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Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

After reading all of your comments from the GIVEAWAY post, I want to take a moment and clarify something. We believe first and foremost that the reason we celebrate this time of year is because of the birth of Jesus Christ. Both Allan and I were raised in homes where Christ always came first. For both of us Christmas is about celebrating Jesus Christ and his birth and everything else is secondary. Yes, we do exchange gifts and have things we ask for when family and friends inquire as to what to give us for Christmas but we never forget the "reason for the season".  I apologize if asking what's on your list for Santa or what's the best gift you've ever received implied that it had to be something material. The best gifts are seldom ones you can hold in your hand!

Our wreath which has battery-operated LED lights in it but I didn't have them on
Our table & mirror in the entry way
Our card holder at the front door and Sasha

Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to each year. Starting when I was a little girl my sister and I each had our own small tree (silver for me & white for her) in our rooms that we decorated with our own ornaments and could put our gifts we had made or bought for each other and our family under our trees. When I moved to college the trend continued and I decorated every year the day I returned from Thanksgiving break with ornaments from childhood and ones I had since acquired. I always exchanged gifts with my roommates and enjoyed having the Christmas decorations out while we were cramming for finals and pulling all nighters.

Bookcase in the front hall

Christmas Cow Parade Cow

Lladro Santa, Willow Tree Nativity, Christmas arrangement my Dad made for my Mom when I was born
Christmas 2009 was our first Christmas in our first house and our first Christmas as newlyweds and I wanted a live tree but not just any live tree. We cut down a tree from my parent's farm that I had planted in the yard when I was little. It had been bent over when the cows got out once when I was little but I was resourceful so I took duct tape and taped the tree back together. To this day you can still see pieces of duct tape on the bottom of the tree! The top part continued to grow but grew back at an odd angle. This top part was perfect for my first live tree! I was terrified it would fall over (since I've never had a live tree) so we only decorated it with cloth or plastic ornaments. Nonetheless the tree was perfect! Lucky actually still totes it around the backyard from time to time playing with it.


Decorative trees Allan picked out two years ago and we LOVE them!

Our Hispanic nativity and our Advent "Tree"

Wooden sign & Rudolph plate on wall going into the kitchen
Last Christmas was not the Christmas we expected but I'll explain that in tomorrow's post. This year I dragged out ALL my decorations and started putting everything out in the house. I decorated our den, kitchen, two guest baths (I forgot to take pictures of these but I'll include them in another post), and entry way. I hung our Christmas garden flag out at the mailbox and Allan hung icicle lights along the front of the house. I had lofty goals of decorating the two trees Allan's mom gave us when she bought a new one this year but once I volunteered to host my book club's Christmas party that idea went out the window! Moving furniture in the dining room and library to put in the two trees made the rooms too crowded so we put them both away.

Snowmen & Cows

More snowmen & cows

Our Christmas Auburn plate

Christmas towel, oven mitts, and a couple of our mugs
We have enough ornaments to fill all three trees so we picked out and selected our favorites for the tree this year. Those will be highlighted in their own post next week! Allan's main task is setting up the tree, fluffing it, and putting on the lights. I drag everything out and put everything away and do all the rest of the decorating indoors. We decorated the tree together while watching Sunday Night Football because what event in our house is complete without sports mixed in there somewhere!

Jingle Bells for the nite nite room (the dogs sleep in the laundry room)

Allan is the only one with a stocking right now

The doggies are getting this for Christmas!

Sasha figured out I was leaving as soon as I got done with the photo shoot

Our Christmas Tree!
Hope you've enjoyed the Holiday Tour of our house! Tomorrow I'll talk about Christmas 2010 and what we I'm looking forward to for Christmas 2011!

Are you done decorating?

What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?


  1. Very nice decorations!! Your house is very nice looking too :) Your kitchen is better than mine and that makes me a tad bit jealous.

  2. Wow! Lots of decorating! Looks great.

  3. Wow! We have a tree and stockings and that's about it. (A combination of not really having room to store stuff in the off season and already having too much clutter to really put anything anywhere.) Nice decorating!

  4. Looks so festive! We usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving too... always did growing up, and it's a tradition I hope to keep, rather than Black Friday shopping. :) I agree with you that best gifts are not material... hoping to instill that in our daughter. :)

  5. Beautiful! Love all your Cows especially and of course the stocking for your puppers!

  6. I love the story about the tree! Great decorations too!

  7. Your house is decked out, I love it! I need some sort of festive Christmas cow. :)

  8. I love decorating for Christmas! We always go buy our tree on Dec 1st and do all our decorating. Some of my favorite decorations are our ornaments. We have a lot! But I also like my ever growing collection of snowmen. I also have a few hand painted things my mom did that I love to hang up! Your home looks very festive, I love it :)

  9. Your decorations look great! Very Christmasy!
    And I totally agree, we try not to make it about the gifts, but celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time together. Unfortunately gifts seem to become a trend with this holiday, so it's always something we all talk about.

  10. I love your decorations especially the sparkly tress!!

  11. such adorable Christmas decorations! love the mantle! and shopping for my pup may be one of my favorite things :)

  12. Wow!!! I love Christmas, but I bet I don't have half of the decorations that you do. We decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we've been done decorating for awhile now. Your tree looks lovely!

  13. So fun!!! I love all your decorations!!!! ;)

    It's good to remember the reason for the season... I'm right there with you on that.

  14. Love the decs! I doubt anyone thinks you are too materialistic and only consumed with gifts…I hope no one made ugly comments to you about that!

  15. Wow, there is NOTHING about this post I don't love! The decorating in college, the tree from your childhood home that you planted, all of your decorations (the cows are just adorable!). I wish I had half your decorating talent!


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