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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What's on Tap

If you thought you might be reading something about beer on tap I'm sorry to mislead you. This is more about what's on tap for us today and later this week. I have listened to all of your great words of advice and I signed up for the 10K this Saturday which will be my first so hooray for automatic PR! My parents will be driving me to the race and waiting for me at the finish so I'm pretty excited about that. This is the first race that they have been to so it will be quite special. Not to mention that the race is in Auburn where Allan and I met and got married. It's my favorite city hands down! The fact that the race was only $15 and I get a long sleeve t-shirt is also pretty exciting!

This morning we got our first snow of the year and although it only stuck in a few spots for just an hour it brings with it the feeling that warm weather is officially gone and cold weather is here to stay until sometime in March or April. If we are lucky we may get a few more warm days but after last winter I'm not holding my breath. Remember how I signed up for POTM and HBBC? Well, I did terrible with POTM only running at least 5 miles 2/4 weeks and HBBC isn't off to a great start for me either. I only ran last week on Thanksgiving and I didn't eat 7 fruits or veggies a single day nor did I do any other cardio or weight training so I racked up a stellar 3 points in the first week. I planning on doing a better job with that this week starting by running with Allan tonight.

Playing in the snow last January
With the last book review I posted a few minutes ago I am finally caught up on the stack of books that has been sitting next to the recliner waiting for me to read. I LOVE reading but it's hard to feel like I have time to read a book when I have audits to do or the house needs cleaning or I need to be exercising. I'm looking forward to budgeting my time better this winter so I can read a lot more.  I'm still way behind on sorting coupons that I need to mail to a friend (sorry Katie) and ones that I'll be mailing to go to troops and their families who are stationed oversees. Allan's brother took some great pictures of us with and without the dogs this weekend for our Christmas cards and I cannot wait to show them to you! I didn't look at any of them so I will be just as surprised as you guys when he gets us the edited shots! For now here a couple shots from a few weeks ago when we were playing in the backyard with the dogs. These are from my camera so nothing fancy!

Princess Sasha

Prince Lucky with some of our firewood
Tomorrow I'll be confessing what we I purchased on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let's just say I'm good to go on running shoes for a LONG time! Tonight I'll be taking these bad boys out for the second run since I won them at Diva Night. So far I love them wild colors and all!

What's on tap for your Tuesday or Wednesday? Any more races on your calendar in December?


  1. Love the shoes. Good luck at your 10k! I wish I could find a cheap race around here. Have fun.

  2. $15 for a 10K and you get a long sleeve tee - that's awesome! I love the colors of your shoes!!! I have a hard time getting 7 servings of fruits and veggies in one day too :)

  3. I think a good coffee porter is on tap for my tuesday...well maybe wednesday. We will see however...Got an amazing run in last night and even explored an abandoned ship! Going to be tough to trump that this week!

  4. It's great that your parents will get to be there for you! :)
    I love finding awesome deals on shoes!! In fact I am having a hard time resisting buying some right now, but I already feel like I have more running shoes than "real" shoes. ;)

  5. Love that you get a long sleeved tee, or any tee, for your $15 race entry... unheard of! And hurray for an automatic PR!

    Always love to see pics of the pooches.

  6. Love the pictures of your dogs. All the best for your forthcoming 10K, can't wait to hear about it. I clocked up about 9.5K this morning, the longest run I've ever done. Feeling great now, but the last K was tough, getting very hot here at the moment.
    PS. I have running shoe envy!

  7. YAY for automatic PR's! Your puppies are super cute! Love those shoes, too!

    Guess what? You're the next winner of my DetermiNation Raffle!

    Stop on by and send me an email of which item you would like! :0)

  8. love the shoes and your precious pups!! can't wait to see your Christmas card pics!

  9. Our first snow fall was last night. I love it [for a short period of time]!

    If plans work out I will run a Jingle Bell 5k in Dec and that will be it for my 2011 race calendar. I think I'll look for a holiday virtual race or 2 to join.


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