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Monday, October 31, 2011

Spiders, Bats, Witches, Pumpkins, & Ghosts

Happy Halloween! We have been decorated indoors for a few weeks now but I wanted to wait until Halloween to share all of our decorations with you guys. I bought several of these items last Halloween when I had a rough weekend and had to undergo a little retail therapy which consisted of me visiting every TJ Maxx and Marshall's in the area and buying LOTS of discounted Halloween decorations. At least our house is incredibly festive now! Yesterday we finally bought pumpkins and today we put up our bats and spider web lights on the front porch. Here's what our house looks like right now:

Our Halloween wreath

Sasha's pumpkin necklace

Lucky's glow in the dark skeleton shirt

Lucky wearing the pumpkin necklace and skeleton shirt (he loves outfits!)

Raven atop the pumpkin

My great little thrift store find for $.50

Decorated table in our den

Our spooky mantle

Spider web on the lamp

Pumpkin on the chaise lounge

Scary cats

I thought this was so cute!

Halloween signs

Witches Corner

A couple of other festive additions to the entertainment center

Our entry table

Both the dogs sporting their Halloween shirts

Spider web on the porch

Little pumpkins on the front steps

Purple and black bats on the porch

Scary goblin and candle holders

Flag at the mailbox

Trying to take a picture of them (while bribing them with treats)
Tonight we will be decorating pumpkins and if I'm feeling really adventurous today then I may also be running Kiley's Virtual Halloween 5K! Check out her post for all the details on how you can participate and possibly win the prize which will be drawn randomly among all those who walk, run, bike, or swim at least 3.1 miles and link their photo with their race bib to Kiley's blog.

What are your Halloween plans? Have fun whatever you and yours choose to do!


  1. lol I love how all out you go! This puts my house to shame. We only had time for our pumpkins this year. normally we do lots of decorating outside but oh well. as you know fleas took priority! Also I love Sasha's and Lucky's outfits!!! lol and I love that lucky likes wearing them :)

  2. I am so bad about the decorations - my kids give me a hard time about it every year. Your stuff is so cute!

    I'm glad we trick or treated yesterday - I've got a sick kid home today...

  3. Wow, that's a lot of Halloween!! I love it. I wish I had the space to store a bunch of Halloween stuff after the holiday so I could go all out.

  4. LOVE all the decorations girl!! And you should totally do the 5K!! Even if it's on your treadmill, it counts, right?

  5. the decorations look great and your pups are looking too cute in their halloween gear! i love dressing riley up!


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