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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tate Pumpkin Farms

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On Columbus Day I made a trip to Tate Pumpkin Farms with the kid I nanny for. It's a toss up as to who had the best time. I ran around like a little kid snapping pictures of this and that, looking at all the pumpkins and farm animals, and oohing and aahing at all the neat things they had set up for me kids to enjoy! Nothing tells the story of our trip better than pictures so I'll hush now.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the farm

How funny is this?!

Pumpkins in the wild

Old farm equipment at the entrance

Hours of fun to be had here!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nothing like a great outhouse display to make me laugh!

Blackberry Cobbler-delish!

One of the old tractors

Pumpkin House
Hay Maze

My favorite little farm animal-the calf

This would have made for some great pictures with kids

Farm Girl at heart and an Auburn College of Ag alumni!

White Pumpkins-very different

They had LOTS of pumpkins for purchase!
Overall the experience was great and it was only $10 per person and I had a Living Social voucher for me so it was only $15 for the two of us to play from 2-6 PM. What a great deal! If you haven't already gotten out there and found a local pumpkin farm to check out I highly recommend getting on that. It's so much fun for adults and kids alike!


  1. Looks like a great place! I love pumpkin farms. Ours had white tigers this year which I thought was a bit of a stretch, but cool all the same.

  2. ahhhh! i soooo love fall and pumpkin patches and cobbler! the decorations are awesome! what a fun trip!

  3. Love all of these pictures! This place looks so so fun.

  4. Love the pics and good luck in your upcoming half!

  5. LOVEEEEEEEEE THE PICTURES SUZ!!!!! I am SO proud of you;) It looked like a real good time--I'm definitely jealous I wasn't with you!! I found our pumpkin carving photos and videos from last year -- was it last year? When we all made a mess at your house and dropped pumpkin seeds all over your kitchen? hehehe I STILL ATE 'EM!!! YUMM!

  6. Love it! We went to our local pumpkin farm this year, and I was sadly underwhelmed. It might need a do-over...

  7. We have several pumpkin farms in our area. So much fun and I do love the baby animals too

    Glad you had such a great time.

    I am not really enamored of the white pumpkins though. Are you?

  8. Great pictures!! We usually take the boys every year and just haven't found the time this year.:( It looks like you had a great time!


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