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Thursday, November 17, 2011

2012 Race Calendar

Have you entered our giveaway to win one of two small FuelBelts? Check Monday's post for all the details and to read my recap of my first half marathon. Giveaway ends on November 21, 2011. Good luck!

As promised today I'm going to let you guys in on which races are potentially on my calendar for 2012 so here goes:

January              Auburn Half Marathon (1/21)
February            Mercedes Half Marathon (2/12)
March               Publix Georgia Half Marathon (3/18)
April                 Gulf Coast Half Marathon-Pensacola (4/15)
May                  Music Moves Me 10K&5K (5/12), Run Thru the Roses 10K (5/5), Cotton Row 5K (5/28)
June                   Alabama A&M 10K Road Race (6/9)
July                    Paint the Streets 5K (7/21)
August               Running of the Bulls 5K (8/25)
September         Nashville Women's Half Marathon (9/23)
October             Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5K (10/20), Monte Sano 15K (10/13), Spooktacular 5K                                           (10/27), Run for Wishes 5K (10/14)
November          Huntsville Half Marathon (11/10)
December          Reindeer Run 5K (12/15)

Check out The Virtual Thanksgiving 5K
Still on schedule for the rest of 2011 is a 5K on December 17 here in Huntsville and a potential 10K in Auburn on December 3. I'm still trying to decide on the 10K right now. I'm also running Kiley's Virtual Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's 5K races so check out Kiley's post about the Thanksgiving 5K if you want in on that race. Also check out A Journey to Thin who is hosting her 2nd Annual Thankful Healthy Blogger 5K on Thanksgiving as well. You can win some amazing prizes from all these races so if you already plan to be active during the holidays why not do a virtual 5K and win a prize at the same time?! If you can't get enough of virtual 5K's Team Epton is also hosting a TNT Lousy Medal Virtual 5K Run/Walk on December 17. You do have to pay $20 for this one but all the money goes to helping Team Epton reach their goal of raising $3800 for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and you get a medal!

Now I realize that 2012 looks a little crazy but this is a PLAN nothing definite. The only one of these races that I'm already registered for is the Run Through the Roses 10K in May. This is the 10K that kept getting postponed this year and then got cancelled this fall so my registration was rolled to the 2012 race. I feel like all the half marathons are spread out enough to give me time to recover although after my first one (which I hardly felt prepared for) I was back to normal on Monday so I'd definitely say the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. If I'm feeling crazy I may sign up for the Huntsville Marathon in December 2012!

Should I run my first 10K on December 3, 2011?

Do you think I'm ready for a marathon in 2012?

Any more virtual races in the blogging world everyone needs to know about?


  1. You have a serious plan! I have two races definitely in the works - the Publix GA Marathon and the Ragnar Relay in Colorado in July. Everything else is still up in the air!
    You should DEFINITELY do the 10k in December, why not? Instant PR!

  2. THis is the 2nd blog I've read this morning with 2012 races scheduled. I have a tentative list, and I've already signed up for one, the R&R Half Marathon in Providence RI. It was $20 off on 11/11, I was up late with a credit card....
    Looks like a great list!

  3. YES and YES! You will be so ready for a marathon next year! I only had two halves under my belt before mine! Your schedule looks amazing. I wish I could race here in the winter but it is WAY too cold and snowy!! I will probably have to wait until the spring before I can race again :(

  4. Wow that is a serious schedule!

    Why not do the 10k? And I have no doubt you could be ready for a marathon in 2012!

  5. You can totally do a marathon by next year!!

    With all those races tentatively lined up, you'll be able to train consistently.

    I only have one race on my radar for next year- the same 5K I did this year. And maybe a half marathon in December 2012. We'll see.

    Looks like you're going to have a fun year!!

  6. I am SO excited and envious of your race schedule. I am going to do a full marathon Oct 2012 :D super excited about it. I wish my year looked like yours :D

  7. LOVE THIS! YES to the 10k and YESSSSSSS to the marathon!

  8. Man you are set girl!
    Last year I tried to plan my race calendar this early and unfortunately they just don't post alot of the 5k and 10ks this early. But I do have a good idea of the half marathons that I plan to run. It's gonna be a half marathon year next year!

  9. Looks like a great calendar... awesome.

  10. Sheesh! I haven't even started looking at 2012 yet LOL.

    You can definitely be ready for a marathon in 2012. I ran my first half marathon in June of 2008 and my first full in October of 2008. Totally doable.

  11. now that is a great schedule, i really need to get working on mine, totally inspiring!

  12. yes to the 10k and yes to the full! i'm trying to get up the courage as well! i'm looking at the nashville half in september, maybe i'll see you there! are you all near augusta? there's a half in february i was checking out.

  13. Definitely do the 10K and you are absolutely ready for a marathon!!! I did the Women's half in Nashville this year and will probably do it again next year too :)

  14. Yes to the marathon & yes to the 10K!

    You inspired me to work on my 2012 calendar!

  15. You have a busy schedule there and I think you should do a marathon! Good luck with all of your races in 2012!

  16. LOVE the race schedule! That is actually a really good idea dividing everything up by month!

  17. I think a 10K is a great race distance, go for it! You are certainly prepared to a do a marathon, you've already done a half, so go for it! I have nothing but confidence in you.

  18. I will be at the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Pensacola! We should plan a blogger meet-up :)

    Off to check out some of the virtual races you listed.

  19. Oh my goodness! Your 2012 race calendar is already full!!

    I think you should do a full marathon! I did my first half marathon this year--and I plan on doing my first full marathon next year. Let's be marathon-virgins together! Marine Corp Marathon? I want my first marathon to be FUN!

    The Boring Runner is hosting a Virtual 5k on January 28th (Freeze Your Thorns Off).

  20. I think I need to plan out my year as well! Don't think I'll fill my 2012 race calendar quite as full though - that's a TON of races!

  21. Wow, awesome race. Those events are exciting and can't wait for updates with it. Good luck and looking forward for successful events.

  22. What a great schedule! And here I thought I was the only crazy who planned their races a year in advance! Cheers to you, Suz, and your new year's resolve! :)


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