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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rudolph Run = Jingle Bell H-E-Double Hockeysticks Run

This morning Allan and I got out of bed at 6:30 AM and headed to downtown Huntsville for the 2011 Rudolph Run. I had signed the two of us up for this race before Allan told me he won't be doing any more 5K's when it's cold. We bundled up (minus gloves because I forgot those) and got to the start line over 30 minutes before the race was scheduled to start.

Design for the shirt
I was feeling pretty good and assumed that I would be fine to run the 5K and hopefully set a new PR as long as there was one water station along the course. We jogged back to the car and put my handheld water bottle back after drinking half of it and headed to the start line. The start was really crowded and the first street was narrow so it was difficult to battle 1000+ people that first mile. I still managed to run the first mile in 10:02. The second mile was much more hilly and I slowed down to a 10:53 mile. This was where things got ugly and I realized this was MY Jingle Bell H***. THERE WAS NO WATER STATION!!! The third mile was brutal and I'm not sure how I ran the last 1.1 miles of the race in 11:15.

I really do love this picture but yet hate it at the same time
When I realized there would be no water I knew that a PR was out of the question unless I killed myself. At one point I did almost start to cry but then realized that would only make my breathing worse so instead I chose to laugh. I can manage a pretty sincere funny haha laugh when really I just want to scream! Allan ran holding my hand for a little while and doing his best to encourage me to breathe. When I started to wheeze I took a break to walk once more and then pushed it at the finish "chicking" four guys at the end. I crossed the line at 32:10, 25 seconds shy of setting a new 5K PR.

Allan got a lot of War Eagles with his Auburn santa hat on
I was mad because the PR was there. I know if I had a chance to have some water during the race I wouldn't have had the same difficulty with my breathing. I never should have taken my handheld back to the car but who has a 5K with no aid stations at all?! I was diagnosed with sports induced asthma as a teenager and running in cold weather is really tough on my lungs. It's easier for me to run without water when it's blazing hot than when it's cool outside.

This was NOT what I looked like after the race
On the plus side I did get to sport my Under Armour headband that the wonderful Beth @ Running Around My Kitchen sent me in the Christmas gift exchange. It was perfect, staying in place, and keeping my ears warm. Thank you so much Beth! I also rocked my GoSport ID in addition to my Nike watch and I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. I love my GoSport ID!

Love this thing!
I'm happy to report that I not only knocked out the Rudolph Run and the Jingle Bell H*** but also the TNT Lousy Medal 5K Run too. After I waited 20 minutes to find out my official time from the Rudolph Run we came back home and told our guests all about the race and this is how Ali felt about no PR:

No bueno Aunt Suz!
Our day was really just beginning with the running. Allan came up with the crazy idea of hitting the thrift stores to find ugly Christmas sweaters. We found two for the adults and one for Ali which she will be wearing tonight. Before we went out to dinner we did a little shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshall's and Allan and Adam decided to try on some hats while they were waiting.

Allan had to wear his tacky vest in Marshall's because he was SOOO excited!
After we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner we came home and got ready to go to Huntsville Botanical Garden's Galaxy of Lights. Allan and Will decided to sport their tacky Christmas outfits for the event. (We just drove through thank goodness!)

Don't they look festive?!
Check back tomorrow to hear all about our adventures at Galaxy of Lights and how the rest of our weekend turned out!


  1. Sorry they didnt have water, I usually plan on having no water during a 5k just in case but I really only drink water when running at about 5 miles because my tummy gets hurt easily. Sorry that you didnt get a PR but it will come soon, I am sure!

  2. OMGosh! I love that thrift store hideous Christmas sweater shopping excursion! LOVE it! Now I am feeling compelled to do it, too :)

    So glad you participated in the Jingle Bell Run...sorry your asthma showed up to the race though :(

    You are so close to that PR! Next time FOR SURE!!!

  3. Sorry you didn't PR today, but you know you have it in you for next time!!! :D
    The sweater & vest are lovely! ;)

  4. Sorry there wasn't water - you'd think there'd be at least 1! Glad you recovered ok. You'll get that PR!

  5. Girl, you will get that PR! You should wear one of those furry hats to get a more animal-like drive. Finally following your blog!

  6. Wow no water station, crazy! Love the guys' sweaters, very festive! lol

  7. How frustrating! I also have asthma so I can appreciate the struggle to breathe slowing you down. I love the ugly Christmas sweaters! I've had one for years, but Eric can't seem to find one, and it's putting a damper on our ugly sweater party events.

  8. Sorry it was such a frustrating experience for you but you DID finish.

    Those sweaters are hilarious!

  9. Such a shame about just missing that PR! My husband has sports induced asthma too, and cold weather is a lot tougher for him.

  10. That's a bummer they didn't have water! My last 5K had 2 water stops! I know how that cold air is rough on your lungs. PR next time!

  11. ummmm I LOVE Allan's vest :D like LOVE! like want to come over and steal it and MAKE Colin wear it. lol

    WHY was there no water station???? I would've died. Great race regardless. You can always PR next time. You did sign up for a million races this year :P lol I remember that list ;) xo

  12. Way to keep going and do so well (even if it's not a pr) without the water station. Even small things in a race can make a big difference and really throw off your game... I'm super impressed with your determination and ability to laugh even though you wanted to cry/scream!!! I've always wanted to be able to do that, but have never been quite successful.

    And, please... sweetest husband ever!!! He held your hand while running to help you out?!?! Love it! Serious props, Allan! :)

  13. So glad you like the headband and glad you got to wear it to the race!!! I was so glad I got someone I knew and already followed :) Great job….next time you'll get the PR!

  14. Dang! You were so close. Next time you will have it. At least you learned your lesson about dropping your water, right?

    That baby is cute!

  15. I'm sorry you didn't PR, but you were so close that next time I know you will do it!

    I can't believe they didn't have water, that's never happened to us. I've felt that at some races there wasn't enough water but we at least had some.

  16. LOVE that shirt design! Holy cow! I'm such a slacker I meant to do the JBH buuuuut baked and cleaned and crafted instead lol

  17. Love the sweaters! I can't believe there was no waterstation. Dang it!

    If you come do the the Celebrate Fitness Run in STL on 03/10/2012 I'll promise a water station.


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