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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Atlanta, Pittsburg, & Hollywood in a Weekend

When our friend Michelle asked over New Year's if we could help her move this past weekend from Auburn to Atlanta it was no decision. What this meant for us was driving to Auburn on Friday and then over to Atlanta on Saturday and back home either Saturday night or Sunday morning with at least Monday to be at home. We got Michelle moved with ease and got to spend Saturday afternoon and night with Alyson. Alyson lived with my sister and I the year before we got married and will always be one of my closest friends. I've been dying to see her condo which I admit if I were going to live in the city this is how I would do it! Her place is gorgeous!

Is this not amazing?!

For lunch on Saturday we ate at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for the first time and it was pretty yummy. Not sure if I think what we paid was worth the size of the pizza but that's an entirely different story.

My traditional cheese pizza

After a few hours of watching the 49ers beat the Saints we headed to the Rose & Crown Tavern for dinner. Alyson is a frequent patron and even though we were told there was no indoor seating since half was reserved for UFC and the other for the Atlanta chapter of the Denver Broncos Fan Club she didn't let that stop her. She declared us Broncos fans and after Allan made friends with one of the guys we were allowed to stay in their section. No worries we cleared out before game time so the fan club got their table back just in time!

Allan's strawberry lemonade from CPK = yummy!!!

Despite our best efforts none of us stayed awake for the end of the Broncos-Patriots game and if I'd known the score was going to be so terrible I probably would have gone to bed in the first quarter. 12 hours of sleep later we were all feeling refreshed and Allan and I were ready for the drive home. From Atlanta we actually go north to Chattanooga to come back down to Huntsville/Madison. That route takes us through S Pittsburg, TN, and Hollywood, AL. See where the blog post title is coming from now! The drive is absolutely beautiful and it was sunny the entire time.

Somewhere in TN
We spent the rest of our Sunday watching football, playing with the dogs, and resting before making the last trip to Walmart for the month. Monday is a post in and of itself so check back tomorrow to see how we spent the last day of our 3-day weekend!

My snack for the ride home!

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  1. that looked like a beautiful trip! and you snack, sounds amazing! i need to get my hands on those!

  2. hahaha I love those cow tails. and that pizza looks like an expensive hut is pricey but it's my fav :) that looks just as greasy and good

  3. I used to LOVE cow tales! I haven't had one in forever, but I'm sure that I still love them. My brother and I would always beg for them at the grocery store when my mom was checking out.

  4. Seems like a crazy busy weekend! The pizza looks yummy.

    I thought I was already a follower. I am now!

  5. You are a traveling machine!! I love CPK's barbeque chicken pizza

  6. Oh man, I Love CPK with a passion... the problem for me there is that there are too many things that I like that I can hardly choose. They have my favorite salad in the whole world... but then the pizzas... how can you pass up a pizza?! And the strawberry lemonade is hecka good!

    Girl, you have been everywhere! What an exciting January you are having!


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