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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooktacular 5K

Remember how I felt so great after the Liz Hurley and knew I could run a sub-30 5K? Well, Saturday's race was not that race. I'm a pretty tough girl but the month of October has been rougher than most with Allan being out of town 4 of the last 6 weeks, my cat dying, putting Allan's mom's dog to sleep, a sweet teenage girl that's a friend of the family tragically passing away, Allan's aunt passing away this past week from breast cancer, and a few other minor things that seem insignificant in comparison to the loss of family and friends. The weight of all of this mixed with a week of not sleeping enough or sleeping well made for a terrible race day. Add in racing in temps in the 30's and it was a recipe for disaster.

Thriller dance number

Other runners in costume

This group may have been my favorite-this guy in particular

See-I told you it was cold!

The costumes we saw were pretty good with several making us laugh. There was even a group who danced to Thriller before the race started. Things didn't seem to be organized as well as other races. We didn't even know the race had started when the people ahead of us took off. I think I've gotten spoiled with post-race food always expecting Domino's pizza but sadly there was no pizza awaiting me at the finish. I was too tired to run a good time and I knew it so there were a few times we walked and when I was running I wasn't running that fast. I was able to sprint at the end and I think it was for no other reason than it was about it to be over. I crossed the line at 34:55 and Allan at 34:59 so clearly no PR's were set. It was a fun race and we got men's and women's tech tees as our race shirt so I was happy. Last night I slept 12 hours and feel much better so hopefully I can catch up on sleep this week, get in a few good runs, and prepare myself for the half marathon looming in my future.

Sorry to be so wordy. If you raced this weekend I hope your race went better than ours as far as PR's are concerned. Anyone else planning to run Kiley's Virtual Halloween 5K tomorrow?

On a completely unrelated note what's going on with football this weekend? So many upsets! I pity the people who bet on NFL games because all the games today have either been upsets or closer than I would have thought. Not that many of the college games were too different yesterday. Close games that I thought wouldn't have been, blowouts that shouldn't have been, and upsets that I didn't see coming.


  1. When it rains, it pours, huh? I'm sorry babes:( I'm glad you guys still ran, even if your heart wasn't completely into it.

    And let's not even bring up football. Guess who forgot to set her line-up before morning? THIS GIRL! This time difference BLOWS! I have to remind myself I don't care. ugh! ;)

  2. I'm sorry for your awful couple weeks. The past 6 months felt like that to me, but I am finally feeling better. And I say congrats on getting out there even if it wasn't a PR. I love racing.

  3. What an awful month!!! It seems that you and your husband both have wonderful attitudes, so good for you. Lean on the Lord when you need more strength and comfort.

    Good job on the race! Lots of people would just skip a race if they weren't feeling top shape and had previously been hoping for a new PR. Sometimes it's just best to get out there and do it- it's all about finishing.


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