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Monday, December 19, 2011

Galaxy of Lights & Gigi's

On Saturday night after chowing down at our favorite Mexican restaurant we went to see the Huntsville Botanical Garden's Galaxy of Lights. Thank goodness we don't get bored easily because it took over an hour to make it to the entrance. Apparently everyone else waited until Saturday night to see the lights too! There were several new displays that have been added since last year and it was absolutely beautiful!

F-14 Tomcat

After enjoying all the lights we got home and got into some Gigi's Cupcakes. We picked out several different kinds: Eggnog, Scarlett's Red Velvet, Kentucky Bourbon Pie, Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip, Banana Cream Pie, Grasshopper, and a Christmas colored vanilla cupcake. They were all pretty tasty!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day since I spent much of the early morning on the floor of the bathroom with my pillow and blanket. I felt kinda rough most of the day Saturday after the race and I didn't really feel back to normal until this morning. Sunday afternoon Michelle and Will had to leave but Sunday night we were lucky enough to have Margie stay with us. We all stayed up way too late playing Buzz Quiz on the PS3 and playing the new Bejeweled on all the iPhones and iPods. It's really addicting!!!

We called this Ali's tacky sleeper
This morning Margie was up and gone before most of the house was awake. Adam, Jodi, and Ali stayed until this afternoon before they had to leave. We had a pretty lazy Monday relaxing with the three of them and tonight we ran a couple of miles at the community center before making a little trip to Starbuck's. Yes, we are having Starbuck's for dinner. Lattes are so healthy, didn't you know?!

Tomorrow is the last day to enter our HUGE GIVEAWAY so get entered if you want a chance to win some jewelry, a Starbuck's giftcard, fuelbelt, and other goodies. Come back tomorrow to see some of our favorite ornaments on our Christmas tree!


  1. I remember the Space Center holiday lights, great memories :). Love the baby pictures!! SO cute!

  2. Ugh, those cakes look amazing!!

  3. The lights are really pretty! I would love to try those cupcakes!

  4. Awww... I love Ali's tacky sleeper! What a cute baby! Jealous of the cupcakes and cool lights! I especially liked the F-14! My dad flew F-4s and F-15s... so, I'm kinda a sucker for cool old fighter jets. :)

    Can't wait to find out about the SUPER AWESOME giveaway winner and to see the ornaments!

  5. I love Christmas lights! But not as much as I love cupcakes! :) Holy cow those look delicious!!!

  6. I Love Love Love holiday lights. Beautiful! Those cupcakes look amazing, too.

  7. Please tell me you ate some pastries in addition to the latte for dinner! I went to one of those light things when I was in college, LOVED it! I wish we had one around here.


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