like something that would happen to me if I ever tried to clean our self-cleaning oven :P

    I am so glad everything turned out well overall! And wowza! That bone is HUGE!!!!

  6. OMG what a mess!!! On another note, I don't like turkey but I would totally eat it if it was slathered in bacon like that. :)

  7. Holy cow! That makes for a New Years to remember! Haha! I'm glad nothing was damaged.

    Now... was that turkey covered in bacon?! Oh man, my husband would have LOVED it. I don't think I'll ever show him this post, or I'll never get to eat regular turkey again in my life. :)

  8. Oh my goodness!! I've had my oven smoke up the kitchen during a self clean, but holy moly, that's nuts! I'm glad everything is ok!!

  9. That's horrible! So glad no one was hurt and I can't believe the oven still works!!! What brand is it?! ;)
    I'm not sure what is bigger, the turkey or the dog bone!! :)

  10. Wow! Glad you are all ok. My husband would love the turkey wrapped in bacon. I will have to show him the picture :)

  11. OMG! I'm glad everyone was ok! Fire is so scary.

  12. I'm so glad everyone was ok! Don't worry--I didn't know you had to clean the oven before using the self-cleaning oven thingy...and even when you do use those oven scrubbing still have to really scrub out all the residue or you still get fumes. I've just learned to be extra careful baking anything in the oven so I don't have to clean it =)

    Pretty sure that Bacon Turkey is every man's dream dinner. Definitely not showing this one to my dad or boyfriend.


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