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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Can Never Have Too Many Running Shoes!

I know I've talked about my intense love for shoes on the blog before and it's hard to believe that in such a short amount of time I've gone from 108 pairs to over 120 but that's what happens when Allan's aunt cleans out her closet and we wear the same size shoe! It also doesn't hurt that I told myself "Suzanne, if you are going to run more half marathons you have to get better (and this means more) running shoes." That little statement led to the purchase of these beauties:
Nike Air Pegasus +27

Don't worry Allan got some shoes for himself as well. He's been wanting some of the New Balance Minimus shoes and these are the ones he picked out:

Allan's new kicks!

Now the best part is that because we had won a $100 giftcard from Austin @ Enjoy the Ride when we checked out we were able to use the giftcard, a 10% discount for being an Active Advantage member, and we signed up to be a VIP (it only cost $1.99) so we saved an additional 10% and got free 2-day shipping bringing our total to a whopping $26.39!!! I was pretty stoked about that to say the least. On Saturday as soon as we got back into town I ran out to go to Fleet Feet because I had seen on twitter that they still had some shoes for $50. Besides some apparel that I bought that cost between $10-$20 apiece I also snagged two pairs of shoes that are going to be amazing!

Mizuno Waverider 14-same style just a different color from the ones in yesterday's post that I won in October

Nike Zoom Structure 14
I already knew I liked the Mizunos and when I saw that I could get a second pair for $50 I knew I had to snatch them up. The Nikes are really similar to the Nikes that I have worn this year for my 15K, half marathon, and all my 5Ks. I normally stray away from Nikes because even though they fit my narrow heel well I don't like the narrow toe box. These were wider in the toe box than several others I've tried on before so I think we will be great friends! All the apparel (8 pieces total) and the two pairs of shoes were just over $200 which is less than it would have been to buy both pairs of shoes at regular price. Great deal? I think so.

We did head out at 4AM on Friday morning to get one of these lovely ps3 camo controllers for Allan. It is normally $55 but we got it for $30. At this point Allan hadn't even been to sleep yet so a trip to Starbuck's was a must. I got to enjoy a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte while Allan downed a Venti Caramel something or another like it was a cup of water! This is the first time I've ever sat in the car waiting for a Starbuck's to open. That's when you know you are up WAY too early!

Yum, yum, yum

We also got my sister's husband an early birthday present while we were at Gamestop. Apparently Skyrim is one of the best video games on any platform right now. All I know is Allan spends his evenings in the office slaying dragons while I get command of the tv to watch my girly shows so it's a win win in our house! I did a little Black Friday shopping online later that night scoring myself TWO Zensah running skirts for $50 total. I got the pink and light blue. I also headed back online to to find some capris or pants that I could run in and I found a pair of each. I have lots of pants but they are mostly for yoga or lounging around the house. They wouldn't survive running. I wore the capris last night when we ran and I'm a fan. We did one mile at Allan speed which means it was a 1mile PR for me. We finished in 9:51 and I racked up one point for HBBC!

I scored some other Black Friday deals online but for now those will have to remain a secret. Even while Black Friday shopping I thought of you all and what might be great to put in a giveaway! One last piece of exciting news: turns out we have 3 FuelBelts to give away so I drew another winner and that is:

Comment 52 belongs to (Just) Trying is for Little Girls
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls is a blog I've been following for awhile now and I always really enjoy what she has to write about. She actually has a giveaway going on right now so you should head on over and check it out! Shoot me an email and I'll get your FuelBelt out to you tomorrow. My apologies to our other two winners because yours aren't in the mail yet. Between Thanksgiving and the snow/ice mix we had yesterday I haven't made it to the post office but Allan and I are going in the morning so hopefully they will make it to you very soon!

Hope all of you have a great Wednesday! Can you already believe this week is almost halfway over?!

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on a pair of running shoes?


  1. Yippee! I won!
    My best deal on running shoes was from Running Warehouse, where I actually had to pay for them. They were about half price.
    However, I did win a pair of my Sauconys on a running blog, that was the best best deal!

  2. Best deal I ever got on a pair of shoes was my folks bought me two pair for my was completely unexpected yet much needed! I am still running with those shoes and love every minute of it! To me free is always the best deal LOL

  3. You got some awesome deals! I've been trying to curb my shoe habit but I really want to try the Brooks Pure Connect.

  4. Love all the new shoes. And love Black Friday deals. Congrats on the 1 mile PR.

  5. Holy smokes! You two are little shopaholics! I thought I had a lot of shoes but now after reading this I think I should step up my game! I really want a pair of the Minimus although they would probably be terrible for my pronating feet! You guys got some pretty sweet deals!

  6. WOW!!!! you all got some crazy good deals on shoes and i am SUPER JEALOUS!!!!! i am obsessed with new running shoes and any time i can score a deal i consider it a success. congrats on your mile PR as well!!! incredible!

  7. Wow what great deals!

    I'm so jealous!

    We didn't do any shopping on Black Friday. I have no idea when I'll be able to get new shoes. All I know is I need them as soon as I start working out again after baby arrives.

    My shoes are at least 1+ years old, easily.

    So it's time.

    PS- Way to go on that 1 mile PR!

  8. Why was I not already following your blog? Foolish move on my part. :)

    I love the Road Runner VIP program, it's awesome.

  9. Your shoe collection amazes me! You got some serious deals during Black Friday, nice! Yeah - if you're waiting for Starbucks to open you're up too early!

  10. I've always loved my Brooks Adrenalines but am considering switching to Asics. Have you tried them? Thoughts? And hey, I have a shoe problem too. There are worse things!

  11. Up before Starbucks?! :) That IS early! But worth it when you grab great deals like the ones you got!

  12. yayy for new shoes at great buys! i thought i got a great deal on mizunos (i wear wave riders) at an expo. they were 40 bucks and in my size so i snatched them up! then i got home and realized they're wave inspires... more arch support and stability that i really need. whoops.


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