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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Day-Part 3

In case this is your first visit to the blog this week be sure to check out Monday's post for details on how you can win samples of CLICK, a shaker, and a reusable bag!

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Be sure to catch Part 1 and 2 of our New Year's Eve weekend adventures if you haven't already. The third and final part of our weekend wraps up on New Year's Day. I was up early and running errands before the rest of the house was awake. By the time I got home people were starting to stir and the breakfast options were being weighed. I put my foot down and demanded IHOP so to IHOP we went, all ten of us!

Julie, Austin, & Slick
We had the best waitress I've had in a long time. She managed our large party with ease and within an hour I had eaten my Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity with blueberries on my pancakes and we were headed back to the house. I was a little envious of the ginormous cup of seasonal coffee that a couple of the guys got. It looked realllly tasty!

Suz & Alyson
Shortly after brunch the boys devised a plan to play kickball. It was 70 degrees on New Year's and we were in shorts and a tshirt. I never thought this would be the weather we would have to kick off January! Caroline and I were team captains and once we picked our players the game began.

Alyson, Austin, Allan-my kickball team plus Julie
Caroline's team name was Team Oven and mine was Team Burnin' Down the House, a little play on words after the oven incident from the night before. Gotta laugh at yourself, right?! It turned out to be a pretty close game but Caroline's team won. Allan managed to kick the ball out twice which in our game was an out since it went all the wall across the parking lot if you kicked it over the fence. I didn't get out every time I kicked which was a shocker since I'm pretty sure I was 10 the last time I played kickball.

Slick & Taylor
Kickball worked up an appetite so we ordered pizza to pick up at Domino's and settled in for the NFL games that were on the rest of the day. Alyson and Nicole left in the afternoon leaving us with 8 people. By 5:00 we were getting a little bored and decided to go bowling. Bowling was another one of those things that we did often during college. There was a semester that we bowled twice a week and got pretty good.

Austin getting ready to do work

Apparently on Sunday nights you can bowl for $10 per hour per lane so 3 hours of bowling it was! It was the first time I had used my bowling bowl from the thrift store and I believe Regina (that's the name on the bowling ball) and I are going to get along great. I bowled some of my best games!

Yes, player 2 (SW) would be me with a 160!!!

I was sad to see people start to leave on Sunday afternoon and then on Monday morning. We had such a great time together that this is going to have to happen more often! Even adults need a weekend now and again to be kids and just enjoy being with your friends. This was most certainly a New Year's that we won't forget!


  1. I want your life :) ...true story

  2. omg. this sounds like the most epic day ever! ihop, bowling and kickball!?!? all my faves!

  3. What a fun New Years!! You guys certainly know how to party! I'm totally jealous of the Ihop and kickball in that awesome weather! LOVE the team names! Haha! :)

  4. I LOVE bowling...but I am SO bad! haha Looks like you had fun :)

  5. Thanks for coming over to visit at radical ramblings and thoughts of a southern girl-----so fun to read your blog. My sister lives in New Market right outside of Huntsvilee....seeing your pics makes me think of how lucky she has it in the winters! Have a great day and thanks again. Ps. What a New Years Adventure!!!


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