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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Favorite Ornaments & a WINNER

Yesterday got away from me and between doing a little cleaning, putting away things, and preparing to host my book club's Christmas party there was little time left for blogging. As promised here are our favorite Christmas ornaments from our tree. I wanted to briefly talk about each one so if you want to read the story behind each of our favorite ornaments read on or scroll through the pictures and get to the bottom to see who the lucky winner is!

Our First Home 2009

There are a few cows on the tree of course

One of our many plush J Crew ornaments (I also love the blue one in the background)

Cute little black heels because I LOVE shoes

An ornament I had made for Allan a few years ago

Of course there's a little bit of Auburn here and there

We have two of these that Allan's mom gave us when we graduated from Auburn

A gorgeous Waterford ornament I found a couple of years ago

A Lladro ornament for the year we got married

My favorite ornament that has hung on my parent's tree since I was a baby and now hangs on our tree
Alright let's get down to the exciting part. Today is my 28th birthday and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to announce which one of you is going to be receiving our HUGE giveaway! First let me say that normally I go through and make sure everyone commented separately for each entry but it's my birthday and I have more exciting activities to get to so if you lumped comments together I'm sorry! The lucky winner is #73 and that is Jenn from Jenn's Adventures!! I swear I am not making this up. This girl has some incredible luck when it comes to winning our big giveaways! We love you Jenn and I know you will enjoy all of this!

We are going to have another giveaway starting after Christmas so there will be plenty more chances to win something from our blog. This will be our first sponsored giveaway. For all of the other giveaways we have bought everything ourselves and will probably continue to do a lot of that in the future.

Is there something you would like to see in one of our future giveaways?

What's the best giveaway you've ever won?

Alright off to get ready for my birthday lunch date at Olive Garden with Allan! I'll be back tomorrow to report on all the birthday festivities of the day! Thank you all so much for being such wonderful friends!


  1. Happy Birthday! & congrats to Jenn. She's one lucky girl. I was hoping for another Jen to win! :)

  2. OHHHH MYYY GOODNESS!!!! It feels like MY birthday LOL!! How exciting--I'll be texting you shortly:) xoox's

  3. Congrats to Jenn! Love your ornaments and how each one has a special meaning to you!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I was just adding another bday to my "blogger list" and saw it was your big day! YAY :) a year younger than I am. I hope this day is filled with as much awesome as you are b/c you definitely brighten all my days <3 xoxoox

    Congrats Jenn :P

  5. Yay she is sooo lucky! My best win was the handful I think?

  6. Congrats to Jenn on the big win!! I love all your ornaments and the meaning behind each I them! I hope that you have a fabulous birthday dear friend :)

  7. Happy Birthday, girl!! Hope it's a great day!!

  8. That is so sweet that Jenn was your winner. Congrats to Jenn and I hope your birthday is wonderful, too!

    I love the ornaments. We have some very special ones too and now every year we get one new one.

  9. Happy Birthday! Enjoy Olive Garden- my mouth is salivating just thinking of it.

  10. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! That Tri-Sport Workout Jersey would be a great gift! I've noticed the tweets! ; ) Hope you win!

  11. Happy birthday!!! Also, I've worked at the Olive Garden (two in fact) and I still LOVE that place. Yum yum yum.

  12. SO sad I didn't win! MMMM soup and salad combo with never ending breadsticks...I love OG. Have fun! Happy birthday!

  13. Congrats to Jenn! Happy Birthday to you! I love the kid on the moon ornament! Very cute!

  14. Happy Birthday Suz! Enjoy your day and I hope that you and Allan have a very Merry Christmas!

  15. Happy birthday!!! Yea for another year! I hope you and Allen have a blast at Olive Garden tonight!

    Yea for Jenn also... We need her luck with us on a few of our stock trades. :)

    And I love your ornaments!!! What a great collection of favorites and meaningful ones. Yea for Christmas and happiness and your birthday! What a great time of year!

  16. Happy Birthday (a day late but still wishing you a happy year!)

  17. happy birthday and congrats to jenn!

    i have an ornament SO SIMILAR to your moon one. it's from when i was little too!

  18. happy birthday to you! I love your ornaments, especially the moon one from your childhood - so sweet!

  19. Happy birthday!

    This year our Christmas tree is all about favorite ornaments from the past. It's by far my favorite tree.

  20. Happy birthday and congrats to Jenn!!!

    PS-LURVE the cow ornament!

  21. I am very behind on reading blogs but I wanted to say happy {very belated} birthday!

    We have the same first home ornament from when we bought our home in 2008 :) I wrote our address and the date we got the keys on the back. Love it :)


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