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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Jenn over at Jenn's Adventures has been tagged with another blog award and was sweet enough to pass this one to me and 14 other lucky bloggers! Thank you my lovely-enjoy the beautiful beaches of Maui this weekend and think of me! The beautiful Jenn lives on Maui (we are all very jealous so feeling that way is normal) and is a very close friend of mine. Now seems like a great time to tell how we met Jenn. Allan went to Vegas the Spring Break before we got married in 2009 and went with a group of guys one of which is Jenn's handsome boyfriend. A late night trip to McDonald's was where Jenn and her friends met Allan and her future boyfriend. I heard all about it at 7AM when I was heading to work and Allan was getting back to the hotel to go to bed. His summary of the night was pretty much this "We met these girls and stayed up talking to them at McDonald's. I talked about you a lot. It was great. I think we are going to hang out with them tonight." As you can see there's a lot of trust in our relationship. Needless to say the rest is history and we LOVE her!!!

Here's how this works:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their post
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs
 1. I was the reigning Miss Montgomery County Agriculture for 3 years. I even placed in the top 5 in the Miss Alabama Agriculture Pageant in December 2005. Nothing like waiting until you are 21 to be in a beauty pageant! I never thought I would say this until then but I met some of the nicest girls doing those pageants. Did I mention that of all the girls for me to stand next to for the Evening Gown Competition I was placed next to the reigning Miss Teen Alabama?!

I'm in the center-2nd alternate!!

2. I'm mildly OCD when it comes to people not clearing the extra time off the microwave. I HAVE to clear it even if it's other people's microwaves. Weird? Probably.

3. I love shoes! Seriously, I really love shoes. My current count is 108 pairs. Yes, I know that is A LOT of shoes. In my defense I did work at Just for Feet from February 2002-May 2004 (when they went bankrupt-I was quite sad!) and I acquired several of my running shoes during that time. My prize shoes are definitely my orange Patent d'Orsay Manolo Blahniks. Allan gave them to me for our first wedding anniversary. I had seen them on our honeymoon at Neiman Marcus, tried them on, and fell in love. I won't tell you how much we paid but I can tell you it's significantly less than their retail value of $665.

Downtown Gal gave us a great deal and they were delivered safe and sound in their bag, box, and padded box to my door!
4. The only food I've ever had at a Mexican restaurant is a soft taco. I eat the chips and salsa and always order 2 beef soft tacos with no tomato. Seriously, almost all of my close friends could order for me!

5. I got my first cow in 1987 at the young age of 3. Her name was Betsy and I had her until we sold our entire herd in January 2002. She was a Hereford which is a beef cattle breed for my non-cow loving readers. We named all of our cows and for the most part it was like having 50 large dogs that stayed in the pasture.

Meet Betsy-her picture in this same frame has been on my refrigerator since 2002

6. Our wedding day was the single best day of my life. The day was perfect (even with the rain) and most everyone we love was able to be there. There's not one single thing that we would change about the day if we could!

My best friends Caroline & Slick (his real name is Steven but I don't ever call him that)
7. I'm insanely happy with my life right now. I'm married to Allan and there's no one else I can envision spending my life with. I work from home doing something I absolutely love (I probably need to do an entire post explaining my jobs) and being a part-time nanny isn't too bad most of the time. I'm the proud Dog Mom of two very precious dogs-Sasha (Allan's lab/border collie mix) and Lucky (my full blood registered yellow lab). I have my dream house minus the pool which is on our list of things to add in the future. I'm healthy and so is Allan. We have a loving, supportive family and the best friends in the world. God has really blessed us and we don't thank him enough for all he has done for us.

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It's your turn now ladies!


  1. You know you have to blog about your first 15k race today don't you? :) Congrats on your first long distance race - you did great!

  2. I bet you were sad when you sold Betsy! even if she was a Hereford :) my great grandma had herefords now we raise black Angus. My Dad started switching the herd over when I was younger.

    Fun to read all this stuff!

  3. Wow! I feel I've learned so much! Crazy that you made some good friends in beauty pagents (awesome though). I will immediately start thinking of random things. That's a lot of shoes! Where's the wedding pic of you two??

  4. Oh and thanks for tagging me! It made my day!

  5. I love learning about bloggers through these awards! So fun :)

    Such a crazy story about you and Jenn. Wowzers! Who would have thought?! I love that girl too!

  6. I love learning about bloggers through these cool awards! I'm so with you on the microwave thing! Jason never clears his extra time... Haha!

    And shoes... Oh, shoes... I'd rather have shoes than diamonds!

    Thanks for the tag!!! :)

  7. Left over time on the microwave drives me nuts as well! Glad I'm not the only one.

    One of my friends in NC has a HUGE cow named Hercules! He's (yes, it is a he) monstrous but so adorable. And he acts like a little guard dog to all the other animals on the farm.


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